Please give Shago and Omen more retros / colors

This gets brought up in threads every now and then, especially with regards to community fund ideas, but given that this is the feedback section and I don’t think I’ve seen this outright requested in its own topic for at least a while now, I’m humbly asking for this to happen.

MS and IG, please give Shago a full accessory set like all the regular characters have (I know he has a great amount of colors), and please give Omen three more colors and full accessories as well.

I get that they’re bonus characters and I respect that, but I don’t see where it’s written that just because something’s a bonus, it’s automatically okay to give less with that bonus than you would with something normal and we should still be happy because “it’s a bonus” or “it’s better than nothing.”

To be clear, I’m not disparaging the characters or the time and effort needed for the devs to fulfill this, and I don’t feel entitled to these things or that they’re owed to me, please don’t think that’s where I’m coming from. This is why I’m asking and giving feedback as opposed to making some ridiculous demand or declaration.

If it’s something we could get at the end of the season or maybe prior to season4 (fingers crossed we get S4!) then that would be awesome. If it’s part of the community fund, along with redone season one retros and a stage for both Mira and Gargos, I’d be over the moon happy with that! Take my money plz! :slight_smile:


This would be a great item for a community fund…maybe even a stretch goal?

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THIS. I concur wholeheartedly

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I wish they would just say “Ok, it will cost “X amount” to do this.” Who wants to help fund this? And all of us Omen and Shago fans could come together and fund it and everyone would be happy.


I would fund that 5 times over.


You free to play a set?

No Im at work for anther 3 hours. Ill be on later from 6-9pm central. Hit me up then.

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Definitely wouldn’t mind getting Shago accessories and especially more colors for Omen since it’s pointless to level him up to 50.

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nope. :wink: