Please bring us SLASH FANG

I like the new Kilgore character, great edition to the roster and look forward to the others. I also want to see a another beast like character, more specifically a Sabertooth like animal.

We don’t see many sabertooth type beasts in video games and what better way to showcase one in Killer Instinct.

I think the one and only Slashfang from Primal Rage 2 should be a guest character (or buy him from Atari)

Here is a picture:

He was an unused character in the canceled Primal Rage 2 game along with Necrosan and others. This two would make a great edition to the series.

What do you think, do you like this suggestion?

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Totally up for it or a similar character, lol

Looks like a cool ssbrewolf costume. I kinda miss the unnaturally large canine he had in KI gold

what are his moves?
btw; i think other 2 characters are already made.

You can see some of his moves. I think there’s a single cabinet at galloping ghost arcade. I think it’d be fun to see him or Marcus from G.O.W. mkx has alien and predator so why not give KI raam vs fenix? I’d love to see that chainsaw melee in action.

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I love, LOVE, LOOOOVE Primal Rage, but I don’t see this happening:

1-Slashfang is WAY too effing BIG! he would not even fit on screen he’s a giant sabre-cat monster god of combat.

2-I don’t see Primal rage guest characters happening at all sadly. I say this because the company that is behind Primal Rage, as far as I know, no longer exists…

3-We have at best Riptor color 9 to give the apperance of Talon from Primal Rage. and Riptor does make other references to Primal Rage as well.

However OP I wanna say that I feel you man, I personally hope we get a new Primal Rage game in the future. One of my dreams infact is to remake it, but include Slash-Fang and Necrosan along the 7 original gods. And also no giant humans. Instead more diverse prehistoric beasts to make for uniqe fighters for sure!

So that’s basically my gist there

Actually since Slashfang is a giant biting claw slashing mammal and Sabrewulf is a somewhat “normal” sized slashing and biting mammal, why not give a color scheme that Slashfang has on Sabrewulf?

Cat and Dog based fighters may be different visually but when it comes to tooth and claw they fight the same really. So it’s not like that won’t be an issue as a Sabrewulf color

I’ve played PR2 a few times and I have to say, I actually like it a lot more than the first PR, whichbi also really liked back in the day.

As for Slashfang though, I could see that look being a really cool skin for Wulf. I could also see it being a cool Wulf character remix ala Kilgore.

Personally though, I’m not sure I’d want him as an actual guest though seeing as how he never appeared in a game that was technically released. I kinda feel like a guest should have some level of name recognition. I also tend to wonder how realistic it’d be to expect a non-MS IP.

But I do think that something like that could be cool in KI if done right! Wonder what that character could do beyond a crescent projectile.

I would of liked PR2 more but sadly: Giant Humans…Doesn’t exactly feel right to me. Out of all of nature’s history of prehistoric creatures to choose from, why make giant humans? that was creativity gone to waste. Plus when i think Primal I think of more animalistic creatures or even something bug elements to it. Humans are a creature that’s all but forgotten the primal aspects that make them as they are. Or at least are not associated with primal stuff.

Other than that I’m sure the game would of been fine. Though I couldn’t help but feel there’s some future where Primal Rage series has developled into just humans fighting and the beast gods which made the game uniqe to start with would of been an after thought. An odd place I went to, I admit that.

I’m still behidn the idea of Slashfang as a Sabrewulf color

A tiger striped sabertoothed style for Wulf? I want it!!