Official New KI comic series


I saw the comics!

But for chapter 1 however… THE NERVE OF THAT CAROL WOMAN!!! Kim saved their lives and she gets repaid by hatred!? I hope her daughter lives while she dies.


just shows you how ungrateful the world is when it’s completely over ran by fear.


Probably shouldn’t post this here…


Should probably make a new thread then?


No, probably shouldn’t post full scans of copyrighted work. On holders official, forum of all places.


Good point.


FYI the graphic novel version of the new comics is out. I found 2 copies at Books a million today. $18


Marvel has started a new series of Star Wars comics that focus on a single major character per issue by giving them an engaging and entertaining mini-adventure. The ones I’ve read so far have done an excellent job of highlighting the core of each character, while providing a meaningful story for the size of the comic.

I’d LOVE to see something like this done for Killer Instinct!!!

How amazing would it be if we could get a new series based on a similar concept that focuses on one fighter per issue? Not only would it help to fill in story gaps within in the game, it would do wonders to expand the KI universe.

Whether these issues would take place in the past, present, or post-Season 3, my top choices for character-centered KI comic issues would be Spinal, Eyedol, Sabrewulf, Kilgore, and Riptor.

Out of all the fighters, I feel like Spinal deserves his own story the most because his journey through the game’s seasons felt a little disjointed when compared to the rest of the cast. He was looking for the Mask of the Ancients, but it was worthless? Did he team up with Ultratech at some point in Season 2? What was his goal in Season 3? (Although I did love the goofy grudge that Spinal holds against Kan-Ra, and that the greedy pirate explicitly wants to rip the gem off of Aganos’ head!)

What do you guys think? Would you be up for more comics, and if so, what would you want to see next?



Orchid should get one too, poor Orchid has been getting the sideline alot, post season one.


I’m not saying that Orchid shouldn’t get her own comic story issue, and she did kinda fall into the background of Season 3’s Shadow Lords, but she was right by TJ Combo’s side throughout his storyline in Season 2. I thought that Orchid was essential for pulling together the team of anti-Ultratech fighters and forces by the end of the season.



I agree, Riptor needs more focus too. Along with Sabrewulf.