Omen Season 3 Rebalance Discussion

For those that are worried…just read this again…if your already decent with Omen…you should be happy. yes we lost some damage but now we can still build meter while using Orbs that will not disappear. Plus demonic loop lock out is twice as long.

[-] Fixed a bug that prevented Omen from doing Auto Doubles, Linkers, or Manuals after the rapid press portion of Furious Flurry Med or Hvy hit the opponent.
[-] Shadow Furious Flurry Linker is now +1 on hit (was previously +11), and the manual timing is 5 frames later.
[-] Opener Slide has less frame advantage on Hit and has had its manual timing windows re-tuned.
[-] All Ender damage reduced by ~15%
[-] Air Backdash slowed down by ~15%
[-] Throw damage reduced by ~40%
[+/-] Fixed a bug preventing Slide linkers from changing sides with larger characters in the corner.
[+] The following moves have been given Attack Box improvements:
** -Crouching Heavy Punch**
** -Crouching Medium Punch**
** -Jumping Heavy Kick**
** -Standing Heavy Kick**
** -Standing Medium Kick**
** -Standing Light Kick**
** -Standing Close Light Kick**
** -Standing Heavy Punch**
[+] Rashakuken’s random fireballs deal 4 additional frames of hitstun. Blockstun is unchanged.
[+] Jumping HK damage increased by ~65%
[+] Shadow Rashakuken and Shadow Orda Shield are no longer destroyed if Omen takes a hit.
[+] Doubled the duration of Shadow Meter Lockout.
[+] Enders can now build meter even if a Shadow Rashakuken or Shadow Orda Shield is active.
[+] Jumping LP, Standing LK, and Standing Close LK all cause Flipout.
[+] Demonic Despair is now invulnerable from startup until the grab.
[+] Omen can cancel air dashes into attacks much earlier.
[+] New ability: Turbulence! Omen can cancel air dashes into the opposite air dash direction by pressing Back or Forward a single time.

15% damage nerf translates to this…

Average 38% damaging combo now deals 32.3% damage.

48% = 40.8%

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Your math is a nerf to ALL damage. They are just nerfing ender damage. I think it will work out to be more like a 2-5% nerf to overall combo damage.

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Even better! So def no worries!

Omen is MUCH better now. Period.


I love the tweaks that they made to Omen’s game-play, but for the love of God, can we please get some more accessories and colors this time around.


I have this awesome Omen wake up idea. Once knocked down,activste insticnt. If they are doing soemthing,do a demonic despair as a 100% potential damage dp. Otherwise block.

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Don’t think that’ll work as well as one would hope. The whiff recovery on most normals should still be enough to just barely avoid demonic despair’s start up. I see it working better as an anti-frame trap tool.

It can beat Jago’s double round house and other mix ups.

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I know right? This made me laugh! I hate to say this but "How hard could it be to add 3 colors and 1 more accessory for premium and 3 colored versions of the original 2?

A retro would be cool but I’m not even worried about that…I just want a few more options to play around with.
I mean seriously how much would it cost to do this? I think if they gave us a $$ amount estimate we could hold a kick starter and Easily pay for this in a matter of hours!
I my self would put in 100$.

Shadow Jago too!

Now if you have ever seen the KI S1 Ultra fan book… there are 3 sets of accessories fro Jago that were never used in game. I wonder if those accessories were ever created within the game design but not placed into the final build? Maybe those could be used for Shago and Omen? they are actually really bad asss as they are much more evil looking than what Jago ended up with…)I cant stand his accessories BTW)


Honestly I expected shago to have the accessories and retro since he costed more than any other character as for omen there’s always room for extra stuff.

Funny, most of us are happy with the balance changes, and our main hope its not gameplay changes, we want accesories!

I have to insist: make his current appareance his retro, and add a new outfit with wings always out, and broken parts of Shago’s outfit

Also, Shago its a good example. Add the same visuals to demon slide and the particles to the rashakukens. Maybe the visuals of demon loop in the opponent can be similar to the dark tether of shago

Please, make it happen!


Omen did not receive the"Stagger" mechanic… at least he got the “Flip Out”!
A few characters didn’t get either or.

I’m just ready to get my hands on S3!

I wonder if they will ever fix the Trial that requests 3 Shadow Enders with Omen? Its not possible to complete.

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Stagger whould be broken in Omen’s hands

Stagger at full meter = guaranteed Demonic despair.

I finde more usefull and fair Flip Out. Ahhh the mix ups are over 9000!!!

The only accessory I like on the guy is the Devil Get Up, and that’s only when I choose his red color. The other mask is stupid looking to me, it looks like half of a pug’s face. Anyway, I think they should make his default mask change colors to match the color of his body.


Same with his lightning it should match the colors for example his red color should have orange lightning.


I totally disagree…I use the Chinese golden mask exclusively and sometimes the red devil mask. I never use the default.

So with the invincible grab, Omen has now become Kanji from Persona 4 Arena. I’m just picturing Omen yelling “GET BENT”

I think omen is going to become ridiculous. The fact orda shield and shadow rashakuken no longer disappear is huge. That’s a game changer right there. The hit stun buff on random fire balls seems small, but is also great. He can also approach much more safely gliding forward without spending meter on shadow form by back gliding quickly plus the mix-up it provides.

All the other buffs are just sweet icing on the cake. Improved hit boxes, attacking out of glide faster, flip out, demonic despair invincibility. I would actually be surprised if he doesn’t get nerfed before the balancing of this game is finished.

I’m gonna be trying to learn this character waiting for the season 3 launch.

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#Oh man!
Omen is looking pretty good. The raging demon is now invincible, the meter lockout is much more threatening, his hitboxes got huge, and his fireball pressure is now EVEN CRAZIER
He was really interesting when he first launched, though I’ve since gotten a bit lackidasicle and stopped using him for the most part.
Wish he’d get more colors and accessories!

@N0WAND4EVER I totally agree that his default mask should change with the different outfits. They made it so Riptor’s shackles change in an update, I think Omen deserves the same love.

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