Passing the Torch

KI cup this weekend!! Not feeling good about it but like always ill try my best for my last KI tournament before I say goodbye forever :(

— Máni (@CDMani) January 26, 2016

So, CDjr has been on and off with the KI scene after Season 1. Here, we will see him compete in his final tournament using both Maya and Shago. After competing at KIWC, he will step down from KI officially. He was one of the greatest at the time, now he is moving on to other games. I can’t say I’m not disappointed to see more and more of the original competitors quit KI for good. But, we have seen those who have stuck around grow to be even better. We have also grown a tight and awesome community in that time.

I just wonder, with the conclusion of Season 2, will we then lose more competitors? Maybe, maybe not, all I know is there is so much more in store for KI and from the competitive scene. The future of KI is essentially up to every single one of us, if you stuck around from the old forums or began on the new forums, we have been around, learned the names and even competed in some tournaments. Whether big or small names, we have all impacted the community and future of KI. So as much as it pains me to see someone great leave, I am happy that we have an entire community still going strong and shining on.

Why is he quitting KI? I’ve seen him competing less and less…is he moving to SFV? I know he plays MKX, but honestly it seems he plays that as much / well as he’s playing KI lately, maybe less so.

Seems a bit foolish to retire from the game right before a new season comes out, though it’s possible that’s what happened between S1 and S2 with players like JWong. I would expect people to get their hands on S3 before walking away, because unless pro players have been given an early look (I highly doubt this) they don’t know what will be coming up.

Is he going off to SFV? MKXL? Tekken?

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I'm sure KI s3 will be good but I'll only have time for 2 games this year and those games are MKX and SFV. The fun starts really soon!!

— Máni (@CDMani) January 26, 2016

He needs to stick with what he is good at…he doesnt have a chance in MKx…I havent seen him in any of the MK tournaments or Pro league. and those guys are just sick! No one is coming in and taking over against those guys from ESL… they are near unbeatable right now.

I don’t understand that. If you are already really good at KI and there’s new content coming in the next two months, why walk away from it completely? Take a break, play around with other games; totally understandable, and I do the same myself. But retiring when we might be seeing the game truly reach it’s peak seems foolish.

Yeah I suppose, but everyone has their reasoning. I was incredibly disappointed when Grimmmz left the scene for good. He still plays the game and enjoys it but he dropped tournaments and streaming it completely. Even though his reasons for leaving are more justified, I’m sure there is more than CDjr’s letting on. Maybe right? He said he will compete in some online tournaments in KI but offline he is done for good. Moreso, even if he is playing some 8BBD or something the guy we came to know in terms of winning EVO and dominating others with crazy tech and fundamentals will sort of be lost since he is focused on other games.

@oTigerSpirit Quick! Take his place as one of the greats! Me and you! If tag team comes out as a mode, dude…:grin:

I guess the way I look at it is like this;

If he decided that he only had enough time to really commit to MK and SFV, I wouldn’t have had much to say about it if he had gone through the KIWC reveal and launch of S3 with us. If he made the choice to retire at that point, he’d at least have some experience with what Season 3 will be. This way, it’s like cooking a meal in the oven, eating the meal fresh and hot, but then throwing out your leftovers because MCDonalds has a special on their fries and Burger King introduced a new sandwich.

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Great analogy. I feel you buddy, I hate to see him go, but it’s his choice. Even if it is confusing why he decided to finally leave now.

I would need to main another character in that case, we would already have four Jago mains (maybe even others I may not know of yet?) I’m decent with Spinal, could be a Rash main though :frog:

He’s good at MKX, and he is pretty good at SF from what I can surmise.

He’s decent at MKX, I’ve seen him play; I’d say he’s at the upper-mid of the pack right now. The crowd who makes it out of pools in loosers, and/or falls just short of Top 8.

You may be right about the ESL guys, with the exception of CrawlingShadow, but yeah, there are SO MANY other people out there now in the MKX scene who have the potential to do major damage at a tournament. The MKX scene right now is looking more and more like the SF scene in that there are more and more killer floating around, so to bubble to the top you really have to be exceptional. I think that is sort of what Mani is chasing in a sense.

He’s already gone on record as saying he likes more footsie based games (which KI has sort of moved away from in S2), which partially explains the SFV choice, but I think he also just loves MK, and thus he’s trying to prove himself there.

IDK. It’ll be sad to see him stop competing in KI, but honestly, I guess the writing has been on the wall for some time now.

I’m definitely picking up Rash & Kim in S3, they are my childhood. (Literally Battletoads & KI 2, so S3 is like a dream come true for me)

Kim will be my main focus, but yeah. Rash. Be Rash so you can do stylish Speeder Bike Juggles :frog:

I generally try to avoid writing posts about stuff like this because I don’t want to just seen antagonistic. But I can’t help it. So what?

I mean, CDjr is tweeting to his followers so that’s fine. But I don’t know why there is so much drama among FGC guys. “Before I say goodbye forever.” Really? Ok.

And we are all supposed to somehow feel impacted? I mean the guys a great player but it’s not like he’s done a lot for the community. I just don’t get it.


That shows you how close this community really is, even for the people that “don’t do much”.

Well, even if he hasn’t done much for the community any renowned competitor will be missed, especially with people like CDjr. I get where you coming from, its sort of a ■■■■ you to everyone who followed him for KI. Still like @TheNinjaOstrich said, we are that tight of a community. Any huge name who decides to depart surely leaves an impression.

Isn’t the name “CDjr” kind of short. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyways, I get where @BigBadAndy is coming from. I’m tired of these dudes making announcements about what they don’t like or that they’re moving on.

Yeah I watched EVO 2014 last weekend and I was like why is this guy #1 on the Shoryuken list at KI but he hasn’t been in any of the tournaments that i have seen the past year. He is on the list for them but I never see him on the stream.

He played KI at Kit, but I didn’t see any of pools. He made to Top 8 on the loosers side in that tourney, but got bopped by NickyVengence in R1. He was using Shago.

He played MKX at KiT to (pool 8…I just looked it up) and lost to Tom Brady to go to loosers, but then he got the runback in loosers final of that pool to make it to Top 32. I didn’t see any of Top 32 or Top 16, so I don’t know how he did there.

He seemingly is going to a lot of tourneys and playing, but seemingly isn’t practicing KI specifically and trying to “be the best” anymore. IDK. Like I said though, MKX is just a sea of killers right now; maybe he is just feeling more passion there at the moment.

Your right…I remember this match…but I didnt recognize his face. I recall seeing his name but wasnt putting it all together. This Nicky guy did really good!

Wow, I can’t believe I missed that and I remember watching it. I mean it was pools so it make sense but still I caught a couple of them, thought I would’ve caught that.