Orchid and Kim Wu in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (Mods)

Someone is making tons of mods for DOA5:LR, and this one popped up:

I can’t deal with how people make Orchid so pale! I’ve never seen her as “white caucasian”, and even if she is, she’s ALWAYS had a tan. It annoys me endlessly.

Otherwise, this is a pretty cool rendition of her Killer Instinct 2 outfit.

And Kim Wu:

You can see more here: (WARNING!!! Some of it can be rather NSFW)


I have no interests in that game. But… I never thought someone make KI skins mods for DOA characters! It’s pretty cool!


That Kim wu looks better than the actual KI Kim wu :confused: and that orchid costume looks better than orchids retro :confused:


IMO it’s better than the SFV Orchid.


What’s with their faces? They look…off. They look like doll faces.

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Woah! That’s SO cool!

@BblackorchidD OMG

They even made Kim Wu’s Alt!


I can’t wait to see Jago and Shago mods for this game.


That’s how the characters look like in DOA5.


Looks weird.

Well. Time to buy DoA and play for about a week.

:heart_eyes: Those mods are pretty.

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Looking at them again…they look…underage.

It’s the DoA effect. Females all carry that youthful look regardless of profile age.

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I like my youth…but they look REALLY young. Like 12-13 young.

Hey, my wife must have the DOA effect as well. :wink: (BTW, she agrees with my above post, in case you were wondering).

12-13 young with big boob? That’s impossible…

no they don’t. I own one of those (teenage daughter, that is)…they don’t look like that.

Ever read a doujin before? Or seen anime?

Well that’s because it’s a doll face. It jus tlooks odd to me. Maybe because it’s small.

I wouldnt mind seeing mods on xbox for DOA like Bethesda is doing with their games, but wont happen, probably in the first place because outfits are their main moneymaker…