Patch Notes - 2.9.1

2.9.1 Patch goes out this week around 10 AM UTC on 8/21 (Friday)

• Fixed an issue that caused Spinal’s Searing Skull w/Skull to add Shadow Meter to the opponent
• Improved quality of KV Meter audio cues
• Improved quality of Shadow Meter gain audio cue

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Im sick of these click-click noises. Can audio cue be optional in the future?


I can play spinal again!

I am the happiest mandrill!

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Personally, I know there are a lot of people who probably use the KV or Shadow meter tones to an extent, but for some of the more rapid low kv fast hitting characters, I think it would be easier to have the sounds be universal across the cast and the first noise is at 50KV, second noise is at 70 KV and another noise at 90KV. That way you only get 3 and not a boatload during flik flak or triplax linkers. And as far as improving the sound of the shadow meter one, I main Fulgore and I’ve already turned off my sound effects. I really don’t think there is any sound that I could hear 80+ times in a match that wouldn’t throw me off. For one, there are a LOT of people who listen for audio que’s to break auto doubles right? If I hear TING TING, I can’t hear the meat on the hits to break, so I am now forced to Visual only. That I don’t think is ok. We used to have to play Killer Instinct without a KV meter. Just displaying it was more than enough in my eyes. The dojo teaches you how to use and maximize the effect of meter. Well either way, I really don’t think we will be rid of the audio que’s all together, but at least I hope very soon there will be an option to disable it. I never minded it at first because it seemed Subtle but now I’ve had a few matches where the sounds disrupted my ability to break combo’s.

Good news, but will there be a future toggle switch in the menus for this to be shut off completely?

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Maybe I’m in the minority but I actually kind of like the KV warning sounds. Seems like maybe it could be refined a bit, but I’m in favor of keeping it.


There will be the ability to disable (or adjust volume to your liking) to all accessibility-assist sounds in a future update!


I haven’t even noticed the shadow meter audio cue…and i use Omen so that 1 extra bar and im still not noticing it!
I like the KV sounds, helps me since Omens flurry kicks can build KV fairly quick.

I think the option to adjust will be suffice, but if your playing online in a ranked match…do the audio and video adjustments still work? DO you only see/hear on your end or is it on both ends automatically with default settings?

why isn’t it possible to delay the audio cues until the official update that has the ability to turn it off? Mosquito makes a valid point listening for hit confirms and before the combo break tutorial, tons of people use this method and still rely on it. Fulgore has 10 pips and each sound for each pip is is extreme over kill.

Fallofseraph= i have my game audio option set up in the following priority
announcer 100, music 85, sound effects 85, character audio, 90 and ambiance maxed out. Not to mention i play with a sound bar and play somewhat loud. honestly i want to pull my hair out due to these cues. (sigh) max was right to abandon us. its not like there is a in game notification of what these sounds are or what they signify. even c-styles had a post asking if anyone else are having sound effect bugs in game. He didnt even know it was intentionally there for quite a while. but im just a scrub. what do I know.

Glad you guys decided to change the sound effect AND offer a way for us to mute the sounds (eventually). Should help when we watch streams with people who didn’t turn it off, and those of us who don’t like it can just mute it in our own games. I would have also liked the patch that introduced the effects to be delayed until there was a way to turn them off (hoping this patch comes fairly soon), but this is a nice improvement for the game.

They made it for blind people. It would definitely be better if we had the option to turn it off though.

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Now THAT is a good news!!! :grinning:

I love seeing patches like this. It’s a little reminder that the game’s balance is ongoing and being fine tuned, in addition to the big exciting things we know are coming.

One thing I would like to hear more about is maybe some projections on what we can expect from the next big thing.
Is it Shadow Jago? Is it a Kim Wu trailer? Is it more Shadows? Is it soon?

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Spinal’s anti-curse is going to be missed:

Also, it feels like an infinite-logic loop the way the article links to the forums which links to back to the article. Just saying.

Thanks for the heads up. Testing out the round gate starting this week, will see how it goes.

To clarify, since I suggested the idea in the first place back on the old forums, the cues weren’t just intended for blind people. I suggested them as a way to help pretty much anyone who is either new to the game or struggling as they drop combos, visually impaired or otherwise.

I’m interested to see what exactly is meant by “improved quality of…” that’s a rather vague statement in my opinion. Well, I’ll guess we’ll have to see when the patch roles out.

For those saying they want to hear more news on what’s coming, whilst I understand that, I think it’s alright - I mean there’s a rumour going around that Shago will come soon after Rash is removed from the roster. That will be able to tide us over for a while until the next trailer at least. I am personally interested inhearing about the PC version (whether it’ll use Steam since Microsoft’s Xbox app picks up steam games etc) and how the account interfacing side of things will work if you’re only using a local account on Windows 10. Moreover, I wouldn’t mind knowing about clipboard support for the PC version to enable screen readers to read out things like Dojo and trials text as well as gamertags in online matches in addition to menus.

But those things are all really for another topic. Let’s see what this patch and future ones bring to the table, including an option for those who don’t like them to turn off the audio cues is a reasonable idea.

I find the cues most helpful in odd situations. Not just opener, auto double, linker but maybe these situations where you get a recapture or something else where it’s easy to lose track of how fast the KV meter is rising. The tones remind you that you need to use an ender. I’m not sure why people are freaking out. They aren’t that loud.

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I agree with you on that - they’re nowhere near as loud as people seem to think. Though to be fair that might just be where we’re used to them…?

Its great for newcomers and I welcome the addition. I dont totally hate the audio cues but as I consider myself an advanced player, i simply have no need of them in any circumstance. these features are designed and added to enhance the game experiance. when players have no need of these things is when it becomes subject to ridicule and backlash. for myself (as stated above) it serves as only a detractor of the main game itself. Fulgore VS fulgore is crazy distracting. Aria got a sound mix update on her stage and i cant even enjoy it as i main fulgore. when I hear another fulgore briefly charge his cyber dash im blocking bro, but its get overshadowed because the sound effect for the audio cues and sound effects are the same.

Hoped this was the audio update when i saw KI updating on my xbox. The one with knock off and banished etc.

Max abandoned us? what do you mean?