Orchid's KI2 retro

Will they someday bring back Orchid’s KI2 retro?


They said many times that this is not in their plans.

Also, particularly this one, I don’t want to see this retro coming back. I’m fine with Orchid’s curren retro


Again, and again, and again???

What’s so specialñ about that retro!!!???


Now I remember the comments back then at the arcades and why I decided not to play with her (I’m pretty sure those guys would call her their “waifu” now, hahaha).


Thankfully, no. It is absolutely 100% guaranteed to never happen.


It could happen but only by the means of modding. So far support for this is not a high priority but devs have given us hope that it may happen. Its just the matter of being able to launch the game without the window app, which stands in the way.



Retros in terms of costumes are usually the classic/original look, so her KI2 look shouldn’t be her retro anyway :wink:

So her current Retro is pretty damn accurate to what it is supposed to be anyway, the only real difference is they added the long stockings/legging things.


They should make a KI game. I think it’s due for a reboot. It’s been a long time.

It only lives in our dreams and in the Season1 Art book


Man I’d pay 10 bucks for this, they’ll reach that 1 mil in no time

Honestly, I don’t think enough people care all that much.
There are a few loud individuals, but that’s about it.

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Honestly I feel like Orchid’s KI2 outfit has a similar issue to R.Mika in that a 2d sprite with limited animation is one thing, but there is a possibility that the design simply wouldn’t look as good in full 3d. I know that is a subjective issue, but I really feel like Orchid in a thong just wouldn’t be as great of a thing as people let on like it will be.

She could get one hell of a wedgie. I mean look at cammy or mika.

Or what did lance say?

“butt floss”.

That’s exactly what I say, unless a character debuted in KI2 like tusk, maya, Kim, and gargos then their retro should be the one from KI1 like spinal, jago, orchid, etc. why would people pick and choose which retro should be the main retro.

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Only one way to find out :slight_smile:

Tha tdidn’t apply to everyone. Glacius has the KI2 look. His color 6 is nice but I wouldn’t dare call it KI (it needs glowing arms for it to really count, lol.

Personally I’m in different to this whole topic but I will agree it’s pretty much run its course.

Considering that her KI2 retro was in the concept art my guess is they already “found out” and that’s why they went with her KI1-ish design instead.

you’ed might be surprised, yet support for modding is still probably a low priority with the IG team working on Ultimates and the next 2 characters. I do understand this partly if not mostly due to the game rating. Time will tell(not saying that it will happen) but maybe this will stay in the S1 art book for good.

I’d just like the shorter bob hairstyle
like sadiras retro and an added accessory of the short ki1 boots

Don’t care to get the bum-exposing thong

I’d much more love a backstory costume such as the disavowed agent uniform