PC Issues Thread

I haven’t seen a concise thread of general PC issues, is I’ll go ahead and make one and hopefully IG will make one themselves.

So are the issues that I’m personally running into…

-Some crashes here and there
-Unable to find ranked match, and yes, I tested it on the X1 and it worked fine there.

That’s all for me, what about you guys? Let’s let IG know about these issues so the Win10 port can be the best it could be.

-no 21:9 support (Got patched for Gears of War, so I hope it will be patched for KI at some point)

-no support for 144Hz! This has to be a bug and needs to be fixed ASAP

-You can’t select a resolution higher than your desktop resolution (even if the screen supports higher resolutions)
If you have a 4k screen and your desktop res is set to 1080p, you can’t select 4k ingame. Probably a bug? (Works with other games)

-offline play works great, but I can’t select Shadow Jago. (I can use him online) bug?

I have not been able to play any online matches save for exhibition, & that’s only if I do an invite.

Also, I had pre-ordered the S3 Ultra edition, & have it on the XB1 version, but the PC version only has Season 1 & 2 on my profile. I got my son the Supreme edition on XB1, & he can access the new characters on PC, but I can’t on my profile. I still have the KI gold from the Ultra pre-order though.

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  1. Please add mouse support for the menus.
  2. Please add the ability to re-map the space bar so that the keyboard can be used in a Hitbox configuration.
  3. Unable to exit the Shadow Lab without selecting a character.
  4. Please add multiple GPU support.

Thank you!


Ditto. I have access to 1 and 2 but not season 3 on PC. I have all of them on XB1.

Same issue here I only see season 1 & 2 not season 3 on my pc all show on the xbox

Issue with not being able to sign in at all, under any account.

Just to share in as many places this is my experience, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6c2ZwpDN270

If there’s no mouse support, then there’s no reason to draw my mouse cursor over top of the game.

The game also doesn’t appear in OpenBroadcaster, nor in my Volume Controls, which makes streaming, and adjusting the volume, very difficult.

Just remapping space for hitbox configuration. Oddly satisfied so far, a rarity for many game launches these days.

I have just one problem, but this is a big one.

  • Unable to find matches and Lobbys
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Can´t buy the supreme edition in Germany.
Don´t know it`s a bug or intentional :confused:

Can’t even download the game, getting 0x80240024 error…

Currently I have access to season 2 and 3 characters, but not season 1.

teredo fix on win10

win 10- right click on start button, select command prompt (admin)

type or copy and paste the command below then hit enter:

reg add HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip6\Parameters /v DisabledComponents /t REG_DWORD /d 0x0

should resolve the issue. if not, refer to here:

the port is amazing btw, super optimized. went online and the netplay was flawless during crossplay

My only two problems I have found so far is It doesn’t have compatibility with Logitech Controllers, AND IT DOESN’T HAVE MY KI CLASSICS!!! I can’t believe it’s an Xbox Exclusive, you’re evil FeelsBadMan :’( The game is awesome on keyboard though

I get a sign in error when launching the game and after i pick characters and a stage the game locks out on the loading screen. i reinstalled and restarted my pc many time nothing seems to work.

144hz = Game Speed ~x3 this need to be fixed ASAP !

None of my purchases from the XB1 version show up in the Win 10 version. Pointless to play when you are relegated to only being able to use the free character when you know you own them all.

The game machanics are fixed at 60Hz. Changing that would mess up the game.