Opinions On Gargos

I can’t find anyone who has made this topic yet specifically about Gargos so please post your opinions on him

I’m just gonna give my personal review of the character.

Quick Note I wish I could really write more or at least explain myself more in certain areas but I’m exhausted and have some things I’m working on. Originally this was really long but I have to stop myself. I’m still trying to draw my fan character for KI but I’m not liking the poses I’ve been using. He’s zombie btw

Appearance - The new modern twist to the character is pretty good in my opinion. Iron Galaxy did a great job in making him godlike and a truly evil being. His face screams, “I’m evil,” it also says “I’m ugly and I’m proud!” The body is very muscular and that’s a great thing because well we don’t want a beer belly Gargos (that would be hilarious though). His colors are also great. All of them are pretty good and his color 9 is not a disappointment. If you like a certain color Gargos can really appeal to does colors if you put in the time or the gold. The only gripe I have is the win animation. When the camera is zoomed in on his face it just doesn’t look right. I think it might be the smirk or the teeth but something is wrong but everything else looks great.
The retro costume looks great as well. His face reminds me so much of Kefka or even the Joker. He’s always smiling when he causes massive destruction and pain. That’s what I love about the retro especially in the win animation. He looks super evil and super awesome! It fits perfectly with Gargos and I wish his modern costume had this look. His colors though aren’t that great in this costume. I feel his colors are kinda just like make this color this and make this color this instead it seems kinda boring and flat except for colors 1 and 6. Those two look pretty darn good.
HIs accessories are pretty darn cool and I’m glad they let you change the wings. Too bad though I don’t use accessories so I really can’t give a full honest opinion on them but they look pretty darn cool.
Appearance rating - 9/10

While watching Gargos’s reveal I was super excited he seemed so fun and awesome. Picking him up today (May 27th 2016) I was upset because he moves really slow which is kind of hard for me but I understand why. It’s for the purpose of balancing him. His footsies (or lack of) is terrible. On a scale of 1 to 10 they are a 3. His dash is okay. It covers a great distance but it’s not the best. Gargos’s is technically three different character archetypes. He’s a zoner, grappler, or Air Superiority character. He lacks a mid game which is okay. Each play style can be used in a match and can support off each other. His moves are pretty good, some I feel are too good but I’ll explain my gripes later on. His instinct is interesting. If you are an Aganos player you know what to do but for everyone else it’s interesting. I won’t spoil his instinct too much as I can’t thoroughly explain it well enough. His gameplay fits his role as a boss character I’m really looking forward to his Shadow Lord form aka SUPER SAIYAN GARGOS!
Gameplay rating - 8.5/10

Future Changes
Right off the back he has quite a few bugs. Those will be patched as they are not suppose to be part of the game nor the character. One issue I have is the medium Oblivion. It has a lingering hitbox. Even though the punch has already gone through the animation it will stay out and still hit for quite a while. Not sure if it’s a bug or something in the actual game but it is annoying I have a video of what I mean if you want to see it. Another issue I have with light Oblivion is the fact that it’s not too risky of a move in my book. You can throw it out quite a bit and not worry too much which is kind of bad in my book. I think Gargos should have a little bit more starting time on it. I want it to be about 18 but it really just depends on perspective. I feel that because it’s similar to shatter it should have the risk of being unsafe and shouldn’t just be thrown out repeatedly. I think what they should do is for the light version to be a low that has bad startup and be unsafe but it helps provide new setups. Another big thing I think they should change is while in instinct either A your moves are slower or B you can no longer jump. The reason why for A is because you are armored up and only weak to heavies and grabs. Sorry to say but that can be a little too good especially because jumping medium punch is a great overhead and a fast move in general so combined with with having infinite armor for that time period you have basically a non-punishable move for most characters. That’s where I feel option B is more needed. For a huge risk you get infinite armor and plow through almost anything. What’s the risk if you could just constantly apply pressure without worrying about a heavy while you jump with a really good move. A lot of characters can’t anti air it and special moves are useless because he ignores them. This is where I have to say please change this. Getting rid of his jump makes instinct a bigger risk but still has a great reward (An instant combo breaker is great and if option B is only taken at least you still have a fast LP to beat out heavies!)

Final Opinion
Overall I’m very happy with Gargos but I won’t be playing him anytime soon due to his speed and footsies. IG you did a great job and keep up the work. My final overall rating for Gargos

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I think that any character that requires players to research them like we’re getting paid for this to fight against, are ridiculous. All I’m seeing is Gargos online tonight, and I’m winning against him…But, KI has a huge problem with barrier to entry. These characters just have too much going on and the whole thing is just overly complicated. Great game, but it has come a bit of a chore with all of these overthought characters. Too many meters, too many combo traits, too many rules. I can see why this game hasn’t completely taken off. Huge learning curve, and that would be Ok if it were more fun to learn in KI. But, I’m just not seeing it that way.

In summary, overthough, over-complex characters and rules. I believe that Gargos is a shining exampleof this.

Uhhh I don’t think I agree with that. Sure there’s some difficulty in learning this game, but have you ever played guilty gear? Now there’s a complicated game, filled with different character archetypes, different character specific meters, the numerous options out of the general meter, different guard mechanics, specific character traits, very stringent input for strings, I could go on. How about Tekken? The amount of moves that each character has and how important to learn the frame data for each character is absolute insanity, a friend of mine tried to teach me that game and I just couldn’t handle it. Even smash, specifically melee and pm, have such crazy avenues of movement, such flexibilty in the interaction in the trajectory of moves, and the general speed of the game even with it’s simple inputs, that it makes the core game kinda complicated and hard to fully get into.

I agree that gargos is a complicated character, but to say he, and KI have a huge barrier problem, bit of a stretch imo. You’re entitled to your opinion though, I’m just going to respectfully disagree lol.


That’s fine. IMO, KI is a bit top heavy on the initial complexity of it’s roster. I prefer more simple characters that become complex in their use over time, versus characters that have complex moves right off the bat that become complex in their use. Doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the game though.

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Not being able to jump in instinct is a bad idea, IMO. Yesterday, while playing as the shadow lord, every time I activated instinct anywhere near my opponent, my opponent (who was playing Jago) would simply do c.HK over and over again - it was fast enough on wakeup, that I couldn’t even jump to avoid it WITH jump. It forced me to have to explode the stoneskin just to stop him from doing it, since I already can’t block. So, while having the jump in this example scenario isn’t all that useful, it’s still a tool that I can use, and I don’t like the idea of losing it when he’s already lost a lot of other great tools during instinct as is.

In instinct,you need to be the one doing the pressure. Otherwise,you will lose. Minions help a lot though. For thread and not directed at you geek: WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE DOESN’T HAVE A GOOD MID GAME. DID YOU SEE THAT SWEEP!!!

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You don’t need to dedicate your life to KI to get gud with Gargos. Anybody who is having trouble with him should just watch Iron Galaxy’s tutorial of him.


Gargos jumps during instinct. What he can’t do, is block.

You most definitely cannot avoid meaty strikes by jumping. Unless you do a move with strike inv, you’re stuck getting hit on wake up. Whenever you get hit in instinct with Gargos, you should explode before your opponent cant set up any sort of oki or bait the explosion.

You know, I didn’t realize how much I wanted beer belly Gargos until you mentioned it. Thanks a lot, jerk.

Lol XD there’s a funny story to that part

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They mentioned on his stream that you can’t do anything against fast repeated sweeps unless you burst. It’s something I feel is a good way to balance it.

I finally beat him with Rash on Killer difficulty. … cam close with Kim & actually Omen… This guy can shadow counter like a female dog… Shadow Lords Gargos… I shutter to think

…of course you did… SIGH

Not every game should be for everyone. The complex and unique character designs are a big part of what makes the game so good.

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Gargos is amazing and feels SO GOOD to play. I am having more fun, WIN OR LOSE, with him than i have ever had in this game.

On the technical side, I feel Gargos is a character that is all about momentum, and neutral game. He has multiple ways of gaining momentum, that no other character has. But if you LOOSE the momentum, he is probably the hardest character to ever make a comeback with. His wake-up game is TRASH.

He feels like an extension of Omen perfectly. Everything Omen did good, Gargos does better. Everything Omen sucked at, Gargos Sucks worse. And that is just how it should be.

All of Gargos’ strengths can be countered SEVERELY, but using his powerful tools creatively to cover his weaknesses makes him a TOTAL control character.

<3 Gargos.

Getting him to level 50 TODAY if possible!


This is SO true IMO.

I knew I had seen green retro gargos before…


even better…


The Shadow Lords version will be the same Gargos, but instead of minions, he can summon other characters. Imagine that!

People asked for tag-team mode, but i bet they wouldnt have expecting something like that!

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It’d have to be Omen and Shago, both for maximum plot relevance and maximum salt :joy: