Player keeps SNES turned on for 20 years to avoid losing his savegame

translated with google:

How far can the passion of the players go? The Japanese are known for carrying out real madness in terms of video games, such as completing impossible levels after thousands of attempts, but the story we learn today goes a step further. In the mid-90 ‘Umihara Kawase’ SNES (Super Nintendo) was launched in Japan a game, who reaped great success in the Japanese country, receiving some sequels.
It was a very colorful platform game starring a 19 year old girl with action packed levels and with fish acting as enemies. But ‘Umihara Kawase’, like many other games of SNES, struggled with some cartridges whose faulty battery, designed to save games, broke down, making it impossible to save them.

Calculated by the owner of the console, it has been on for about 180,000 hours

The protagonist of the story, the twitter Wanikun (@ umiharakawase), was one of those affected, and after many hours spent in the game he encountered the problem of losing his data if he turned off the console. To avoid this he did not think of anything else than to keep his SNES on to preserve his departure, a decision that he has held for nearly 20 years! Calculated by the owner of the console, it has been on for about 180,000 hours. It seems that for this player his savegame is more important than increasing his electricity bill for nearly two decades.

SRAM technology used in some of the SNES cartridges in the mid-90’s demanded that the internal battery was always powered to maintain the save; if the battery got exhausted, all data was lost. The player has commented through social networks that he does not remember any power outage having affected him in the last 20 years and only had to turn off the SNES once when moving out, but he was able to connect the console again before losing the data.

I still have my SNES with Mario Paint, Mario World, Mario Kart and Super Metroid (had soooo many more), and all their saves are still good.

I do question the legitimacy that power has never gone out for 180khrs. While I do actually have great faith in older semi-conductor technology to keep on trucking, I don’t have any faith on any utility to never have a blackout due to maintenance, storm or something else.

But if it’s all true,

Now that’s dedication, but I still have 1 question: why has he, after 20 years, still not beaten the game and moved on?

This is sad.

I mean, is he unaware of emulation that allows him to save state?

I guess not.

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Yeah the dedication is cool and all, but why not just beat the game and move on to something else? I mean, was he still playing the game regularly for 20 years? If so, then wow. That must be a hard game! :smile: