Please just let me pay to unlock astral plane!

I was in the same boat as you, I thought I’d never unlock it again after they unfairly hid the stage behind a higher difficulty after I had already unlocked it.

However… after reading about the “shadow lord” item here I played easy and unlocked one… Then I wound up crushing Gargos on challenging without loosing a life bar when normally he would have beat the snot out of me. Couple that with Eyedol’s release and Gargos doesn’t stand a chance, the hardest part is getting to him if you have those two things.

Again I’m in the same boat as you, SL is difficult for me but if I can do it, I know you can too.

ha ha ha! I had a hell of a time too and I ranted in the Gargos is too hard thread for days! But I took a break, and I came back with Sabrewulf as my back up plan. Im not gonna lie, in the end I got really lucky and barely won with a magic pixel of health left.

But I know now what my problem was…I only had normal Gaurdians. You need at least 1 Killer Guardian to buff up your stats! I wouldn’t go into a play through with out at lieast 1` Killer and 2 Epic. You can use the Killer on all 3 characters while fighting solo and then on the Omen / Gargos fights use the 2 Epics for your other 2 characters.

When I won i still didnt have any of those guardians…I only had the basic green guardians… so I struggled.
Dont give up!


Just tried him for probably my 10th time or more, with eyedol this time as well because of his buffs. I was literally as ready as I could be. All 3 characters had completely stocked artifacts; damage increase, damage taken reduction, increase health over time , etc etc. each had a killer guardian. All omens defeated. I was SURE I was gonna beat him that time and then sure enough I kill him, he regenerates, I do the standing heavy, but somehow it didn’t work and he gets a full life bar and beats me with like two combos that end up taking my half health bar I had remaining.

It’s really really infuriating and I just don’t even think I’ll ever get the stage at this point… the one I already had during the beta they said would still be there when SL was actually out.

That sucks man. I’m not a fan of “cheap boss” mechanics and I have a lot of sympathy because it does take quite a bit of time to debuff Gargos and get back to him on Challenging level.

Maybe you could post the replays and get some feedback from people here for the next time you want to try.

It took me a few tries to beat him too, but then when I did I got him with like a perfect victory from my second character. Sometimes you just get luckier than other times.


Thanks for the encouragement man. That’s a great idea, I’ll try and figure out how to upload some replays to get some pointers. I know when I finally do beat him, it’s going to feel amazing. Lol

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No!!! Eff this crap man! Id rather pay for this stage than go through this retarded nonsense over and over again. The B.S. difficulty with Gargos is one thing but to keep on having him revive twice is overkill and unfair. Not really fun if you’re getting pissed off after wasting time going through nonsense just to get something season 3 was aready lacking to begin with. You force people to pay extra 5$ towards a character to “support” the competetive scene, when You could have just let the stage be bought for said $ as an option for those who don’t have the time and skill level to go through a mode witch they probably won’t ever touch again.

You don’t need the stage.

So, not to suggest or advocate anything that would get anyone into trouble, but there are ways to buy astral plane that don’t involve MS restructuring the game. Just pay someone to beat Gargos for you. If you all are so serious about wanting to just pay for it I’m sure there are folks who would do it.

That reminds me of the SFV booster;

Yeah I don’t need the stage. I’ve already been spoiled with the number of stages Season 3 gave us already…

What I do need is lousy recolors that are passed off as “alternate costumes”, paying $10 for a character who has 50% less customizable accessories than the rest if the damn roster, and having to go through a single player mode that is just your typical freemium game BS mixed with cheap Ai fights.