Ok how do you learn to fight kan ra

I use maya and this guy i hate remove him

This is not my usual self but I agree. You know instead of trying to learn how to beat Kan-Ra,they should just remove him instead.


First: Put that into the Maya or Kan-Ra forum
Second: Tell us why you have trouble against him
Third: Don’t give the devs ideas. They seem to listen to every kan-ra whiner. He got screwed enough for no reason.

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He can have unlimted specials and crap on thr screen he runs away hides behimd beetles

Okay. At he beginning of the match DO NOT back dash. Dash in and rush him down because that’s what Mayas do. If he can put swarms and traps on the screen just like that you are doing something wrong.
If he somehow escapes try to be patient. You can destroy his swarms by just hitting them. Slowly close the gab. Maya has enough mobility to close the gab quickly when there is an opining. Bait out the explosion and kill him.


This 100000%.


Anyone want to break it down for me in some ms5ches

I am by no means a pro player but based on my personal experiences, I seem to do better when I rush in and stay in his face. The second he zips away and starts spewing out scarab swarms everywhere the match is in his favor IMO, because once he has you sitting back respecting the scarab swarms he has placed on screen, he has those sand spike things he can hit you with from far away too, and they can even throw you into the swarms, or if he is in range he can hit you with that mummy wrap grab thing lol

So yeah, maybe I am doing it wrong (very much possible) but I seem to do best when I get in, and stay in trying to do w.e I can to prevent him from setting up all his shenanigans.

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If you simply rushdown using the tools Maya has, there won’t be much room for Kan-Ra to gain any momentum. He will be forced to block mixups and hope he has instinct so he can use Sacrifice for an escape route.

There’s several tutorials on youtube showcasing pokes and rushdown tactics with Maya.

Also, hit the scarabs— they go away. Plus, dagger toss is Maya’s main tool for pressure and doing damage or getting pips, making her more dangerous vs Kan-Ra.

Care to show me these videos?


I seen those but you said vs ra vids

No he didn’t. Just do what is shown in the videos and read our advises.
You won’t get anything spoon fed if you don’t tell us your problems in that match up. Do you have some videos with you playing the matchup?


Just add me on xbl. My gt is JINXHAND. I’ll run some sets and let you know what you are doing and what you should be doing vs Kan.

This isn’t Maya, but the concept remains the same. And even though sleep won in the end…the concept remains the same.

Rush Kan-ra down. Don’t let up until he gets instinct.


Kan-Ra is dead imo. Can’t do the setups, no more frame traps, and damage has been reduced significantly. Bugs are pretty much useless now that they’re easy to get rid and cause hardly any damage; and you’re still complaining about Mr. Ra?

Ah. Welcome to KI. Everyone hates Kan Ra.



The only way to beat Kan-Ra is to hit him.
Every character has a preferred space to fight in, and Kan-Ra’s preferred space is FULL SCREEN.
You HAVE to run forward and hit him.
In Season 3, they took away a TON of his offence, shortened his block-strings, and removed some free set-ups. That DOES NOT mean he is easier to fight from far away. It means if you get in close, and block 1 set of moves, you will be rewarded with a combo and TONS of pressure.
Never let him get up. ever.

(If you still are having a hard time, then begin to think about Shadow moves. Maya’s Shadow daggers will really help you keep him in the corner, and you will be rewarded with dagger-levels which will help you even MORE.)

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I’m not a kan-ra main but so far as much as I can see (haven’t played yet) his changes seem to balance him out a bit more especially the damage on the scarabs, so many close matches lost by bugs.

Anyone who wans to see my maya vs ra add me gamertag is dism3mberment