Player Invasion (SL Multiplayer and Skins)

So I was scrolling through another thread, and an idea popped in my head.

Am I the only one who thinks of Dark Souls invasions when I think of this? :smiling_imp: For example, someone is playing Shadow Lords… and then a real player shows up. That’d certainly spice up Shadow Lords multiplayer…~

So I’m sure a lot of folks here have played Dark Souls, and have run into a devious invader once in a while. Your lovely stroll through the AI stomping, without warning, suddenly turns into a PvP duel to the death.
And what do ya know, they happened to glow red, like this suggestion here…

And it got me thinking…
Wouldn’t it be super freaking rad if we had Invader skins (red mimics) that we could earn by invading/repelling other players?
I wonder what @TempusChaoti , one of our resident Souls buds, would think of that… :smiling_imp:


I don’t have much input other than enthusiastic nods of approval. I think there’s still a lot of untapped potential in SL, and unless the big guys are indeed packing up, why not keep pumping those portals?


This right here would be perfect. They could change SL multiplayer where both people pick their buffs you could instead invade another persons play through by choosing what difficulty you want normal, challenging,etc. depending on which difficulty you choose will determine your loot regardless of what buffs you use to prevent high level players from dominating on normal and getting an amount of loot. Like shadows though you yourself will have to accept the challenge.


To be honest, I actually don’t think I like this idea.

I get where you’re coming from as both a KI player and a Dark Souls sometimes-pvp’er, but random Shadow Lords invasions would kind of defeat the point of SL being single player!

The best way I can think this would be implemented would be that both players would select a (randomly appearing) Invasion mission; but then isn’t a surprise (since you know it’s going to be a live player) and who would appear as the red “shadow”? I don’t think the system could make both players red only to their opponent.

I’m not saying I couldn’t be won over to the idea, but currently I’m not sure it would work.


Randomness might not be exactly the right way to do it, but I’m confident we could make it work.
I think one idea would be to have it so players searching for opponents in the Shadow Lords Multiplayer screen can find opponents whose worlds they can invade. Potential hosts have a special Red ‘Invasion’ Portal. where they’re warned that their opponent is another player in to take their stuff. They can accept their challenge ala Soapstones and do battle over who gets rights over the continent.
And of course there’d need to be some big reward in favor of accepting these missions, seeing as a human opponent would be incredibly dangerous compared to even Godlike AI.

For example:
Defender: Has the most to lose, so gets the biggest rewards.
The risk: Big boost to corruption if you lose, but normal boost to corruption if ignored.
The reward: An obscene haul of good items and progress towards new skins.

Invader: Inherently less to lose, but smaller reward.
Risk: Items get used up, leave Astral Gems in the opponent’s world upon death.
Reward: Progress towards Red Invader skins.

It definitely needs some tweaking, but integrating the multiplayer into basic shadow lords play would be really cool. There’s a lot of ground that can be covered in this framework.
And if someone wants to play in peace (but miss out on the rewards of Invading/Defending) they could play SL normally via an option in the menu or something. Maybe an item that “opens rifts into other worlds”, like in Dark Souls.


Ehh…that may be cool, but that is pretty much what Shadows are for. I mean sure you have no control over when your Shadow goes into battle, but you have a direct hand in how well they do, and you can also watch the matches win or loose.

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It would need to be just like the Souls games…you choose (play online or play offline) Online play is prone to invasion.

I would want it to be a thing like people on your friends list can do it, (once a day). Otherwise it will be really annoying for players that already struggle in SL mode. It would also have to replace whatever mission your friend was doing completely; because sitting and waiting for them to do a mission that actualy has mimics when they might be busy fighting shadows and testing Fulgores would be anoying.

Not sure if it’s worth the trouble of implementing now that we have shadows but I definitely agree that it would be fun.

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