Please just let me pay to unlock astral plane!

I agree with this just because I didn’t really care to play through shadow lords…if someone didn’t like it kind of annoying that this is the only way to get the stage.

Your best main with “Hammer of Sol” the “Mummy Talismen” some damage and def boosters, and full instinct and shadow meter.

Now go kill Gargos :>

Keep playing on normal difficulty till your stronger.

I remember back when Shago’s stage can only be unlocked by beating shadow jago and that fight was HARD when I first started, especially after 101 losses after 4 hours of fighting him. Add the next day and 34 losses later=VICTORY

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I just beat Gargos!


This is not a super crazy Gargos anymore, he should be easy now. He was way more difficult during the Shadow Lord release. But if your still having trouble I suggest using Hisako and command grab him every time he gets up, as soon as he gets up… QCB Punch!! And like some of these guys said, use Snake Guardian or even Vampire Bat… Good Luck Buddy!

I just beat him! I used Eyedol, and had the Killer Snake Guardian and Pristine Mummy equipped. Also some consumable that gave me unblockable attacks. I completely bypassed his third life bar by kicking him.

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Cool, so did you unlock your stage… Try that Hisako technique. It cheap as hell but it works. Let her go first then your best people. If you do it right, the other guys won’t even have to fight…

I got it. I now have all the stages. Next time I play Shadow Lords, if ever, I will try Hisako. But honestly I don’t think it would have bean possible without Eyedol.

Eyedol is whack… JK

Go Spinal

[quote=“SirRadG, post:13, topic:17647, full:true”]
When he starts to regenerate and rise, hit him with a grounded heavy attack and it will cut his life regeneration short. This may not be common knowledge as it’s not mentioned in-game, but is very important.[/quote]

I’ve mashed heavy attacks during his resurrects and the attacks seem to all whiff, letting Gargos gain a full life meter.

Also tried searching YouTube for insight and found nothing related, so is there a specific moment when the heavy attack should happen? That is,should it be before or after Gargos rises back up?

When he’s up and flapping his wings right after both of his feet straightened out hit him with a heavy at most he’ll have 3/4 of his health bar still left.

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I don’t know how I did it, but when I hit him in that situation he lost his third bar completely.

I actually had something similar happen to me as well with Kilgore. As he was about to die he popped instinct and I shot him overheated guns and he still had a tiny sliver of health and he fell down and began getting up while laughing and then fell down again for good and I won.

I lost as Kilgore due to a timeout :confused:

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Eyedol, he has an ability in SL that makes him immune to ranged attacks from Omen and Gargos (and minions too i believe) Pair that with a killer guardian for the damage boost and also use nanobots for +25% extra attack and defence.

After a while he becomes easy to beat if you know what you are doing

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I have given up on that stage some time ago and found happiness in life.
In time you will realize you won’t need that stage as well. After all, it’s such a dull stage.
Embrace life, my friend. You are one with life and life is one with you.

Well, now I have it. Sooo


I’m just gonna leave this here…

Congrats @CausingThought6


Kim wu really has all the tools necessary for knocking gargles off astral plane stage lol

If you beat all of the Omens he’s not that hard

Yeah it’s easier once you get some better guardians and items. Just get Vampire, Snake, and the one the gives you armor, stock your guys up with items that make them deal more damage, take less damage and recover health after turns and you got this.