On this blessed day

For the natural herb has been graced upon this planet’s pastures and hills. Truly you experienced such glee?


Not really, I’m not a stoner. Celebrating a drug is kinda pointless to me.

Eh, we celebrate plenty of things that are kinda pointless if you take them at face value. Arbor Day in the US is just “celebrating” trees, but without them, we couldn’t breathe.

As for the natural herb, there’s an ever growing list of people that benefit significantly from it ranging from soldiers with PTSD to cancer patients, people with anxiety and many many more. It’s a useful drug, regardless of whether it helps you medically or simply helps you relax.

I’m still waiting for the day that it’s legal across all of the US and it’s not nearly as stigmatized, but I think we still have at least another generation before that happens. I don’t personally partake, but it’d be nice to know that if I ever needed it or even wanted it, that it wouldn’t be a problem or even a big deal in the slightest.


its a really good sleep aid, cured my imsomnia long while back. i slept like the dead and it was absolutely glorious


But that’s not why people “celebrate” this day. Otherwise there would be a penicillin day, a painkiller day, a happy pill day… but there aren’t.

I’m not saying it doesn’t have it’s good uses… I’m saying that’s not why people like it. Because the majority of the people “celebrating” this day doesn’t need it. But they still use it. So to them, it’s like celebrating a day for beer… well, I guess that’s what people do at Sct Patty’s.

Oktoberfest as well. Although that’s more of celebration of the reunification of Germany that includes beer as the main attraction. While most just see it as a time to get plastered.

I’m going to preface this with, I don’t smoke weed, and I wouldn’t if I could. (It makes me very sick). I also don’t drink beer, but will occasionally drink liquor socially (Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays).

Celebrating anything that makes someone happy is important, but I do often wonder why alcohol doesn’t have a huge stigma regarding its deprecating effects on one’s mind that’s a much larger problem than weed ever was. That being said, I would rather it not come to that, and rather, as a society, we let people make their own decisions regarding these things, and punish those who do harm to others through their actions.

@Ziarist its a complex issue man, way i see it theyre both the same in the aspect of recreational use. one just has a stigma slapped on it because of its portayal in the past. thing is, its kinda ridiculous that weed is illegal even though it doesnt cause as much damage as alcohol does. thats straight up poison with what it can do to the human body not to mention can even cause violent behavior.

but whatever, that kind of discourse is better suited elsewhere. people should be free to do as they please so long as no harm or malicious intent is there. responsibility for our actions kinda thing