Please Konami! Reboot Bloody Roar!

Since IG did KI for XBOX One, why not if IG did BR for PS4? They could work on that after KI.

I rather have it on multiple consoles because the XBOX One is lacking so many fighting games compared to PS4.

That would be awesome, but BR is dead.

Last I heard, Konami owns Hudson, who developed and owns Bloody Roar. Konami is essentially done making Video Games now, and are seemingly taking all their IPs with them into the either.

That being said, BR is one of my favorite FGs! Very fun! Very cool! Long was probably my favorite character, but Shina was cool, as was her dad. I love the mole ninja too! Hell, lol! I love them all!

Yeah. Exclusive games are wack.

I faintly remember playing one or two of those games as I kid, I remember I played because I wanted to be the guy who could turn into a werewolf lol


Yugo should be a guest character. Lol!


I heard they are putting their money into the gambling market. Hopefully they put their IP’s up for sale, so people can buy them.

Pachinko machines. They are going hardcore into the pachinko machine market.

Hopefully they will put some of their IPs up for sale, but honestly / unfortunately, I think we’d see a Bloody Roar themed Pachinko machine before they let some other business buy their IP.

If they would totally abandon the console market I could see them sellong IP’s, but they are continuing pro evolution soccer (thank god, hate fifa) and are already hiring for the next Metal Gear…
So I think they will hold on to their IP’s in case they get their mojo back.

NO! That’s enough for ps4 fighting games! We get Injustice, Guilty Gear Xrd, Street Fighter 5 and KOF 14!

In truth it would make a LOT of since for Konami to sell off the franchises to the highest bidder. Metal Gear is a huge franchise and I could see a company like Microsoft/ Sony purchasing these titles in mass and then they can do whatever they want with them. So there is always hope for BR.

konami can rot in hell. CONTRA, a legendary side scroller is now a ■■■■■■■ pachinko machine. ■■■■ you konami!


I’m not a huge MG fan, but even I know that if Kojima isn’t a part of it, it won’t be the same. Kojima has moved on (because he was forced to, but still), so I’m willing to say that MG as it was is dead and gone…at least how it was.

At the end of the day, anything is possible. Sure Konami could sell their IP to the highest bidder, but in reality I just don’t see it. What would be their incentive? Right now they have chosen to hang up those properties (mainly talking about MG), but if they choose to dust them off at some point in the future, they most likely will want that flexibility.

BR I think is just dead. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see it make a comeback as there are no other FGs out there like it, but again, I just don’t see it. Color me hopeless on that front.



Funnily enough, Sabrewulf was the character that got me into and interested in Killer Instinct lol if it wasn’t for him I might have never looked into the game and eventually buy an XB1 for it haha

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More specifically Injustice 2 that will be release very soon, yes?

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And overall a (now) bona-fide Konami hater at that just like many others :wink:

Konami also CANCELED P.T. aka the all-new Silent Hill reboot :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, maybe we would get Injustice 2 on XBOX ONE, ps4 and PC.

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And if I remember correctly, Tekken 7 will also be release on AND for the PS4?

Not count. Because Tekken will be on Xbox one too

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