Orchid Picture, art found on the web


plp dont use the MC for this draw LOL



On the last one it would be cool to be able to wear other character accessories if there was no alternate skin


I agree. The rest also look great!



Kim WU & Orchid cosplay!




OMG where and when can I get that figurine… SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!


It’s coming!

Me too! Gotta have it even with the bent batons!


Guys please help. I want find a GIF animation made from some video I saw on this forum. There was some very strong, masculine woman having fun (dancing a little and bulling some guy) in some kind of office or studio - body, hair wise she was looking just like Orchid and I thought that could be a motion capture artist. Now I curios what this video actually was and trying to find this GIF but with no avail.
Maybe some have info about Orchid 2013 motion capture artist? Can`t find any on google.