Please just let me pay to unlock astral plane!

I have tried beating shadow lords i don’t know how many times, I can’t beat it because you guys made boss gargos broken and unfair. I don’t need this much stress in my life, so just let me unlock the stage by giving you money so that I can get on with my life!


Eyedol or Rash + Snake Guardian and you have it made.

actually its not so difficult.
You play on the challenging difficulty and skip every turn that you can except for the omen fights. these fights you need to win. use a character that you can do some combo’s and use the RAM gardian. When the AI does a combo you can almost do a combo break every time. When you defeated all 4 Omens, the Gargos fight is pretty easy. Just don’t let him come into the fight (thats why i use the ram gardian) and perform an ultra every time he is in ‘danger’ state. He dies 1 time, get back alive with a bit health and you ultra him a second time. Done.
Just skip all the fights except omen fights and gargos. You can play it out in 30min.
Good luck!!!
Let me know when you did it. :wink:

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That was my team, plus riptor. Got all the way to the danger section with eyedol, finished him off with riptor, and then he brings all of his health back.

Perhaps you can just not get the stage and move on with life? The reason you are losing isn’t because boss Gargos is unfair but because you aren’t making it fair. Get stronger guardians, items, and artifacts to make it fair.

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Thank you for the advice. I really am. I just want to apologize for my outburst. It was very inappropriate. I was overreacting.

You can do it. relax, take you’re best character, you’re best gardian and kick Gargos’s ■■■! :smile:

I agree with the sentiment. But honestly, when that screen came up after I lost it just made me more mad. The reason I lost was that after I killed him, he somehow was able to generate a complete other health bar and wipe the floor with me. That is not fair. That is the kind of thing that they did in the arcade days to make you keep plunking in quarters. We have moved past that as a culture, or at least I thought we had. I even Ultra Comboed him, and he just got back up. Is there an item or guardian that prevents that? If there is let me know, because that is my biggest issue here.

I will. But first I have to go be in a play.

No, he Always dies first and then comes back alive with 1 health bar. Its a boss fight with 3 health bars and you ultra him twice.


If you hit him when he gets up and recharges his last bar, hit him with a hard kick and it stops recharging making his last bar really short

When he starts to regenerate and rise, hit him with a grounded heavy attack and it will cut his life regeneration short. This may not be common knowledge as it’s not mentioned in-game, but is very important.

It’s very manageable if you beat the Omens to take away his buffs. When you fight them, play very defensively, wait for them to attack, then block and punish.

I’d recommended the Fractured Ward guardian for Gargos for armor.

Gargos is meant to be super cheap IF you go in unprepared, but if you do, it is very manageable, even on challenging. You just need to use all the resources built into the mode for that purpose. You should have seen him when the mode was first released before they toned him down. I’m not a fan of super-difficult unlocks, but honestly, this is not bad at all. Just go in prepared.

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i agree, just let us put in $5 and get astral plane lol

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I just want to thank everyone who is giving me advice. I came in here raving, more angry than eyedol’s warrior head, and instead of being told off, you guys calmed me down and gave me advice. This means a lot to me. Thank you! And I will kill gargos. After pretending to be a redneck coyote on stage for an hour.


How do you unlock Eyedol to play?

There is a quest line from Kan-Ra that you have to beat to get him. Trust me, he is practically required, because he is immune to Portal Punch and other Gargos projectiles.

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Also, the Snake Guardian will begin poisoning the third health bar if the effect is active. So cutting the regeneration down with a heavy attack and poison turning about 50%-70% of that half bar into PD makes the third bar a cakewalk.

Protip: Hit Gargos with a grounded Heavy has he’s regenerating with stone skin, cancel into a single hit special and then block. Gargos will, 99% of the time, pop his instinct breaker to end your combo after the first couple of hits. So you can bait it out, block it and get your free combo while he’s negative to take the last health bar with Snake on.

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All the advice so far has been great.

There is a perfect version of the common exemplar guardian which will automatically parry if you’re not attacking (for free guaranteed punishes and no chip). Getting it from packs is entirely up to chance though, which sucks.
It and the fractured ward guardian can actually let you avoid being hit by Gargos’ burst mid-combo when you beat his instinct armour, so you can keep up your offence.

Eyedol’s really the best character to use against Gargos. If you’re having trouble opening him up in Mage mode, stHP into light lightning bolt usually opens up the CPU, then you can manual and get a combo.
The CPU is also very prone to lock itself out when you perform manuals - doing one early on in combos will sometimes get you lockouts and let you get big damage.
In particular as warrior mode Eyedol you can use fHP right through portal punches on reaction, into shadow crushing blow opener, into any manual (which are all fairly easy). If Gargos locks out on the manual as he sometimes does, you get a huge damage combo.

If you’re not using a Ram guardian (a high-level one helps a lot), then it helps to work out what some of his remixed attacks are - his upwards angled psycho crusher into a recapture can be broken medium for both hits, I believe. His stHK now has an explosion that hits you no matter where you are, which he may use during fullscreen juggles - you can still break it as a hard and then try and approach.
In the neutral his jump MP launches, and he nearly always cancels it into a jump MK which I believe is breakable, then launches with crHP into an air grab (can anyone confirm whether the grab is breakable?). His juggles are mercifully not very varied, but are initially overwhelming.

I’d also recommend using an artifact like the hammer which prevents him from blocking - Gargos has so much health (and even regen) that it can be tough to kill him with one character if you can’t keep opening him up for combos.

And don’t try to hit Gargos with a grounded heavy as soon as he begins regenerating - try for when you see his lifebar shoot up and you should stop him at about half full. I believe he might be invincible early on in the regen, and a heavy attack whiff will let him regen more health than if you had waited.

This thread also has some offence techniques mentioned which the AI often falls for or fails to punish.

also don’t forget the consumables which can give you up to 25% more damage and take 25% less damage in up to 3 turns.

Make sure you have those equipped.

When the Gargos arrives screen comes up, you always have a chance to go back to barracks and ensure you have the most needed items for the only fight you may need them most for. Things like shadow worms & nanobots giving % after fights are useless when Gargos has arrived, concentrate on adding consumables like spider talismans and greater restore that load you up with instinct and shadow meter and pair those with a nice epic rusty thumbnail or one of the epic MK artifacts and you’ll most likely take down Gargos with even your first fighter!

To add to that ensure you use a character you have some dojo knowledge of, you must know a good bit of combo and recover tech if not frame / negative on block type info. I rely on offense even with Kim Wu, who is more of a whiff punisher/ defense master, cause she’s so dang FUN to go in and surprise them with all that trickery and such! ( especially in the larger characters/ Jago / Shagos who think they will win lol)

Good luck the astral plane is a nice present and the moment you unlock you realize why it’s better to not have it immediately for purchase! It’s one of the best rewards in KI since 2013

Then again, @TempusChaoti this may be a great way to fund more costumes :grin: they WANT to pay!!