Open Suggestion to Microsoft for QnA


yeah i was thinkin online training mode, sometime of arcade ladder, possible dojo mode for more characters

not sure about the being medium? hmmm

either way! I’m glad it’s happening! :smiley:

(and im still hoping it’s ultimates ;D)


The patch is live!
It will be a few weeks of focusing on watching the patch and feedback before we will be ready to start looking at a QnA session. Will update on this thread when we are getting closer.


So is the hinted thing, whatever it is, in this already?


yes. it’s working and doing what it’s supposed to :slight_smile: (did I mention it’s really not a huge deal… but helpful?)


I think I have it figured out- Playing with friends, surviving into Shadow Survival Mode, and (I have NO idea what “being medium” means) will net your fighter bonus XP?

I believe that’s the case, as I (barely) completed an Impossible-ranked mission in Shadow Lords, and my Spinal earned a nice chunk of XP for taking down a rogue Warrior Eyedol in ARIA’s New York tower… :skull::+1:t2:

Am I on the right path with this one? :thinking:



Very hopeful here but, Co-op Shadow Lords?


My guess is that it has something to do with Shadow Lords. Perhaps they made it easier to unlock Gargos stage because when I tried to do it on Easy thinking I would get the stage, when I finished it said you had to play it on medium or higher to obtain it.

I was super mad haha and gave up.


I guessed Medium unlock a few post above!!! Do I win a prize @KRAKENJIMMY?? LOLOL


Really? We still don’t know? Was it not just the Shadow Lords changes regarding packs/guardians posted in the patch notes?


LOL no way, Challenging surely did not give you a difficult time! Somewhere @Delriach is doing an arch villain smile!
I will save you some time- nope- no change to unlock criteria on the Astral Stage. Although I will save being rusty and going back to play on EASY vs fully buffed gargos he handed me my lunch. I was like @Delriach !!!
Then I went back with proper gear and killed him with 2 characters.

I should probably revert the change to make Astral Stage unlock from beating Godlike only on the next patch right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, Shadow Lords for a long time has always had a Difficulty Bonus that started at 1.75 XP. What you saw was probably the 1.75 base + impossible netting I am guessing 2 or 2.25 XP + any boosters and VIP xp would put you with a good chunk. That has been there.

Here is the hint again:
Hanging out with friends, surviving shadows and being medium all have something in common.
Enjoy your own path to the destination, the easy one is not necessarily better.
and one more:
Which one is better Shadow Lords or Ranked?

You have a correct answer (net bonus xp)! Based on this, what did they have in common before? What does the second hint mean? And what is the correct answer for the 3rd new hint :slight_smile:

Remember this is all silly fun!


Triborg confirmed!!! Fulgore/Kilgore/Aria - Triborg in Season 4!!! lololol


The “Hanging out with your friends” part is really throwing me lol. Is this challenging your friends in shadow lab? It couldn’t be since the other hint pertains to Sharow Lords or Ranked.

Yikes, I have no idea! I’ll have to jump in tonight and see if I can find anything new. :slight_smile:

It’s all good, man! I know it’s something small. It’s just fun to wonder what this is and try and figure it out.


so I see we have a block list now. is that it? @KRAKENJIMMY


No, but that is a cool feature I even forgot about! It’s all around this bonus xp @MasterZenek figured out.


Another way to get this hint is think of - it’s a political way to influence


Lobby?? Interesting… :smiley:


James we are gamers not master puzzle solvers. lol The hints are completely confusing me, Good luck everyone else. lmk what it is when yall figure it out lol.


LOL- well I am not really a hint writer either which is probably not helping!

So we have bonus xp identified and the modes in common are Lobby, Shadow Survival and Medium Difficulty (being medium) AI (in any mode). What they had in common is none of these modes ever had a bonus difficulty modifier! Now they do. Additionally, Ranked is now x 1.75 base just like shadow lords, lobby is x 1.5 base, and adjusted the values on all AI bonuses higher- Ultimate Kyle is now 1.75 as well.

And this bit:

@RoTeNdO did amazing work on a guide to leveling and until now most people found it way more optimal to just grind EASY AI, with a booster and the VIP double XP… if your goal (destination) is a level 50 character, that’s not super interesting.

All these adjustments to the base xp bonuses are to make sure that people have more ways to level up their characters wherever they want to, now EASY is NOT the slam dunk the best way to do it anymore. Shadow Lords actually is really effective (and your progressing multiple unlocks all at once), Ranked is now equal, and lobby is giving a nice boost for friends hanging out together (for the people in the match only to be clear). We hope people find this to a nice FUN tweak for anyone looking to level up.

That’s it for now. Less safe ideas are on hold in this area, we have other fixes people have been asking for to consider in a future patch.

So let us know after playing if these tweaks are in fact helpful for leveling up!



Ah I did wonder why I was levelling up rather quickly when playing the other day, cheers James Bruce%20approves