Over powered

This character is well overpowered in this game, he can run through any move and sucks life out of you and is just a beast, ruined this game imho

yeah youre right


Check any tier list, you will find him in the bottom 5, I guarantee it. And the “run through any move” move can be jumped out of and does only about 4% damage.

If you need help with how to work around him, many of the people in the forums would be happy to help you learn to beat him. I also see that you are a newcomer here. Welcome to the forums :grinning:


Never thought I’d see this thread.


Lol. You know when Infil has had enough when this becomes his response.

On a serious note, I’d be willing to give you suggestions or help in specific areas. I don’t necessarily main RAAM, but I do pretty well with him. Also know that @BubbRubb4Real has a RAAM if he wants to chime in.


@Adman85 Okay lemme educate you before any of the pros get here. First off, RAAM has by far some of the weakest game outside of close range in the entire roster. His Kryll Charge (or Rush? It’s his running grab, whatever), is MADE TO GET HIM INTO HIS PREFERRED RANGE. Command grab makes him unique because it can punish in some places where the rest of the roster can’t. His stomps add P.D. and a Flip Out, which gives him mind games. His Kryll Shield is MADE to eat projectiles and add a Kryll tick. His DoT with the Kryll is a compensation for his pitiful non-close-range game. Kryll Storm is made to punish those who wanna break attempt with a happy trigger, cos once they lock out, that’s the round (or more often than not, game). So, for all the stuff you think is OP, you have to take into account that he has strengths and weaknesses, so maybe, that’s the way RAAM’s kit is built. Also, his entire gameplan can go kaput if his player misinputs, so there’s also that. Rant over.


How about you don’t rant and just offer advice next time :+1:t2:

I fought someone who was using Raam and I was fighting at distance and when I tried to get in close to start any combos those ticks would stop me and his life regenerated. I’m not a noob when it comes to this game but I’m also not an expert. Also Arbiter is annoying to fight against also

That stomp move stops you from getting up, I’ve not found a way to counter it

Mistake 1: I write whatever I need to in order to get my point around. Don’t tell me not to.

Secondly, I was debunking how RAAM is not OP. So there ya go.

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RAAM should not be regenerating life, unless you just mean he broke your combo. The moment you hit RAAM, hit Kryll swarms he puts on you should disappear.

Medium stomp can be broken with mediums and light stomp can be broken with lights. Also, I’ll give you a link to @Infilament RAAM guide so you know what he is best at and his weaknesses so you can better deal with him. http://ki.infil.net/raam.html


I play RAAM. So I kinda had to debunk the hell outta this imo. Seeing someone say he is OP tilts me a little cos RAAM is in no way OP.

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This player you fought probably wasn’t abusing RAAM, they were likely just a REALLY good player.

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still waiting for my “Aganos is OP” thread, a boy can dream…


Lol I hear ya. Did my rant cover a lot of why he isn’t OP?

Honestly, you spent most of it talking about his strengths. Still, I think being really good at one thing (up close pressure/damage) and really bad at another (long range zoning/making an approach) does not always make a character overpowered. In fact, in KI it’s usually the other way around. It just so happens that some of the best characters in KI (ARIA, Fulgore, Omen, Gargos) have more diverse skills and a LOT more flexibility than the lower tier characters.

True… Its just that I feel that explaining all of that was necessary. Do you understand that?

Mostly, I just try to avoid rants.

Nah I get it. People I know are like that too.

It was weird, I saw his life go back up it wasn’t by much but it definitely regenerated somehow