Orchid and Kim Wu in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (Mods)

Um…no it isn’t

This is what a real 14 year old girl looks like. And yes this is my daughter.


Not real teens. I’m talking what the mods look like.

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I mean in real life…

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Bonus points for the Pokemon shirt, and she looks like a sweet girl :sunglasses:

On the side, are those uour collectibles?


Yup. I’ve got a pretty large Transformers collection. I’ve mostly been sticking to the classics figures but I have a pretty good variety. One or 2 toys here & there over the course of 15+ years kinda adds up.

& believe it or not, that was MY T-shirt from when I was in college…gen 1 pokemon stuff. Time goes by pretty fast.


It does go by fast. We still got many good years ahead of us though, just have to keep looking forward :sunglasses:
Was just yesterday looking at the IDW collection hardcover comic books on Amazon, love me some Transformers :grin:
My brother has the first series of 8 books and the second wave seems really nice too, so comtemplaiting getting them.

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Th that’s kinda awesome!!!
that’s my current shadow costume

Kim looks amazing even with the IG odd costume mix

Orchid looks odd- wrong face/ skin color/ bodysuit if this were Wonder Woman people would get it right.
I wish someone would do the right retro someday

They are made to look that young. It’s the Japanese anime waifu style, which the entire game has. All the women are made to look very young with big breasts that flops around and are all dressed scantly.

Don’t be fooled though, canonically they are all 18 years old or more. That doesn’t prevent them to make characters look like they are tweens with doll faces.

Take this character, for example… Marie Rose:

She looks like a child, but is 18 years old canonically. She even has this crying losing pose, as if she was a small child:

Yet it doesn’t prevent her to have a costume like this:

The game is aesthetically all about pleasing guys’ fantasies.

The male characters are also pretty boys, for the most part, but there’s nothing explicit about them other than the few odd costumes:

That’s Dead or Alive for you. Enjoy.

Wonder if Hayabusa or Hayate could get those alts. Akira also getting Omen too just for the hell of it?

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OMG! She’s wearing an OG Pokemon shirt! Please tell me that she’s a nefarious nerd in the making! :slight_smile:

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Aww, such an adorable little one.

In this case, it’s because they modded the costume and not the character. Not many mods in DOA are full character mods.

I think this mod’s a disgrace because it’s not the new costumes. No really though these are cool and all, but where are the new costumes? I want new Kim Wu with the dragon tattoo.

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Yeah, pretty much, she’s a pretty big book nerd.

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Yeah, I wasn’t fully aware that was the deal for almost every female. I thought that was a kasumi and ayane only thing. Doesn’t matter though.

She looks better without the tan, IMO, yes i said it. oh and wish Kim Wu looked 10% as good as that pic, shes damn ugly

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Personal preference and racism aside, that’s not the point.

She’s tanned? The mods look like white.

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Touché and indeed too :stuck_out_tongue:

Either or that’s the whitest Asian I have ever seen.

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Well I now understand there are Asians (including Koreans) who are REALLY light-skinned, have REALLY light skin tones/complexions