Orchid Picture, art found on the web




A lot of that, while good, is official art that’s been edited/modified. I would personally like to see more of the wholly original artwork.


This is for people that love Orchid and what some wallpapers for thier phones and computers.


I meant people looking and wanting some pictures/wallpapers. Of course none of this is mine and credits go to the original artists


Very nice, yes, very nice. Really cool too :grinning:


A few I found


Yo that first one is amazing @Steel_Fantasy !!!


Well I just found it on Google the credit goes to osx-mkx on deviantart he’s also done a great job on Jago and classic Orchid too.


That’s not how spines work…


Lol but they do twist her body like that during the ichi in San!
Remember they only used motion capture in season 2


Particularly for TJ Combo and Maya :stuck_out_tongue:


I had to go check after reading that, and while in game, it’s not quite so extreme as in that picture, you’re right that ichi ni san in-game is still pretty egregious.


Lol yep. I was hoping they’d have the awesome ichi in San KI2 moves. Hence the sad generic light sticks instead of her true tonfas. The KI2 ichi ni San actually looked like it hurt. The KI 1994 was dancing extravaganza


Lol true still a great picture nonetheless :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



All these pics, I be like:


Few more


:kissing_cat: That last image is uber-adorable.



Found this recently on DA, its just the coolest thing I have seen. Check out the artist gallery, user name tony-tzanoukakis. He has a lines version too, he’s incredible talented.