On Shadow Jago and Lore

Hey all, my apologies if this topic is already up and running. Could not find one… If so disregard and delete mine.

Basically I’m wondering whether Iron Galaxy has plans to make Shago, as a character, canon after Jago births (Exhales? Secretes? Expunges? Evacuates?) Omen into being?

If not then I assume Post Omen, Shadow Jago is non-canon.

If so, what would you like to see?

  • Physical manifestation of Jago’s dark side, out of control and laying waste to all in his path?

  • Remnant of Omen’s taint (Heh heh… taint) trying to find his own path in life?

  • An ACTUAL cloned Jago born from Gargos’ supernatural powers and bound to help/hinder the primeval Lord?

  • Jago and Omen’s teenage angst ridden son just wanting a hug from his dad and cloud-monster (who wears the pants/cloud on that family??? Am I right!?)

Also do you think Iron Galaxy even NEEDS to have Shago canon Post-Omen?

Any and all information is welcome as usual. If you just want to tell me I’m a horrible poster and should be tea–b@gged in-game that’s also cool.

< Shatterspasm returns to his magnificent life of Cheetos and crying >

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Well, I don’t think that he’s non-canon in the sense that he’s somehow invalidated from an existence standpoint. If you look at MKX, there are a few characters on the roster that get killed in the story mode. Yet they’re still on the roster and you can still use them.

So in that sense, I’m not sure they “have” to come up with a reason why he exists as a fighter in the game beyond what they’ve already said. Of course, that makes me wonder if they’ll release a bio with him along the lines of what we’ve seen so far with the other characters.

Interestingly enough, Spinal is today, Fulgore is presumably next week on the 30th or the first, and then the 9th character of season one could maaaaaybe be the week after that? Monday the 7th or Tuesday the 8th? Just a thought.


If they do want to use that character in the future and give Shago a role, perhaps as one of the forces aligned with Gargos’ invasion, then yeah, he’ll have to be brought in to existence somehow and I could see them using his bio as a means of explaining him back in to the story.

Jago purging himself of Shadow Jago released Omen though, so how they’ll somehow manage to will Shago in to existence without treading on that story a bit would be an interesting two-step on their part.

I mean, I could see your clone idea working. That seems like the best option. Perhaps when Omen split apart from Jago, he took a small bit of Jago with him, leaving Jago feeling somewhat incomplete, and Gargos was able to use that bit, extract it from Omen, and form a complete version of Shadow Jago to fight at his side? Maybe Jago needs to kill Shago to regain that last remaining part of himself? I think that’d be a serviceable way to do it.

That’s just my two cents. Enjoy your Cheetos and tears. :smile:


Lol those two cents were very insightful.

Yeah the few ideas I had were just random thoughts in all honesty. Meant to insight debate.

If Iron Galaxy wants to make him post Omen Canon (I gotta think of a better name for this lore lol… POC?), then I think the idea of Shadow Jago coming into his own as a real entity with his own physical body would be interesting. Could open up a rivalry between him and Jago.

Who’s the REAL Jago?

Does he share any of Jago’s personality or is he more Omen?

Can a being born of darkness find redemption? Etc etc… my brain hurts now lol

But yes I definitely agree that IG should not need a Lore reason to have Shadow Jago as a playable character.

Oh and the cheetos go down smoother with them (boo hoo)!

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Yeah I like where you’re going there. You make Shago POC (nice abbrev lol) and all of a sudden, he becomes his own character. What role does he play? What are his goals? Is he an entirely evil servant or is that one part of Jago that’s in him mean that he has some good in him as well and what would that mean for the story, for a Jago rivalry and it’s inevitable conclusion, for Gargos and his ambitions, etc?

I think any of that has the potential to make him more interesting from a story perspective, but also enhance the overarching story as a whole. Omen’s basically pure shadow energy, so having the Jago part removed from him to make Shago more or less returns him to being 100% loyal to Gargos. Shago, on the other hand…

Really hope IG goes this route and makes him a full-fledged POC character. Really like the ideas you’re throwing out there, man!

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Lol thanks!

I think the best part about it is it adds to KI lore as a whole. His potential as his own character in the lore has tons of ripple effects throughout the cast.

  • What could POC Shago mean for Orchid? Would he have/want the same sibiling relationship as Jago?
  • Would Kan-Ra be interested in his soul? It could be two souls fused…
  • How would Maya react to him? Is he a monster to be hunted or a man onto his own?

Heck! Lore wise, if POC Shadow Jago becomes his own entity, that basically means Gargos’ energy has the power to create breathing thinking life! Not just heralds. What does that mean? Gargos is Evil God? Lol I shall nickname him GargEvilGod! Lol

Yeah I didn’t even think about Orchid or other characters. That could be really interesting as well if it were fleshed out in season 3’s story mode.

I could see Shago and Orchid hating one another, yet feeling some sort of kinship and seeing that manifest somehow in one of them saving the other at some point.

Or perhaps Orchid knows that there’s some part of her brother locked inside of this evil being, so she wants to help her brother, but can’t kill Shago or risk losing that last piece of Jago. Sounds a bit complicated, so I’m not sure how that would really work in a story mode structured the way season 2’s was, but it certainly brings up some intriguing possibilities.

I would think that Kan Ra would see Shago as someone that would make a VERY fine specimen :smile: So maybe he wants to collect that “partial soul” or something along those lines. Kan Ra’s a bit of a free agent in terms of his allegiance, isn’t he? I’d be curious to see what, if anything he’d have to do with this character.

Yeah, I could see Gargos as a kind of “dark god” or “shadow god.” Almost like a Greek mythological god. He could have the ability to create life, but only through the use of dark / shadow energy. I could see that making for an extremely formidable boss / faction in the game, but not so much that it completely marginalizes ARIA and Ultratech.

So yeah, I’m also on board with Gargod (shortened it a bit lol). I think that’d be a cool way to go with him, no doubt!

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See this is why I loved the introduction of Omen. It just opened up a ton of possibilities to KI’s story.

Yeah I wouldn’t want GarGod’s power to diminish ARIA as a boss and antagonist/catalyst. Also it would be cool to see the interaction between her and Shadow Jago. She had a serious issue with Omen, but the amount of power it bestowed on Jago… If Gargos’ power can enhance and create super powerful humans, ARIA could use her technology to harness it, and further “evolve” humanity into something more!

Also this could open the way for elicit Shipping between ARIA and Shago lol. I can see it now! Don’t crush my dreams for weird robot/shadow-monster-dude love! lol kidding kidding!

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I’m thinking about two things.

Kan Ra could make something like an homonculus or, at least, a replica of Jago, similar to what Astaroth is to Rock in Soul Calibur.
Why would he do that ? Because he is scared of Gargos and works for him (and against him, like he did against the King who sent Aganos to kill him). The Jago replica with an Omen like in him or a part of Gargos makes a Shadow Jago

The other thing is Aria. She destroyed Omen, in a way or another at the end of her story and the story seems to go in the Heroes/Ultratech vs Gargos, I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes a clone of Jago combine with a sample of Omen energy or whatever.

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Actually that’s interesting!

What if the Shadow Jago we’re playing as is not the original, but actually an experiment created by ARIA to reproduce the same being!?

Man… okay now I really REALLY want Iron Galaxy to make POC Shago a reality.

I DECLARE! That idea is giving me the vapors!

Oh that’s really good. I like that a lot! That gives Kan Ra a bit more to do, but it also kinda reestablishes him as a threat not just to the heroes and to ARIA, but to Gargos as well. Plus the idea of Kan Ra creating Shago to suit both Gargos ends and his own ends could lead to some very cool story happenings.

Even if none of what we’re talking about here comes out in the actual story in the ways we’re envisioning, I think we can at least see that the idea of POC Shago has a ton of potential and is, at the very least worth pursuing on the part of IG.

Hahaha! You and me both! Well… If I were a woman in the 19th century. :grin: Not going to lie, had to look that expression up lol. Either way, totally agree. Really hope we’re pleasantly surprised with a cool Shago story in a few weeks! Definitely want to see where IG takes him.

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Exactly! Whether or not any of this becomes established canon is irrelevant to the fact that the character has a ton of potential thanks to he Lore created by the developers so far. I’m really looking forward to how they surprise us!

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It is pretty impossible for Shago to continue on as as stand alone character. Shago WAS Jago, so Shago and Jago existing separately, simultaneously, wouldn’t make any sense.

Now if Gargos did make a clone of Jago, or if Ultratech did something similar in an attempt to bring Gargos’ power under there umbrella or something, that might be interesting, but still pretty far fetched / weird.

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Yeah, I’m really glad that this is the direction they chose to go with the story. It might not be a massive, MKX style undertaking on their part with tons of cutscenes, but (and no offense to Double Helix, as I tend to think they were probably under the gun a bit in season one to get that out at launch) it’s vastly superior to the three possible endings we saw in season one.

Not only season 2’s story mode, but these bios have been great so far and they keep getting better. Orchid’s in particular, I thought was fantastic. So it really makes me hopeful that they’ll find a place for Shago to fit in and hopefully that involves a new lease on life for him. Any type of plot involving Shago and Jago, or Shago and Orchid or Shago, Kan Ra and Gargos… All of that has amazing potential.

Shago… An incomplete “human” with ARIA, cold, a non-human “evolved” robot. I think I’d probably ship that alliance if he were to somehow seek out something that fit his own vision of what love could/should be. Man… That actually sounds really cool after rolling it around in my head for a few minutes!

Yeah, I think it would require some sort of literary gymnastics on IG’s part to make Shago a real boy in the story, but given that they’re going through the trouble of making him his own character in terms of gameplay, I’d think it’d only make sense that they’d at least attempt it from a story standpoint as well.

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True, but one thing (personally) I’ve always gotten from KI Lore is it’s willingness to be farfetched at times, even comicbooky, in its character development. Where basically anything is possible, no matter how complicated/ridiculous, so long as its explained in some way.

Again this is my own opinion, but so long as its explained I’m cool with it lol

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My sentiments too lol

Would have been awesome if they had done a Spiderman & Venom thing with Shago.

In the comics the symbiote bonds with Spidey and after being separated retains his powers, it would have been awesome if Omen had simply retained Shadow Jago’s look but more dark and smokey like Omen’s current look. So he was literally SHADOW Jago.

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That is true, but at the same time in this new timeline they have made it pretty apparent that they don’t want to be some comic-booky as it was in the past. That is particularly why they did away with the time travel stuff, and IMO why they would want to keep away from clones and the like.

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True. Clones do have a way of mucking things up. Everyone knows the Spiderman debacle…

Wouldn’t want a repeat of that…

… unless

… (Shatterspasm imagines clone POC Shago/ARIA shipping)

– No! NO! Stupid brain! … must… NOT… SHIIIIIPPP!!

Interesting visual look. That would actually make a really cool in-game skin for Shadow Jago :grinning:

After looking at jagos story this is what i gathered. in KI jago is trying to purge the darkness inside him from gargos and after a while of eating at his mind the darkness takes over and turns him evil or into shadow jago, but then jago is able to break free and expel the darkness inside him but all the shadow energy was able to manifest itself into its own being, omen. I like to think that there is still darkness inside jago and he can become shadow jago again should his outlook on things change.

so in other worse, i think jago can become shadow jago again. just my thoughts.

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