Pausing During an Online Match

I think we should be able to pause during an online match. What if I have to use the toilet? And don’t give me that bucket excuse. The KI community seems friendly enough (well majority of them) that if I stop moving my fighter, most of them stop hitting me until my character moves again. I don’t know how many times I’ve pooped in my skivvies while trying to finish a match so I don’t lose my dignity. It makes me afraid to press buttons sometimes because I might accidentally let some out.


No. Silly, but like ‘heh’ silly, not ‘hahaha’ silly.


What? So if someone pauses,the other has to wait? Imagine how frustrating that is? About to lose? Press pause to throw off the opponent’s timing.

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Then wait 5min, or lose. You should have thought about you needing to go before you queued up. Matches don’t take too long.


Doesn’t matter. Back to back ultras are annoying also, especially if they can do three in a row. So why not?

You can alt+f4 if you want. You lost anyways right?

Well what if at the beginning of the match I don’t feel anything, then all of a sudden it comes? I’m tired of actually soiling my underwear sometimes. I was thinking about getting diapers but too much money.

I’m on Xbox.

If you have to poo that badly you should probably just quit the match, or put a TV in your bathroom.


You need to seek medical help if you can’t control your bowels. Waiting 5min to use the restroom is inconsequential to just about anyone.


As they say p.o.o.p or get of the pot. Take care of business before or after the match.

But if I quit it will bother me all day until I find that person again. Especially if I’m close to winning.

Then… if you feel a movement coming on don’t start a game.

Or… hold it for a minuet while you finish winning. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can hit the Home button then the Menu button then hit Quit or Close. It will exit KI and you can go back to playing.

Ok. So imagine if you are winning. Then the loser is a jerk decides to paise the game before he loses and doesn’t unpause the game forcing you to eother quit or not play KI. See how bad that sounds? Don’t give me the “limited amount of time” idea either. What if you can’t poo.p fast enough?

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Pro tip: poo isn’t censored.


The easiest solution to this issue is limited edition KI bedpans for the Definitive edition pre-order bonus.


They changed it?


No its still censored Lol!

just poo, not ■■■■