PC Issues

A warning to all potential buyers this game does not function acceptable on the PC. There are known ground breaking bugs from launch day that was NEVER addressed on the PC.

Some of these bugs are the forever “searching for opponent” bug in finding a match 90% of the time you will have to cancel and restart and hope and pray for the best they promised to fix this but now we know they just ignore all PC issues.

Other ground breaking bug the game will crash in character select screen or before the fight starts leading to a loss in ranked points it will say how you disconnected because you crashed to desktop. And this crash happens very often and in many cases 20 games in a row.

MKX has its issues such as the netcode is bad, or it did not get any kombat pack update however MKX actually works and does not feature ground breaking bugs like KI. I have decided to give up on this game since the PC version no longer receive support from IG and Microsoft. If you are buying this for Single Player go right ahead but Online is Broken and no longer works on the PC.

$50 down the drain yet again.

What are you talking about, I play on PC just fine. I think most of these problems stem from your network rather than the actual game. I’ll admit that the crashing does happen every so often but is never “game breaking”.

What are you even talking about? I have a 100mbps FTTH Fibre line that works flawless with everyother game out there including SF5. I play the latest games on Max settings with my GTX 980

The forever loop stuck in finding opponent is a known ground breaking bug here since the start, the constant crashing before the fight actually starts is another known ground breaking bug as is evident by the countless complaints on the forum right now.

The obvious neglect and broken promises months ago of addressing any of these issues is a hint that this is yet another abandonware MKX fiasco.

Man, I have tried my best to follow your threads OP but it seems like you’re just churning out negativity with every stroke of the keyboard.

I know plenty of people who enjoy the game just fine on PC.

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Yeah whatever I always hated white knights anyways. its an issue not new to any game forum it was there at MKX forums since the start though these days nobody bothers to defend MKX anymore since the abandon news was official from Wb.

But yeah whatever keep defending a broken game where I spent my hard earned money and am now forced to delete and money down the drain because of constant broken promises by IG and Microsoft. Lets ignore the countless threads and posts about KI crashing constantly on the PC by users on this same forum.

Whatever makes you sleep at night bro.

If I had a nickel for every time someone over-exaggerated problems with KI,

I would have a ton of nickels.



The majority of those threads are from you though since whenever someone finds a major bug or glitch it’s reported in the bugs and glitch thread. Also if someone disagrees with you it doesn’t automatically make them a white knight.

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*shrug * PC version works fine for my friends. Sorry it didn’t work out for you.

I play online on PC, don’t have the issues you’re lashing out on the thread. Like I said, crashing isn’t rare but it also isn’t common, so to call it a game breaking bug is confusing.

I find games flawlessly online, Ranked takes longer because it finds players around your skill level, MKX just gives you anyone, so patience is the exchange. Still, I don’t get stuck in some “loop”.

If you have concerns needing to be expressed to the actually developers rather than posting another endless debate of how much this game is a waste and blah blah, you can find them here…

@TheKeits, @TempusChaoti, @rukizzel

You might want to check your virus protection. Sometimes it’ll put up firewalls that will prevent the game from even starting. I also game with a GTX980, and have very high speed internet. If anything, KI plays better on my PC than it does on my xbox one.

I’m not a “white knight” in any way shape or form, I have plenty of gripes with KI and its far from perfect but I generally keep my criticisms to the appropriate forums and the majority of my posts aren’t negative. Yeah KI on PC has some issues, yes they will be addressed but posting melodramatic flamebait and insulting other users isn’t going to get things fixed any faster.


PC version works fine over here, yes there are issues but it’s nowhere near as bad as MKX which was, you know, abandoned by it’s developer. Though you really need to take a chill pill with your posts.

Don’t know how to beat something = It’s broken OP!!!
Can’t get something to work = Game is busted and doesn’t work!!
Having problems with inputs = This game is pandering to pros and esports!!!


Stories like this are why I have never envied PC gamers. #consolegaming4life

Dude, ask for help before you b****, jesus christ.

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And how are you going to help me? huh? I am a PC Technician I have been building, upgrading and repairing PCs for 17 years now. I have A proper Gaming rig that runs everyother game out there just fine. The million and 1 post on this forum since the launch of this game hints where the problem really lies.

Looks like I have to add IG to my list of untrusted people along with Ed Boon. Seems to me the only genuine people in this industry is Capcom since they actually care about their PC port.

This problem of broken PC ports and refusal to address any issue by console centric companies is nothing new and I am fully aware of this as I have been on this planet for a long time now. Just reading posts being made by people on the various threads on this forum I already it, trust me I already get it the same way I got it with MKX on PC

I play on PC, and so do nearly all of my friends, without issue.


This game while it has crashed in the past was working for the last few days. Today just like that it started crashing it was working earlier this morning. I changed a setting in the xbox app known as DVR I put it on disable because a guide recommended it in order to use my Nvidia Shadowplay to stream otherwise it gives a LOT of problems with streaming KI on Nvidia shadowplay.

Since then it started crashing, so I went back and put back the DVR onto Auto from off to how it originally was and still the crashing is still here. I rolled back the drivers I updated the drivers, I restarted the PC and same thing its crashing a quick search through this forum and I found numerous other people with this same exact issue.

Only other solution is to delete KI and reinstall. The DVR thing could be coincidence since I have experienced this same exact problem in the past at random and when I take a month break and return the problem goes away.

I don’t understand how you can say you have no problems the “searching for opponent” loop was acknowledge by IG at the launch of KI but was never officially posted as resolved by IG

Kindly ask for help and you shall receive help.

Why are you so quick to anger.


This has made an average of 2 hateful, uninformed threads every day since I have joined this site.

When is something going to be done about him?

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ZDhome You obviously have no clue what is hateful I hope something is done about you for flame baiting by wrongfully calling others hateful. This forum does not belong to you alone incase you didn’t realize and you can pretend to be a mod all you want, nowhere am I breaking any rules and I hope a mod actually does something about your false accusations against me.

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