Only 15 characters get ultimates

Seriously …? I mean why… there’s less than half more to make for all characters to have one… I just really don’t understand. After all the cut corners and what not, now this !?? It just adds to the plethora of other INCONSISTENCIES in this game… I really honestly don’t post negative subjects very often or at all, but seriously not all characters will have ultimates !!! This is insane.


They probably do not have the budget to do everyones ultimates, or they want to focus their efforts on other things.

Yes KI is filled with inconsistencys, but you gotta cut them some slack, they are doing the best they can.

Makes you wonder what else they have on the back burner before they take on such inconsistencies…

So…you think this is BETTER or WORSE than just Shago having one?

Go on, I’ll wait.


They shoulda stuck to their guns and made it a shago thing only

We finally get Ultimates. But you are complain about this now? -___-
I dont care how much we get Ultimates for some characters.


This is far better in my opinion, though I do hope eventually not just ultimates but stages etc. are added whenever KI is close to completion.

Give it time. There’s no point in getting upset over the amount of Ultimates right now. We asked for them to appear, and here they are.


They’re free. And it’s not like Killer Instinct 2 is coming out this year. Maybe we’ll see all ultimates down the road anyways.

Free content in this age is a mark of integrity for a studio, especially a small one. Kudos to them.


Maybe for budget or lack of time, they released only 15 ultimates.

I hope all the roster will get Ultimates at the end of the year^^.

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No, just no.

Time and money… you don’t know what the development cycle or budget is for the game… everything is weight out against everything else. Keep in mind this is a budget title… lasting 3 years… With a small yet dedicated fan base… be grateful support and updates ( both paid and free DLC ) is still being create and planned for. Most games get a years worth of updates then done.

Enjoy what you get…support the game and play

I just feel bad for the people who’s main is a character that will not get one. At least they will be out by KIWC.

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Hopefully the rest will get Ultimates as well at a later point.
However, if one of those 15 characters are one of the guest characters, I’m done with this game.

At one point they said Shadow Jago was the only character in game with an ultimate and they were adamant about that point, clearly their minds changed. This “15 ultimates” thing doesn’t phase me because I know they’re just covering their asses just in case they can’t do them all. Odds are that they’re doing every character because, well because they should.

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Because they don’t just snap their fingers and Ultimates are magically made. Maybe 15 is all they can make for now and they’ll get to the rest of the characters later on down the line.

It’s amazing that after so much clamoring on the forums over Ultimates and people wanting to throw money at the devs to put Ultimates in the game, there are people now salty that “only” over half the cast will have Ultimates plus they’re free.


Dude don’t give me that crap. Who’s to say that some characters deserve an ultimate over another character. This game has a lot of inconsistencies. And to to the guy who said would I rather have just shadow jagos or none ? My answer is I’d rather them all have one.
How weird would it be for mortal kombat to have only a select group of characters be able to perform a fatality. ?

I’m glad We’re getting them but am blatantly shocked that they would think it’s okay for only some of the characters to get them.


If I were to guess I’d say they had some extra time/money to throw at them, but only about 15 characters worth, so now they’ve got to focus on paid content before working on more. I wouldn’t worry. Remember how they rolled out Shadows for each character? I kinda figure this won’t be much different.

I will say this though, I hope going forward all new characters will have Ultimates out of the gate.

stages to, for that matter

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You know Arbiter is going to be one of the 15. If he is not one of the 15, I will be shocked. Another will be Kim Wu. This way someone doesn’t get upset. :smile:

I am going to take a shot and say your main is Jago. I am sure that those people who wanted Ultimates, wanted them for the whole cast. Some people are just worried that their main is not going to make the list. For those who have a main that doesn’t make it, they are stuck wondering if they will get one at all or when. I could go on, but you get the idea.