Only 3 New Stages this S3, means No Gargos?

Considering the story Gargos really doesn’t have to have a stage. He is implied to be coming to Earth through the portal Kan-Ra opened, so while it would be awesome for him to have his own stage, it makes sense from a story perspective that he just uses a random stage already built in the game.

I think it would be cool if we got a few altered stages for Gargos…like the “infected” stages in MKX, they could be Shadow stages (altered versions of existing stages) that show Gargos is here and he means business. For example Maya’s stage would look cool af with the Shadow Tiger Lair effects on it IMO.

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Honestly I see no reason Gargos wouldn’t be in this season. He doesn’t really need a stage, like the others said.

It would be pointless to not have him show up especially since a lot of the characters backstories are building up to a shodown against him

There’s a space below the random select option in the stage select screen that could fit another stage. And I’m calling it now that there will be a bonus stage for Gargos there.

I was thinking it might be cool if he affects the stages he appears on, like his presence has an effect on the environment, maybe the ground rumbling and the light darkening.


As others have said, they built up to Gargos’ invasion in the story. Plus they gave characters the new purple shadow effects that are said to be lore driven (ya know, the ones that people can’t stop bellyaching about). I’m 99.9% positive that we’re getting Gargos either as a playable boss or as an unplayable boss this season.

That said, count me among the bellyachers where it comes to 3 stages. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE how the stages look after the relighting and I’m 100% on board with those think it was a necessary thing that they did there.

But for characters that won’t be getting their own backgrounds… It seems very odd to me that Arbiter gets his own stage, while Rash and LEAK REDACTED will not. That just seems odd and rather random to me. I mean, can’t they at least alter certain stages to make them fit a different character? Could Gargos fit on Kan Ra’s stage, only have everything that’s blue changed to red and start the match with the portal open and stuff flying around in the background? Or if LEAK REDACTED winds up making it, then change the corresponding stage to start with the storm and then have it change to an even worse storm, or maybe just change the setting to night?

Look, I get that these types of things require money and hard work, but if you do something consistently through two seasons, you should do it through the third in some fashion. I’m not saying every character should have their own completely unique stage now because after a while it does get to be a bit much number-wise, especially given the time and cost. But give them their own variation, at least. You want to say Rash dropped through a portal, okay, fine. But are ya’ll seriously going to do that for every non-stage having character for season 3?

Honestly, if we’re talking community fund at some point, I sincerely doubt that people would turn variations of existing stages to fit the homeless season 3 characters. Some here might even take that over a bonus 9th character for this season (though I’m extremely, unforgivably greedy and want both plz :slight_smile: )

FYI, I did the leak redacted thing myself to avoid talking about those things specifically, so I hope this doesn’t get deleted or flagged. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone else and if I need to make this even more general to avoid deletion or flagging, just let me know.

They arent final bosses in those games, but special/secret boss. More like Shadow Jago.

In the other hand, Gargos would be the final boss (and the main of KI story…), so its unthinkable that he doesnt own an original stage exclusive for him IMO.

I think that will be the IG’s excuse for no Gargos this S3.

The problem with this theory though is that in Arias story the portal is over the city just in view of the Pinnacle tower.

I think Gargos isnt going to be playable and Im not happy about that…I hope Im wrong

I think part of the lighting rework is that they can make some kind of variant on the stages so that for example, when you fight Gargos in the end, you can do it on any stage but there’s some cool FX going off everywhere, and that’s why he won’t have his own dedicated stage. (and possibly, same for Eyedol if they both have the same stature like in the original story. They’ll both be shadow lords. Also, if there happen to be any new characters related to the existing cast, they could get their own variant on the applicable stage. That way, they all have “their own stage” in a way, even though there aren’t technically any completely new ones.)

As far as I know, unplayable characters aren’t in the cards and I doubt they would waste the resources making an unplayable character.

I am standing by my faith that Gargos will indeed be playable.

I sure hope so!

Maybe it’ll be a shadow stage like the level 4 ender effect, so it’s not “really” a stage.

Good point.

I’m fine with fighting gargos in kan ras stage with the portal open and debris flying in the background

Except Gargos was seen exiting a giant portal over the city in the season 2 story mode, so we wouldn’t be on Kan-Ra’s stage.

Maaaybe Gargos is a boss. Maaaybe you can play as him.
Maaaybe Gargos have his own stage that IG/MS don’t want us to know about…

Maybe Gargos is a midget like character this time around.

Well, in aria’s story SPOILERS she goes through the portal on kan-ra’s stage to fight omen, and she ends up in shadow tigers lair. I always thought that this meant it was gargos’ palace in his realm, omen/shago just changed tigers lair to resemble it. It makes sense too, if this is the last temple (at least it was in the original timeline) gargos would probably model his palace after it, or vice versa.

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That’s not what happens in kan Ra story he finally opens the portal and a being comes through

What if gargos can make portals to travel around since you know he’s a God of sorts.

He sees a vision of Gargos, it was never said that is where Gargos emerges.