Pausing During an Online Match

p.o.o.p is what I typing not s.h.i.t

People are posting in this thread.



I’m saying poo isn’t censored, not poo.p. It means the same thing.

I didn’t get any message from u yesterday. I do remember you though. I was trying to learn kan-ra. And if someone does ggs me, sometimes I reply right away and sometimes I reply the next day or few days. Don’t take it as disrespect.


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Take the “L” and drop deuce.

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What is this thread? My god.


Hey, just because someone is level 50 with a character doesn’t mean they are good with him. Double XP and easier fighters to beat caused me to get him to that level. You are not an easy fighter to beat. I am a Glacius main. I really want to learn how to dominate with kan-ra.

I’m a scholar and a gent. I’m pretty sure you’ve bodied me before, tbh. It’s just a game and these are just words. Play a set next time you see me. I’m pretty free in most mu’s.

I am only a teabagger if I get teabagged first. And what about my gamer tag? I’ve played lots of matches with u as Glacius. You are one tough TJ.

Trust me before I leave the controller, my poo is half way out. I do poo fast enough. Winnie the poo.

If you are winning,then poo and comeback and win. You are winning after all right?

I think I know what to do, have a tv in the bathroom and somehow link a second controller to my Xbox from the bathroom. That’s the only way.

G8 b8 m8.



Well…I guess I did once set up a lobby and during the 20 minutes plus it took to get anyone in there, I began feeling unwell, so I left my pc, couldn’t leave it on spectate as there was no-one in there.

When I finally did return another 10-15 minutes later, sure as eggs is eggs, I witness Jago (who I never play so it was obviously the default where the character cursor was) getting 7 shades of poo beaten out of him by Sadira, on the second life bar, seconds from being knocked out, check the scoreboard, 2 losses. I then wait another 20 minutes and again nobody joins, I go to exit and at the exact same moment I do, someone joins, I roll my eyes and leave, the end.

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No because then people would abuse it. Just imagine the constant pause and unpausing people would do just to try and piss everybody off.

If you need to go that bad just try to message whoever you are fighting and tell them you’ll brb and they will probably hang tight for a few minutes.

Is this a joke thread?

I’m sorry, but if I can watch an entire LotR movie at the theatre without soiling myself, you can survive one match.

Not all of us share the same timing of bowel movements.