Only 3 New Stages this S3, means No Gargos?

What do ya think guys?.

I mean. Its unthinkable get Gargos without his Stage. The Season (Final) Boss fighting in Shadow Tiger Lair or in any other stage would be so dumb.

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I think he will fight on Kan Ra’s stage after coming through the portal. That’s my theory.


Gargos is an invasor. He “plays out of home”

Not so unthinkable to accept him without stage

Also, I give you this point:

S1 final character: Fulgore (Shago if you count him)
S2 final character: Aria

Both were anticipated.
Are we getting a final S3 character who NOBODY expect?

Gargos or riot

Also, Eyedol or riot xD

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i also think that we won’t see gargos this season. 4 known + 1 bonus + 2 more guests + 2 new.

This seems a bit extreme to me

S1 had 8 characters, shago came later as community fund
S2 had 9 characters, 1 of them as bonus. Omen is a bonus character and we see it in several points:

-No story mode for him
-No retro
-Less colours and accesories
-” Less complex" design

Do you think that we are going to have a character like this in s3? With one character less than s2? With 3 stages?

I dont think so. Also I dont think we are getting more guests. Ki lore must expand, and we need new characters for it, not just guests

Shadow belongs to S1 as Secret Boss. Later he turned in that com fund thing.

But even S3 bring us again 9 chars, i dont think IG will include Gargos with nothing. It doesnt matter if he is an invasor. He had his Dungeon Stage in KI2.

Like the Real Boss of this game, he cant be part of the roster if he doesnt have his own battleground.

Is there a boss in fighting games that didnt have stage?. IG shouldnt do that.

i think Omen at the end will take what he is missing, maybe there was no time for him right now. bonus or hidden character is like a standard. so it is more likely we see something.(like ultratech’s most secret weapon, a super advanced Fulgore,even though i don’t like clones)

also i believe the lack of stages is because of the many guests we are going to see.

Akuma in SF2
Akuma and Gouken as secret bosses in SF4
Evil Ryu and Oni in SSF4 arcade editon
Necalli in SFV?

Sure there are more, but cant remember right now

They decided to focus in other stuff rather than stages. New modes/features seem more plausible. At the end, who says that creating Arbiter its more time expensive than Tusk?

IMO 3 guest would be too much. 2 its fine (I m no fan of guests, but I see why they are good, but with limits. This is not smash bros)

i agree with you about guests, i want original KI characters.

…and we 6 days to launch and no clue for the new modes…i don’t think that it will be that big.what could it be?

They dont have to be at launch

Shadow lab and ranked leagues made it mid season

we are all waiting

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You know the episode of The Simpsons where Marge says:
"This is the worst you have ever done!"
And Homer replies:
“You say that so often that it lost its meaning!”

“Stay tuned” and “soon” mean nothing to me xD

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hah we are immune to stay tuned.

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and these guys do not give us anything. the future is darker than this forums background. we are chewing accessories every week man. LOL

Ive said this in every thread but no one seems to understand that it makes no sense for him to get his own stage when he was pulled through the portal to earth

I think he’ll be in the game obviously, just because a stage isn’t present doesn’t mean Gargos won’t be. He’ll likely be the last character they reveal because final boss logic.

I think people are calling quits on that too early.

Not logical? WHY build up all the story and not do anything with him? it’s time for Gargos to come out. Season4 will either have a few more characters or Eyedol or maybe new modes and features as the focus, IF there is a season 4.

I suspect you’ll fight Gargos on your own stage.

Most of those are ‘secrets’( SF4, SSF4) or not an end all boss (Necali)…it’s extremely rare for a true end boss to not have stage.

i am with you. i want him to come. there is a story and all that …but i feel the same thing as the man who made this thread, like …Gargos without a stage? i know they could make black holes and stuff to make him appear,but I also think that they know how much more is for him to have a stage.

in ARIA’s story he is waited through his portal, maybe ultimately we will see a destroyed roof stage for him.

I cant believe in what i saw here, seriously…

Try to justify the lack of a boss stage… Really?

Oh god…