Omen keeps getting Nerfed

No one said that you could not do either of those. Never has that been said. What I said was the window is tighter. What we are discussing now is what you cant do after a throw midscreen… mainly rashakukens.
Also no more throw in the corner followed by rashakukens to cause chaos and confusion or chip out damage.

Don’t do that. Don’t want you to get in trouble.

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I sent both of you the video about 30 ins ago to your Xbox messages

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That’s interesting. Eyedol also lost meter when you did the throw attempt. I see what you mean now. This has not happened to me yet. Is this a vibrant thing against eyedol it any other character?

The patch notes say the window isn’t tighter, and it didn’t feel different to me, so I’m not sure it’s the case. < shrug >

Yeah, I suppose throwing a non-combo special move after a throw is slightly worse than it once was. Not sure it really makes a huge difference though?


Thanks…but it makes a huge difference when say jago is thrown and immediately wake up with shadow wind kick. The fire balls he would pass through but they would still knock him out of his combo. Now Omen cant do anything but throw… notta… nothing.
He should be able to throw and cancel in to shadow Orda (as stated in his Moves list since his release) and he should be able to throw out rashakukens then jump and have his flight covered in balls LOL
He cant do that now so his chaos and pressure game has lost a major tool.

You may not agree… but as an Omen main since February 1st…its a big deal.

I think he should have been given the option of a visual que like TJ and Rash were given instead of locking him into a huge recovery. But what do i know? Im not a combat designer. But I do play Omen competitively and Im now traveling to almost every live tournament …Omen in tow.


No character can cancel throws into special moves? I dunno what you’re saying.

You can still do a special move after your throw, if you want. You just have 8 less frames of advantage and you’re still positive (and your opponent is full screen so it’s not a majorly important 8 frames).

I guess I’m really just puzzled as to the issue here. Do you often play against Jagos who will do shadow wind kick randomly after being thrown?

Look Infil, I respect your knowledge and all that…but Im tired of trying to prove my point and you keep “shrugging everything off” like its not a big deal and how you are just “puzzled” by me even considering that this hurts Omens game plan.

Go to Omens command list right now and look on the 1st page under FORWARD THROW> "A Forward throw that can be canceled into Shadow Orda shield and Shadow Rashakuken. Can also lead to a combo in the corner."
Backwards Throw> “A Backwards throw that can be canceled into Shadow Orda shield and Shadow Rashakuken. Can also lead to a combo in the corner.”

You know Ive been on this forum everyday since November 2014 and I have some of the highest badges out of all the members. Am I the best player ever? Absolutely not? Do I know everything like you do? Absolutely not…but I do know a bit more than the average forum user and Im tryiing to learn as much as I can about Omen and competitive play. And I find some of your responses, along with others members responses, a bit insulting.

A lot of people show you respect, I think you should do the same. Starting with comments like " Im just puzzled, and shrugs “is it really that big of a deal?”…even though you stated " I guess since he lost the ability to do a special that is worse than it was before."


You CAN still cancel into Shadow Orda and Shadow Rash from either throw…so that’s good.
But you cant do Shadow slide or any special move until the recovery ends.
You can do Flurry swipes out of throw.

So they CAN determine which moves can and cant be done during the recovery frames of the throws.
I think they should add the Rashakukens specials and Shadow Slide back into the ability to be done before the recovery ends. Just like Shadow Orda and Shadow Rash can be done.
It would be nice if you could buffer the move during the recovery and it still comes out once recovery ends. Currently if you dont time it just right you get a normal and now you could be punished because your Rashakukens didnt come out to shield you and you are now recovering from an unwanted Down HP or Fwd HP, ect…

I could compromise with this or they could revert back to the old way and add visual ques to the special kicks and slides to determine strength better just like they did with tremor and rash boot.

I’m confused. Did you just say that no character in KI can cancel their throws into special moves??? (When I say special moves I mean shadow moves.

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He is wrong…and that’s ok. He cant know everything about the game and every detail. Omen can and I just did it many times and it has stated this in his command list since his release in February 2015.

I just hope someone at IG didnt over look it and now take that away too. Someone from here is bound to say “Thats not fair!!!”

I doubt that someone who made a guide and researched everything about this game could make a simple oversight. Reluctant since omen is not the only character who can cancel their grab. (Jago, cinder, arbiter)

He can still cancel his moves bro lol

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So that was weird. The grab is recognized by the game but somehow Eyedol can block the kicks. Possibly an issue with Omen’s flipout?
EDIT: Ahh yea, I see him losing the meter.

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I doubt that because eyedol lost me meter. Which I assume is due to him executing a shadow move.


So do you feel that the loss of rashakukens after the throw hurts Omen at all?
If they code the ability for him to throw rashakukens and shadow slide, then this change will balance out IMO

Do you mean the shadow versions of regular versions?

Straight up regular version that you can no longer do after a throw like you used to be able to. Not the kicks or slide because of the corner ambiguous issues. Just the ability to cover yourself in balls after a mid screen throw. Since now you cant do anything except a normal after the throw (Not talking shadow Rash & Orda). And if you time your next special move to come out after the throw recovery and you miss time it a tad too early you get a normal that could leave you at a disadvantage.

Yes. You are completely right. Since omen lost his advantage the recovery is slightly longer. Which means you either have to use the shadow versions to make you safe or hope your opponent doesn’t have meter for projectile invulnerable moves. You just have to time it later than what you usually do. Do I think it hurts the character? I don’t think so. Nobody has punished me from midscreen yet. I had to change when I throw fireballs but besides that I can control space and get in fine. It sucks that you can’t throw fireballs and be completely safe but you’re already back in neutral so it evens out. I suggest you just change how you approach omen in this scenario and make lemons into lemonade.

So, when I made this post. I had not played the updated version yet. Last night, not even thinking about the update, I played the game. I immediately see the changes and this is not good. I didn’t think I use THROW->Fireballs, but I do. It’s how I play. I attack all the time. I don’t like this. I’m sure ill get use to it, but DAMN!!!