PC Pricing?

I dont have an xbox one and have wanted this game since its announcement so Im eagerly awaiting news about how much its going to cost. They announced pricing today only for the ultra edition S3 and only on xbox marketplace/xbox.com. Where is any news for the PC version for pricing? I know its crossbuy, but that would be a horrible way to market a game to potential new users if we have to buy it straight from another site. Also is there going to be a more concise version for pc users like a complete pack? I feel like I get more questions than answers being a pc customer. Needless to say im massively excited to finally get it.

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Well the game is cross-buy whatever that means, so odds are they’re the exact same price.

They’re going to have the same price. However, if you want to preorder S3 Ultra, you can do it without worries because you can then access to your PC and gather all.

Remember however not to access to the game via Xbox One before 29th March, because otherwise you need it again to move everything to windows 10.

One would think, however in a marketing standpoint, you would think that theyd offer a full pack or cheaper price points for a game thats essentially 2-3 years old already. But if it was so easy to assess, why did they not just post that same pricing up already?

I’d assume there will be a “complete” pack for all three seasons too, I guess we’ll have to wait for that info but I’m sure the base pricing will be exactly the same.

either way, thanks for replying to my quandary… I guess I’ve waited this long, I can wait another week and a half.

I’ve thought all along that they would make a complete season 1-3 edition for like 50-60$ for PC… seems by now like that won’t be the case though…
That was also my thought when I expected season 3 Ultra to be 30$ and we all know by now, how that went.

REALLY hope for all of our sakes and mostly KI’s success on PC that people don’t have to throw 120$ for all three seasons with Ultra content… that would scare most people away…

And you can’t tell PC gamers that they can just get Combo Breaker editions for half that, because we’re already by default angry at free to play games being more expensive than normal games, AND about games being sold at full price in not complete editions

PC gamers won’t care about it being 3 different seasons… they’re just getting it now, hence it’s ONE game for double the price of other complete games

REALLY hope MS have something up their sleeve, but considering the uproar that would be from people who’ll now give 40$ for season 3 Ultra, I’m VERY afraid this is not gonna happen, and that it’s only gonna be as big a PC success, as we’ve all hoped it would become.

PC gamers are FAR less forgiving than console gamers, and have a way bigger library for a smaller price… we don’t like something and we’re of to the next thing.

Sorry if all those we/they came out confusing… I’m mainly a PC gamer, but has plenty consoles on the side… if I wanna play a game, the platform isn’t gonna stop me

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They did offer a deal on the Ultra edition for S1. It was free if you had Gold in January, and they had at 75% sale on this last year. Not to mention, S2 is on sale for spring so…

How does that help a PC only user that doesnt use or follow xbox? I knew of it, but i figured that the pc would be priced differently for new adopters of the series. I hesitated because I figured things would be different by the time it was fully released and thats kind of a weird way to sell it to another userbase… you can buy it cheaper on the platform you dont have so you can have it when it comes out 6 months later! Im buying it regardless, but I just find that to be a weird way of marketing a product to a new userbase.

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On the Windows 10 Q&A it says cross-buy will only work after launching season 3 once on a Xbox. So for PC gamers that want to jump into KI but don’t have a Xbox they can’t really buy it from the Xbox store without the extra headache of finding a Xbox to activate their purchase.

At this point we’ll have to wait till release to see specific prices for the PC.

None of that means anything to someone without an XB1. Here’s a thread where Rukari explains that cross-buy requires logging in to the Xbox.

I’m with you OP on wanting Windows Store pricing.
My guess is that the W10 version is going to be $50. $10 less than the Xbox version just like Gears. I could see it including the retro costumes as an incentive for buying it in its first week.

Not true, you only need to do this if you already have a xbox one and plays the game to transfer the the data to the pc version.

The person who asked the question in the thread I linked mentioned not having an XB1. You’re wrong.

It’s says you do in the Q&A and what @ZybaMan linked to.

The person said that he did not have the xbox “anymore”. Read again.

In reality Infil said you get the whole content even without logging on Xbox 1, at the pact you never got access on your account on the console before the 29th.

In fact it’s only related to progresses. Unless you want to start back to qualifier again.

The FAQ says:


This is for someone who already owns the game on the xbox one.

What I’m saying is PC only people can’t just buy the Xbox version and call it a day because then they need to authenticate it with the update.

Because of that PC people have to wait till there’s specific details out for the PC port or just wait till it’s released on the 29th.

Welp, so for people that bought shadow jago for Xbox one not having a console are screwed up! =D

However, solution may be found. I try to gather somebody of trust having an xbox one or send a letter to Microsoft explaining the problem and asking kindly a transfer.

But let’s wait for the 29th March

In the end that’s the best course of action just wait till it’s released all this speculation/back and forth going on in the forums is getting really tiresome lol.