Please Konami! Reboot Bloody Roar!

That’s very cool man and I thought as much :smile: I must have almost forgotten about that too :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lolll, nice gif there bro

Well, I am the “Gif Guy” on the forums, people say. Lol


Yep, that you are. That is very true too :wink: :smile:

Called it :yum: (I feel the need to say this any time this comes up lmao)


Would feel better if IG did make BR for PS4.

Why only ps4? Why not xbox/pc/nx?

Yeah, that is kinda weird to say on a forum for an XBOX fighter…

Well both PS4 & XBOX anyway.

I do miss playing as Jenny.

Bloody Roar please be remade by Iron Galaxy!

Konami hasn’t bothered to do it anyway.

Ig cant do anything unless konami says so which will probably be never.

What about Capcom, Namco, Tecmo or Arc System?

There’s NO WAY I’m letting Netherrealm Studios get their filthy hands on it!

You don’t seem to understant KONAMI OWNS THE RIGHTS TO BLOODY ROAR!


Not Iron Galaxy, not Capcom, not Namco, not Tecmo, not Arc System Works, not anyone other than Konami… UNLESS they sell the rights to someone else! But they haven’t, so… No.

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Yeah, but Contra honestly had an issue with being tied to the times. Gameplay-wise it’s a one-trick pony…albeit a pretty damn good trick,storywise they’ve been struggling to keep up with the times. Take Shattered Soldier: Decent game, but compelling reasons to fight it didn’t have. Same goes for Contra Rebirth. I won’t even speak of the PSX games.

Hard Corps Uprising was awesome, and perhaps they could go with that, but the main line Contra was no epic saga.

Then Konami will have to do. Shame there’s nothing they can do about it.

the storyline was always simple with contra. it was never something complex or mind bending. aliens invade the earth, turn people in ghoulish creatures, slaughter everyone not turned, blow ■■■■ up, and then 2 badass soldier guys are sent in to go and stop the invasion while blowing even more ■■■■ up. thats it. now in front of that, was a badass 2 player simultaneous game for you and your friend to enjoy.

SNES contra 3 was amazing, genesis hardcore, the nintendo DS contra 4 by wayforward was utterly badass, and hardcore uprising while completely different aesthetically and story wise was too. Contra needs another game but sadly we wont get it…because pachinko. fuckk you konami

Still no company is interested in bringing BR back! Especially Konami! This game year stinks!

You shut that thing you call a mouth. BR isn’t dead it’s just…MIA. :sob:

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Fixed that for you.