One year ago Community fund was announced, how about this year?

Today 1 year ago the KI community fund was announced for Shadow Jago and tournament funding. Regardless if we need a new shadow character. Do we need another community fund to boost the offline tournament scene?

Share your thoughts!


I would like to see one, because although I don’t participate in the tournament scene I like the fact that the community fund allows me to get something cool for my game but also entices the tournament scene to grow -> generates more tournament streams (which I enjoy watching) -> entices development of further seasons and content.

If we have one, I would prefer to receive something from these content pieces listed in order of importance;

  1. Brand new, IG designed character, though not a “Shadow” version of an existing character.

  2. Additional colors and accessories for all characters.

  3. Online practice modes, and/or some mobilie/table app or Ultra-Combo feature to allow us to access our stats, replays and character costumes when away from the console or PC.

  4. Team battle online game mode with multiple players per side. No tags, but simply replacing a defeated character with the next player and their chosen character, like an ongoing multiplayer version of Survival.

  5. Stages for the “homeless” characters.


I know there has been a topic of discussion for a while but this Is just a want that hopefully don’t fall on deaf ears but I understand if it does.

I would personally like to see community fund available to purchase in packs. EX:

  1. Battletoads pack: 2.5D arcade side scroller beat’em mini-game with rats and thow a rat skin over Aganos as a boss.

    • Zit and Pimple Skin available
    • Rash Stage included
    • I’ve seen James resume of Captain Commando, AVP, D&D (arcade), etc… we 80’s babies are deprived of the side scroller beat’em up. I’ll pay $20 bucks for an add-on with the profits going towards tournament payouts.
  2. Stage pack: 6 stages 5 of the remaining characters and the sky stage which is a fan fav that every one has been asking for for about $10

I’d pay in to get the stages for the characters that don’t have them. The only thing that spoils the game for me.


Ultimates, no mercies or humiliations! KI needs some kind of finishing moves!

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I’d pay for more stages, ultimates/no mercies, humiliations and more colors for the retros.

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Ultimates and Stages would be a worthwhile investment if you ask me. Things that will help the game for the rest of its lifespan rather than a single tournament season. :stuck_out_tongue:

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STAGEs the game feels half full without them imo


Agreed, season 3 feels a little half-assed as is.


Vote fan’s KI characters in future KI! I will make my thread about vote fan’s KI characters soon! :wink:


Stages or Eyedol if he’s not the last character.


An online tournament mode would be great


I’d toss in money just to see further tourney support.

I certainly wouldn’t mind a color packs/accessories/announcers as incentive :wink:

Heck, I’d even buy some for friends.

I wonder if MS/IG is even looking @ all these requests for Community Funds/DLC for stages, etc…

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Colors, Costumes, new characters or stages for me.

Just make sure the new character isn’t annoying to fight.

They read a lot more of this forum than what people give them credit for.

I’m honestly surprised at some of the threads I see devs pop in to.

if they do another, ill throw in money. especially if its for something like giving Mira a stage to call home


I would pay for different Ultras seeing the same one for almost 3 years is getting boring. Being able to use 2 Ultras for each characters can creates creativity for those who craves “finishing moves”

I am thinking if there is another fund it will be for stages. But we don’t know how much a stage costs, so it could only be one stage. If it were 1 or 2 brand new stages with maybe one “alternate” stage, I would be stoked. A stage pack with a hidden SKY STAGE. A sky stage could have no music but be a random select of any track.

Someone needs to tell the big-wigs @ MS that we’d hit the goal so effing fast that their heads would spin…



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