Please don't allow Ultras to cancel into Ultimates

Just a general plea - please make it so Ultimates have to be done straight away as this will then help prevent as many people doing boring double/triple ultras into an ultimate.


I’m sure the devs will do something about that.

Personally though, if you ever fight me online, I won’t ever do that to you. Just a glorious epic finish if I can manage to keep my green bar XD

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I am sure that people will do 2x ultras if you take out the green bar and stop them from using the ultimate. It will be 2x ultras out of spite.
Just like I am sure that we are going to see a lot of ultra into ultimates.

I do the ultra into ultimate now, but that is only vs AI.

The OP wouldn’t like me very much then, because I would love to do that kind of thing!

Of course, unlike others, I don’t generally get salty about this kind of thing because in the end, I realize that it’s just a game, and I’m not dead.


Nah just get some popcorn and enjoy my combo :slight_smile:

Yeah, let their salt flavor our popcorn! W00t! :smiley:

Can’t you already do this with shago?

Yes, you can. :imp:

You can do that now with Shago, who cares? :\

Guess this means the RQ % just went up a bit.

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They’re not actually dying, so I’m sure they’ll learn to live with it.

Oh well, not my problem.

Meh. My opinions on double plus ultras are well known and negative, but there’s no reason to prevent ultra into ultimate. Mechanically speaking, it wouldn’t be necessary. And the inclusion and continuation of double plus ultras indicates that IG doesn’t seem to worry one way or the other about them. So, it’s probably happening.

Mine either…

continues to munch on freshly salted popcorn

You’ve also got to keep in mind that you need to get a supreme victory to do an ultimate, it won’t be happening every game and if it does they deserve to ultimate you.

Ultimate me, fine, but the people who absolutely need to waste everyone’s time in the lobby with double and triple ultras every match are the lowest of scum.

Teabaggers are better people.



But yeah, while I like doing it, I’m not going to do it in every single match ever…

No ■■■■.

What If you can activate an ultimate in the middle of an ultra? When we saw Jago’s the first few hits sounded like an ultra before he activated his ultimate so maybe this’ll be a thing?

Thankfully, I won’t be playing online ranked anymore.