Please... No more guest characters... Don't make the same mistake as Ed Boon

No more. Oh my god, please. I can’t. I just can’t.

I’d rather see Eyedoll and Gargos instead of another guest.

I’d prefer OCs and old unused concepts from the first two games.

KI’s roster is not big enough for more guests. Not even Mortal Kombat X’s roster was big enough for the amount of guests it had.


Eyedol is not coming back. hopefully and Im confident will not come. because he looks and plays like s**t with no charisma or lore. Gargos will be back because of story but Eyedol NO


Yeah I really hope Eyedol and Gargos return. Ive been waiting for these big bad bosses to be playable in this game for awhile now, I hope Iron Galaxy doesn’t drop the ball.


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The roster is so close to being complete. Literally just two more characters.

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Someone is going to be dissapointed.

Video-game guest 》》》Movie guest

Its only 2 or 3 characters btw

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I just hope all of the new guests aren’t from Microsoft games.
I am afraid that Microsoft may be controlling KI WAY TOO HARD.
My biggest fear is that instead of picking guests that are cool, and good for the game (like arbiter and rash),
They might pick Microsoft Characters that add nothing to the game (Like The Master Chief, or Gears Of War characters, or something like that.)

Yeah, Ed is riding his “mistake” all the way to the bank. And twice on Sundays.


Some Gears of War characters are interesting like Skorge or Raam, i dont think they will add Master Chief, Marcus Phoenix or any Microsoft “dudes” because its not the “KI way”.

the general discussion is becoming more and more of another feedback suggestion panel everyday

Its not the “KI way”, but KI IS controlled by Microsoft.

IG even said that they dont control their own visual character design. They just add moves and animation to whatever concept Microsoft gives them.

Microsoft is slowly taking over KI, i just hope they dont do anything too crazy.

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I can fix that.

Just moved the topic to “Game Suggestions”.

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thank you for doing the lords work

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If Spawn ever made it into KI I would lose my mind.
Boon has express permission from McFarlane to use Spawn but for whatever reason doesn’t want to.

Let’s go, IG, make it happen!

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Sums it up perfectly to me. The thing I like most about guest characters is when they bring in their respective mechanics to the game. I especially like how Arbiter has an ammo count and the traditional Halo shield in his character. If there are more guest characters, I want to see stuff like THAT.

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Just one more guest, please?

@TheKeits is a creative guy, I’m sure they can come up with a cool moveset.

Er, Microsoft owns KI. KI is a Microsoft property, part of the lineup of Microsoft properties which belong to and represent Microsoft. KI is already fully taken over by Microsoft, whatever that means.


What about new characters? Isn’t 2 enough? Don’t you want to see more traditional tropes introduced in the KI universe?

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