Orchid Redesign

I think it would be cool to see her all codename: Black Orchid. Maybe storyline-wise instead of competing in the tournament, she’s there for extraction or some mission.


Did you make that from scratch or is it a photoshop job?

Yeah I’d like to know that too!

Love this idea! I’m super down for more specific details on her military background coupled with an awesome costume

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Just frankensteined photoshop for concept purposes.


It’s very cool, but a little too militaristic imo. Ideally speaking I’d want Orchid to be a spy rather than go full-on military/paramilitary, just because a spy is more like a chameleon. I think in terms of 3/2013 it kind of makes sense in the context of her story where she goes rogue and becomes some sort of mercenary, but I kind of want her to go back to her spy routes from KI1.


ooh maybe it could be her in her younger years? That would be sick. Maybe a prequel kind of game? Or something involving time? Would be interesting to dive into TJ Combo or Cinder earlier in their lives as well. I also appreciate her spy/KI1 design, Just thought it would be cool to imagine what she would look like all decked out. My initial idea was something more like Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell, but ultimately didn’t like the idea of her in a skin tight wet suit or anything like that. She’s been kind of… how do I say this… sexualized… in past renditions and I was trying to steer away from those and just bring the fight. I think you and I are on the same page as to what kind of operative she would be, being that my first thought was Splinter Cell. Maybe somewhere in the middle?


That would be cool! :smiley:

I’d LOVE to see that! I love the idea of a prequel game, although for Orchid, I’m not too sure about delving into her backstory. To me, she’s sort of like the female equivalent to the Man With No Name, and giving her a backstory takes away the inherent intrigue and mystery.

How do you mean? Like in revisiting the whole time travel aspect from 2? I’m not opposed to that idea, but by the same token, ideally I’d like to see more done with the concept. I felt that was the weakest aspect of 2, just because there are so many interesting possibilities in terms of characters, stories, settings and creatures, but 2 ended up replacing cool characters like Riptor and Cinder with the kind of more generic jungle queen and Conan the Barbarian and not really doing much with the idea.

Yeah, 2 especially.

I think that could work. Or, perhaps because the fact that she is a spy, she has normal regalia/clothing, but has little things about her that very subtly allude to her being a spy, perhaps? One idea for a look that I was playing around with for Orchid is her KI1 appearance being a kind of more urban look consisting a black sleeveless T-shirt, a short-sleeved green jacket with the words “HOT” scrawled on the side and green shorts, drawing some influence from “Akira”. Thinking back to the first KI, I always used to think her outfit was the kind of thing everyone wore in that setting (being this cyberpunk dystopian future and all), if not a slight variation of it.


Yea this makes a lot of sense. Even given her current job, the role of a spy fits best

This I’d absolutely LOVE to see

Right but they could always thrown in very subtle stuff here and there just to add up to the mystery . Like we know we’re probably never going to know everything about her but we can’t help but be on the edge of the seat.

Agreed agreed. I like the whole messing with time idea too provided stuff doesn’t get too messed up. Like “Avengers Endgame”. I’m still not too okay with how they pulled that off. But the concept was pretty awesome and it’d be great to see KI go through that.

This could definitely work!

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Indeed, just because it does make Orchid somewhat unique and not a copy of Sonya Blade from MK. Not that dislike Sonya or anything, I don’t, I just want characters in KI to be their own unique and distinct character, Orchid included.

Oh definitely! I’m all for very subtle details and storytelling. When done well, it can reveal some fascinating aspects of a character. For example, the character Clint Eastwood plays in “Pale Rider” very subtly hints at his character being a ghost, but not once did he mention much of his background. Instead, the viewer is left to their imagination about who and/or what he is.


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