Please don't allow Ultras to cancel into Ultimates

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Ultimate me, fine, but the people who absolutely need to waste everyone’s time in the lobby with double and triple ultras every match are the lowest of scum.

Teabaggers are better people.
Posts how scummy people who do ultra-combos are on :laughing:

Edit: In my opinion Killer Instinct is combo driven game, the goal is to do the biggest combo you can without dropping it. There are mechanics to test your limits, mechanics to fake out your enemies to extend your combos, there are instinct cancels that reset your combo meter, the entire point of KI is big-■■■-combos. We have leaderboards for most hits in a combo, if you think high scoring combos are a waste of time you might want to seek out another hobby because KI is the combo king. We should all strive to reach the apex of combo perfection to get every last hit out of our ultras!

Our official forms are, the phrase that made KI famous was Combo Breaker, complaining about extended combos is like whining that Mortal Kombat is to violent.


It’s likely that animation just activates it and it skips I doubt you’re activivating it in the middle of an Ultra, OR they just simply teased it byt cutting the ultra animation clip into it? i dunno.

Ask the @developers about it.

You’ve done a nice job at missing my point: when you’re in a lobby or even a FT2 in ranked waiting through someone’s double or triple ultras that look the same every match pads on a lot of time people could have been using to actually play the game.

Wanna do hype combos? Do them during the match where people actually give a damn and where it actually matters.

You’ve done an equally good job missing my point, it doesn’t matter when you do them its part of the game. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing with your grandma or the fastest man alive, its part of the game and its in no way unsporting to do.

I will never understand why some folks take the game so seriously, why they’re all in a hurry to rush to the next match. I understand in a tournament setting, yeah we’re on the clock but playing with casual friends or in a lobby? Come on, take a sip of your preferred beverage and wait your turn. lol

Maybe I’m just relaxed in my old age.

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If you’re in a lobby with others, you’re going to be waiting for a turn anyways, unless you can manage to stay on top. With that kind of expectation, waiting for an ultra, ultimate, or both shouldn’t be too bothersome. It really doesn’t make that big of a difference time-wise either. 30 seconds… I mean, really? Come on!

And sure, I suppose you could argue that the time adds up if it’s done again and again, but that’s an unrealistic argument/expectation because almost nobody does that. I’ve been playing this game for 3+ years and have yet to see it. Anyone who thinks that’s a legitimate point is screaming through their own salt.

Also, while in a lobby, if someone continuously wins it only leads to players eventually leaving the lobby because it’s no longer any fun for them - I’ve seen this time and time again. A smart winner would take a breather allowing others a chance at the spoils. That way, others get to practice and the level of competition remains steadfast and steadily improves over time for all.


I know what your point was, but it’s irrelevant outside of trying to be cute about the name of the website we’re on to keep your original joke going.
Speaking of jokes, that’s what my comment was meant to be simply to get noticed by anyone who’s experienced the same thing and get a chuckle out of them and not start a discussion about who’s taking the game too seriously.

I don’t think it’s that hard to understand either; ultras look the same every time and by now we’ve all seen them hundreds of times each, so excuse me for not really being keen on seeing one for the 111th time as my opponent decides to do it 3 times over in a bid to show off to everyone else in the lobby whom also don’t care that he knows how to trigger a canned combo sequence, and excuse me for preferring to be in the next match over watching that.

Just because it’s “part of the game” doesn’t mean I have to like it.

I don’t believe you.

It’s true. I may see it 2x in a row, but rarely ever more than that.

Even twice in a row still applies to what I’m saying. It’s annoying simple as that.

I would be happier if ultras were if not breakable at least stopable in every ultra’s end.

A more accurate comparison would be complaining about people that do fatalities every singe time, and people do consider that a waste of time, hence why the pros almost never do them.

If you’re getting a paycheck by all means rush through life but if you’re playing the game as a hobby, take a chill pill I say. xP

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You might as well be just as content with people who like to run the timer down to zero when selecting a character and stage every time then too?

I am fine with it. It allows me to breathe, relax, plan ahead, and choose music.

Ultras would be much more fun if they were not automated. If they had their melodic mechanism which would require timing skill. It would be much better and acceptable as a skill demonstration and a celebration.


Running the timer down isn’t a massive gamplay mechanic as massive combos are about 50% of this game but if there was a reason to draw it out, yeah go for it. Like I said though I’m in no hurry to rush through my hobby, I enjoy playing the game, I enjoy watching it, I enjoy reading about it too. Hell I’ll let the intro sequence play just to see the other person’s costume because its cool to see how others customize their characters. Life isn’t a race, I pay for these games so I can have fun, not burst a blood vessel because someone is trying to beat their ultra high score.

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Well, the Ultras are kind of put in the game to show off. I know I get a little irritated when I’m double ultra’d and I know that I don’t double ultra others. Just because you can show off dosn’t mean you should.

It’s just passion, even if it can be misguided…

Of course its to show off, that’s the point. KI is the biggest in your face fighting game there is, the announcer screams in your face every time you land a combo, the characters are all movie tropes, the game is BAM POW KABLOOY crazy stuff.

Its not unsporting to flaunt your ultra combo skills when you beat someone, that’s the risk you take when you fire up a match. You loose? You get whatever the other guy can dish out.



Well, then lets agree to disagree. you show off all you want :sparkles::boom:

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To be honest I really don’t double or triple ultra much, simply because I suck and can never land my recaptures but when someone does it to me I don’t get grumpy I watch and try to improve my ultra game.


This is the part that I really don’t get. Where is the skill in:
Heavy double > heavy linker >heavy double > heavy linker > heavy double > Ultra > Instinct cancel > heavy double > heavy linker >heavy double > heavy linker > heavy double > shadow move > shadow move > ultra > ultra ender?