People having server problems

@KRAKENJIMMY, I always hate doing this, but…

Been seeing people all day in Discord asking about issues playing matches. I’ll be trying things out later tonight myself.


Started happening with me late last night (6/21). Invites to exhibition from both of us responded with a “Could not start multiplayer” in-game message. We both tried restarting KI a couple times. It worked after a bit but our game eventually crashed midset (probably unrelated) and then we couldn’t reconnect again. Exhibition search yielded no results for ~5min but I managed to get an opponent when restarting the search once (may have been a fluke).

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Glad to see others having the same issue as me. My game just queues up and keeps trying to find an opponent for minutes on end in ranked and exhibition.

Can confirm, random matchmaking is completely dead. Invites seem to work. Several reports from other people in the Discord server saying the same.

Same issue on my end.

I’m hearing reports things are back to normal!

Things should be fixed, will be keeping an eye on this thread closer (I did not receive a notification but our services team fixed it a day back).