Ori and the Will of the Wisps



If this game had Co-Op it would be even more legendary that I know its going to be.


I believed it does already :wink: :slight_smile:



Wait… what… when ?

And why was I not informed about this !!!

Man I wish I had an Xbox One just for Co-Pilot mode to use on any games that didn’t have local co-op.


Go watch the E3 2018 Ori and the Will of the Wisps Gameplay Trailer again and you may see a hint on a co-op mode between Ori and Ku :slight_smile: :grin:




So according to this article it was actually Ken Lobb and the KI team that helped design the combat for the game. Guest character confirmed??


I was litterally just about to drop a link to that very same article…

That being said… I’m not liking the direction the game is going with emphasis on combos and multiple melee weapons. Its starting to feel like Shank with Puzzles.

I would have liked to see the light grenade to make a return… it was weird and not particularly well polished but I loved it because of how novel and unique it was.


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  1. So Ori as a potential guest character in either KI Season 4 or KI4 and overall for Killer Instinct? :wink: :grin: :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

  2. But Ori basically transitioned from Spirit Guardian to Spirit Warrior. Overall Ori the Spirit Guardian has now become Ori the Spirit Warrior. Is there ANYTHING wrong with that? :confused: :confounded:

  3. Shank with Puzzles? :confused:

  4. You don’t find Ori and the Blind Forest to be a high-quality and super-polished as well as even perfect game overall? :confounded:

  5. So you think combos and spirit weapons for Ori and overall in Ori and the Will of the Wisps are really poor decisions for the game then?


LoL… I can’t wait to see that Ultra Combo.

Not at all… and really ? He is ? I thought Ori was just some random dude who happened to stumble upon Sein… they hit it off and decided to spend the weekend doing what good bros do… play some KI, Hit The Clubs and Save The Forest… you know… typical dude bro weekend.

I mean Shank is a good game… but yeah I suppose in the context it wasn’t a compliment. Ori is a Legendary Game after all.

I do… and it most certainly is… I’m sure Will Of The Wisps will deliver just as well if not better than the Blind Forest… I guess I was just lashing out because I’ve been let down by so many other sequels lately.

Only the Melee weapons… I just think Swords and Axes and Whips are kind redundant in a game that gave us more unique stuff like Bash and light grenade and the burst thingy.



Mixer interview on Ori and the Will of the Wisps at E3 2018


So what do you guys think? Will there be another Ori sequel after Ori and the Will of the Wisps by any chance?


They ■■■■ well better make one !!!

Also some co-op would be nice.