OK S3 and gargos are here 😀 BUT!

i personally think this game is become more than inequal or nope balanced at all at last just balanced between some characters.
when u guys notice the S3 cast they are or do all have someting to give u easily minimum 60 % dammage( thats a reason why most peoples now just play the s3 cast ). but i think this message is nope good sended to u IG .

So if the s3 cast are so op why do u have NERFED the S1??? :neutral_face: maybe a 15% nerf was necesary to some old s1 cast.
cause the s3 seem and its obvious to be just perfect to hang with the olds S1 before nerfing.

i do nope disagree with some changes cause they are some good one too. like (thunder,jago,sabrewulf,riptor,glacius,orchid,tj combos,aria etc… most of them do have a flip-out r a new tool who help to add more damages.

and for sadira can i know what do we have to add more damages??? no flip-out no special tools to add damage but just nerf. @TempusChaoti be honest guy do u think its normal. a character who was just perfect at the s2 become lazy at the S3 why ?
at the combo breaker i think yall saw how Tswagg was beated by this orchid its was just because of nope enought damage. than after that he try to play with hisako and thunder (just because of more easy damages.)
why to punish sadira like that @TempusChaoti u know pa, there is alot of peoples who just drop sadira cause u can jump and do what u need but if u dont do damages thats just doing nothing.

i would like u to rework her please , give her a equilibral match up like in the olds saisons.
dont forget she come from the S1 too (where are all her big native enemies like thunders,glacius the wulf etc… all her enemies do have something to add more damage(flip out and new tools to help to do more damages) but nope her. please @TempusChaoti do something for sadira help us. thats just a big bad feeling to loose most match just because u dont do enought or do have a flip out to add more damage.

i think i broke already 2 or 3 xbox one controller just because of raging in the game.
U know @TempusChaoti to bring new characters is good but for the old sadira players from the s1 and s2 thats just difficult now extremely difficult.

or at last dont reduce her damages when she 's in instinct (so we do have something special too with sadira ) please @TempusChaoti i beg u with all my knees on the ground -3 Do something for sadira please pa :cry:

also the web do no always hold peoples the way he must do. can u improve it please.

im nope a disrespectfull guy and never been but when u like someone and to see it become lazy, u become just ragefull. im sorry for that too.

And i dont need to play another character i like just my spiderwoman. but she dont help me in this s3

I still main Sadira, I have no complaints.


Please tell us more about how S1 characters are weak, while we watch S1 characters dominate offline and online tournaments.


can i see how do u play ur sadira please . cause i dont play a basical sadira . do u have a youtube or something like that? so i can see .
cause sadira is nope just demon blade HP,demon blade Hp then 50% if u do have a shadow.
let me know please guy

i do no complaint for the entire s1 cast if u read closely i was sayin that they are some good changes but sadira do nope have anithing special to add more damage to the opponent.
for the rest of S1 i do nope complaint . cause glacius is more than powerfull, thunders jago etc… i do no even talk about . but when it come to sadira …:confused:

Sadira’s fine. Keep watching tourneys and hitting the lab. Sadira does not need high damage to be competitive and she has more than enough tools to get her job done.


This seems like a rant. You are being harsh with @timelessvisions, who is only expressing his opinion.

I’ll give you mine: Sadira it’s fine. She is still an inferal MU for many characters in the cast. S3 characters are still very fresh to judge properly, specially Mira and Gargos.

Sadira has now salticide(it’s that the name?), and it allows to more mix-ups opportunities. Sometimes it’s not a matter of raw damage, it’s a matter of good readings, good preassure… And Sadira excels in preassure.


man im total ok with u but more mixup opportunity who dont even give a % extra damage i dont think u are a real sadira player cause we all noticed that.
and also what the goal to make preassure u u dont get the right damage after???

Wow. Now you’re being straight up rude.

Yep - clearly we should be hearing your opinions on game balance. :laughing:

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If you don’t want to have a constructive discussion, then I wish you luck. If you want it, here I am

:joy::joy: u got me dyin on laught here waill ill add u as friend and let u see some sadira set up .
who normally did enought damages what is ur gamertag. ill send it to u now . u should see by urself

Most characters in the game, from every season, can get 60% damage quite easily. The caveat however, is that to do so, there are more than likely going to be a lot of break opportunities to make that happen. It’s up to the defending player to be able to make proper reads with the proper timing to stop that damage from coming in, and then to be able to counter-attack after the fact.

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looollll peoples lomfao . i wish and i need loooooollllll hahahahhhaha

ok a simple exemple with glacius i give u easy 60 % with one shadow witouth doing anything special

@WebNRaGnArOk You are the best Sadira I know. Care to explain how Sadira is fine? I don"'t know much about Sadira.

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@Sasuke99I sasuke991 i do nope say shes nope fine she almost and always been fine before s3 too but the s3 just kill her end damages who help her to win some match up.

before s3 i i could hold itamaster411 without too much probleme . but now with the s3 sadira thats just if i can move. cause when u open someone u need to give enough damage but she just dont do it . and against thunder just forgot about it :sweat:

and u know @WebNRaGnArOk wht i say its true

So, where’s the example?

I would imagine to do that much damage, you’d have to at the very least do a combo similar to:
cold shoulder opener, AD, shadow cold shoulder linker, AD, puddle punch ender.

That example combo, BTW, has 3 opportunities for a combo-breaker (during both ADs and during the shadow linker), which is more than enough to stop the combo in its tracks before it even gets anywhere near 60% damage.

I don’t have youtube but I’m not a genius Sadira player. I haven’t been playing S3 as much as the previous seasons either but I used Sadira to get to killer rank and I did it without any troubles.

I don’t really play her different now, the new enders take a little getting used to, I still use the recluse ender while I should be using the web-cling ender more often.

She still has her mobility and mixups to open the opponent up on top of a very strong instinct mode, maybe (probably) even the strongest still.

Sadira did get a couple of buffs, tho. She has more juggle potential now and that alone has justified her other damage nerfs.

Whether or not she is stronger or weaker compared to the new characters, she is still a viable character as is the rest of the cast.


You really can’t expect high damage on a character with this much mixup potential - and even still, she’s capable of hitting very hard in instinct.

You’ll notice a trend across the cast - characters with better mixup potential not hitting as hard - and that’s there for a reason. There’s one character in the cast that gets both great mixups and damage, but she has to literally murder herself to get both.

If you want high damage, there are plenty of characters to scratch that itch - but Sadira isn’t one of them and for really good reason.


Honestly the only s3 characters that are maybe ridiculous are rash and arbiter.

Kim Wu is fair, tusk is free to projectiles, as long as you use them correctly, Mira is fair, and everything gargos does is punishable