Omen keeps getting Nerfed

After the last update, Omen is getting nerfed again.

What do you mean? Todays update? Yes, the new corner nerf sucks. Im not a fan of it.

I actually don’t mind. I never knew you could throw into a special, I always manualed into a combo so this nerf doesn’t really phase me lol.


Yes it does because now your manuals are much tighter in the corner. you will feel a difference. Its tight enough to were it feels like you are locked into some sort of long recovery and it will cost you a combo. Plus there is more push back that makes your manual not reach as easily as well.

Also its much tighter on throw> instinct cancel to shadow slide. You cant delegate it now so the shadow slide will get a full 5 breakable hits, when before you could delay it and get 2-3 hits making it harder to break and more lockout prone.

Are you sure it’s not just you? The patch notes specifically say that the change will have no affect on manual timing, only special moves.

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Just because they wrote it doesnt mean it isnt without bugs and is perfect. It even states for everything in the patch notes… “try it out and let us know on the forums”. Its not just me. Ya know you guys always have something to say as if you know it all and if anyone states something that they feel isnt write its just “them”.
If I was sure it was just me then why would I post that it doesnt feel right? If you cut the advance frame from -12 to -3 … your telling me that those -3 frames are not going to feel tighter? please
If you post that something isnt right with your character I sure the hell dont come blasting in saying “you sure it isnt you??”

There is a handful of you guys/ girls whatever that do this and its really annoying.


The slide a few weeks ago. Now the corner game.

It doesnt matter…you cant state your opinion on here with out the opinion police saying your wrong and they are right. Its the same 3-5 guys that do this.
But something isnt right with there character and all hell breaks loose.


I never said you’re wrong and you’re more than likely right, I just don’t see a difference since I’ve always done it this way and I haven’t dropped a combo yet."

That’s because we’re eliminating possibilities before immediately jumping to the conclusion that something is wrong. There have been tons of times when someone comes on here and says something is wrong only for someone to point out what the actual problem was. It has nothing to do with attacking you.

They reduced it’s advantage from +11 to +3, but they also moved the manual cancel window to a different spot so that the advantage change shouldn’t affect manuals, and as far as my testing goes everything is still the same.

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I didnt use that throw to opener either…so i agree with you. But I have played Omen online today and its definitely tighter and more push back. Its not near as easy to connect as it was. Maybe we will all get used to it…we have to really.
But my point is 1 guy uses this tech in 8 bit beat down and now all of a sudden it calls for a nerf? I dont agree with that.

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Guys I really don’t think omen for hit that hard. Just the unfair stuff that looks the same did.

I disagree…Ive been playing some really competitive matches tonight against True carnage, HK smash, ect… and Ive had my throw get blocked (yes blocked…twice)… You cant throw any fireballs after a throw mid screen. Which is very important becasue now you have no protection from shadow wake ups that your opponent will do after you throw them.
Basically throw is only good for the corner or if you have an instinct cancel ready.
Now you throw and you are just stuck in a heavy recovery…you cant do anything until they recover. (except normals that cant protect you or reach your opponent mid-screen)

Now this isnt good… tons of other character can at least juggle off there throws or do something. This was Omen’s “thing”…he needs to be able to use his rashakukens as a defensive wall after a throw now more than ever.

Why weren’t we given the option for visual strength ques like TJ, KanRa, and Rash were given for this very same situation of “ambiguous mix ups?”

@TheKeits @TotalJimkata @BlitzedKraig
Guys I normally dont complain about my character too much, but I dont understand the decision behind making Omen unable to at least use Rashakukens after a throw. The slide and kicks in the corner I understand…but this hurts his mid-screen game.

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I have video too… matter of fact it should be in the 5 videos I just recorded against HK smash and true carnage on the xbox live dealio

I know I recorded one of them right after it happened mid match.

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Throw… get… blocked??? Can I see a video please?

EDIT: @FallofSeraphs76 I see 4 videos from the last 24 hours, mind narrowing it down for me?
EDIT 2: Saw all 4 anyway even with the risk of being cussed out at work. Did not see a throw get blocked in any of them. Was it against Eyedol or TJ?

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You can look for it on my xbox page or wait till tomorrow when I upload to one drive.

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I just tried it in training, and hit corner throw -> manual like 20 times in a row without trouble. Feels exactly the same to me? I also managed to hit mid-screen throw -> instinct cancel -> shadow slide (2 hits only) without any trouble.

I don’t feel any difference from the previous patch.

Also, to answer the OP, I think Omen is maybe the best character in the entire game in this patch. He’s certainly in the top 3.

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Oh yeah that reminds me, your profile on omen in your guide says he can’t do light slide from instinct cancel, that’s a fallacy lol

Both, the one I recorded just after the blocked throw was Eyedol. Ill look at it tonight when I get home.
The TJ one could have been any of the matches, I didnt record all of those matches against HK smash…so I may not have captured that one. But if I can find it in teh replays Ill record it as well.