One simple yet unrelenting, practical design problem

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This is not the one, nor is it a huge or blatant problem. Obviously it doesn’t repel anyone or affect anything from the game itself. I’m here mostly to share my thoughts. Nitpick or not, animals don’t just act a certain way for no reason.

Much of the world casually depicts sexual preferences(by which I mean heels), thankfully not entirely, over beauty of function. Bayonetta is a great example of mixing those two, but not every girl who isn’t shoe-less has to be sporting a nice pair of supermodel/formal/“mature lady” footwear. I haven’t seen much of Aria who’s heel-raised feet aren’t so much cool as they are silly, which isn’t a bad thing, and if that’s a critical part of her character then so be it. (Already in terms of silliness I don’t understand the love for Rash’s contrasting level of cartooniness anyway, even if perhaps due to never having payed much attention to Battletoads, it is too weird. Great taunt though.) Sadira might as well be tiptoeing, which would actually make more sense. Please understand and consider this even if I’m the only person or of the few, and with such a roster + the series’ history… These things will never cease to bother me albeit to a certain extent.


Nothing about Sadira is realistically functional though. She’s a fictional that with a fictional fighting style.

She has bladed heels. Its supposed to be silly and outrageous.

KI is Silly and Outrageous :slightly_smiling:

Aria’s Heel walk is in line with her Leg lifting, Ultra kissing, Leg Spreading Shadow Counter and Moaning Tone(Monotone hehe, I’l see myself out). Its part of her character. If she were human, her Lewdness would be very noticeable Haha. I feel another example would be appropriate.

As I stated on the post itself, I’m aware of what you just mentioned, this isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Unfortunately, it bothers me enough to address.

That’s what I don’t get though. So many people has always found heels to be “sexy”. I never did.

Hmm now that you mention the walk that way, I’m recognizing the silly charm.

I actually think there is plenty of merit in the OP. I think that in the case of Aria, though the idea that she is a 1950’s idea of what a “girl robot” should be means she needs to keep the heels. It’s sort of retro, self aware sexism by design.

I dont find this important at all. If a woman wants to wear heels then great if she doesnt, then great. Who cares? I think your looking for something to complain about.
I dont see at all how this is offensive to anyone… its a shoe. And I find a model much sexier with heels on than an ole worn out tennis shoe.But thats my opinion…nothing more.

You cant be sensitive over an artists decision to dress his character how he wants too… because that’s what these character designs are…art. It cant be your way based off what you like.

Dont look at it as a high heel shoe…look at it as a dress shoe. A symbol of leadership, accomplishment, ect…
both characters you mention are the leaders of there respective organizations… and are kicking the crap out of men left and right. Look at it that way instead of sexist or whatever


I don’t really regard whether or not it has a sexist tone to it. What does bother me is high heels, particularly stilettos, don’t seem like a great combat choice of footwear. I know this is all art, and not really aiming for realism, but even with that point out there, it’s just a small irksome thing that gets to me. Sadira’s little heels seem like they are going to break at some point.

Orchid’s seem a bit more rugged and the heel has more surface area, so it doesn’t seem like it would break as easily under wear and tear of combat, and the surface area may give her the heel and ankle support necessary to maintain a combat stance for extended lengths of time.

ARIA is real floaty, so whatever.

I think OP’s point is where is the practicality to armor that doesn’t look like it armors much, or footwear that looks like it isn’t easy to walk in doesn’t seem like a great design choice. To each his own.

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wait what? bayonetta is a great example but aria is too much? im out.


None of the characters you’ve mentioned are actually wearing the traditional heels… Orchid is wearing stylized combat boots that have an elongated heel, Sadira is wearing platform sandals, and ARIA is a fuggin robot…

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if anything bro… i think kim wu isnt rocking heels

lol who said I was offended? It bothers me more than most. That’s all. I think you’re nitpicking my post a bit more than you need to. Also, I thought we were talking about a video game and not what a living human being wants to wear? You prove my point about how everyone seems to think it’s either “superior” heels or… worn out smelly tennis shoes? Once again, I inherently saw heels as something “older” people wear, or in formal occasions. Maybe I had to put “in my opinion” somewhere instead of anything else.

If a person can wear heels, is it okay for them to be sensitive as well? Is it okay for this post to exist in this forum? If the artist disagrees with me that’s fine, totally cool. I’ve made my voice heard and I can’t do anything more to affect changes. You’re telling me all these things and it just tells me you read my post, or at least some, and proceeded to ignore any point in it, placing your own opinions as the official rule over your assumption of who I am. Yes, heels aren’t always sexist.

“don’t look at it as a high heel shoe…” but “as a dress shoe”… Can you elaborate please?

You’re right. Just a possibility, nothing more.

Yea, probably should mention I don’t even own the game and can’t say from the top if Aria uses her heels to any in game effect other than for the character’s whole rest of the deal.

this is true. very true indeed.

I didn’t mention Orchid! Platform sandals? They’re the same visually anyway, far as I can tell.

Maya, Riptor, and Hisako aren’t wearing heels.

And Both Orchid and Sadira were designed by Double Helix, so blame them for those “heels”.

yes im aware of the brighter side of things. ki will only get better apart from the point in this thread. thanks!