Official New KI comic series


I liked the character designs and the unmasked Jago no less; gives Jago personality, not leaving him a stereotypical masked ninja-esque soulless character… And was glad to finally see Jago’s face thoroughly (looks great!) and the unshaven look was mature and realistic. Kim Wu was a beauty. Tusk looked great but they could have depicted him even taller and perhaps even more muscular too, as such befits his concept…

Loved what they did with Aganos, they showed how he has much more personality than anyone would guess at first, but I knew it!!

BTW, I have read many MKX comics and they always felt kinda awkward; it’s a relief to see that KI is treated with much respect for its chars. while the game’s story/mythology is handled with care and a pure, “romantic” touch, avoiding tasteless ugliness for the sake of shocking the reader. Just goes further to outline how the guys working in the KI franchise repspect and love their material… Give it a refreshing feel they do… I’m looking forward for more comics! And surely they can do even better!


I just finished Watchmen by Alan Moore, and boy did I go to an extent to analyze every minute detail in the comic from the way speech bubbles conveyed emotion to the character designs. All in all, I learned a heap from studying comic theory along with practices.

Immediately after, I needed to find something to fill the void, so I found the KI comics. Needless to say, I knew that the level of depth was going to be more in the line of comfort food and not necessarily a fully blown out cuisine. What I mean is that I expected this comic to be just fill some gaps to the story while providing some interesting character/setting building.

I will admit that I felt like six comics was too short for the story Ian Edginton was attempting to convey, especially with the Coven and the True Tsar. Though, I can understand if it wasn’t intended to dive into lore instead of only scratch the surface for a potential Season 4 or Sequel.

Overall, I enjoyed it. There was some interesting details… no love between Jago and Kim, but whatever man. No, but it was enjoyable, minus the final issue seeming too hastily to wrap up. What’s the equivilant of a popcorn flick in comics? That’s pretty much what this was. I hope more come though, I’d like there to be character specific things sometime, it’d be great to see a continuation of KI lore through comics.


I assumed/co-signed the eventual reveal of his face, but this was way too soon and without any meaning other than “I’m retired from the warrior life, now I chop wood.” The majority of Jago’s personality stemmed from the fact that he was a masked warrior and you never got to see his face. It added an air of mystery and conviction. As the one and only MF Doom once put it (and I’m paraphrasing): “The mask is to keep the audience focused on the message, not the persona.” In other words, Jago’s personality shows in his actions, every punch, every kick is a form of expression.

Keep realism out of KI, this isn’t MKX.


Ehhh, I don’t think Jago was ever that deep of a character to be regarded as a character of depth. I get where you’re coming from regarding characters like Doomguy or Master Chief, but I don’t know how well that applies to iconic fighting game characters. Even Sub-Zero and Scorpion had an eventual face reveal, which allowed them to show empathy and personality, that was the same attempt of the comics.

I also think the mask is symbolic as it represented his warrior-monk ways and his faith in the Tiger Spirit. By no longer wearing it, it symbolizes that he no longer is a monk, which Jago references by referring himself just as a man. Doesn’t exactly make them “like” Mk characters, just makes Jago - Jago and not some generic ninja guy. It’s fine, in my humble opinion.


Makes sense. I understand where you’re coming from. Killer Instinct in my opinion operates more from the philosophy of “hidden within plain sight”, the character depths are subtle without beating the viewer of the head, so it has a way of appearing like there is little to none. But I must note that the cultural significance of masks especially as it relates to Tibet lends itself to that “depth” so while I do agree that at some point the face reveal was necessary for this specific character, I just feel like it was way too soon.


You weren’t kidding! That was one heck of a revelation for Aganos, and it finally explained the mystery of why Gargos seemed to be thrown off in his dialogue reply if the war golem challenges him at the end of Shadow Lords, as opposed to Gargos talking smack like he does to every other fighter he encounters.


Also, @TempusChaoti: I’m sure that Aganos being an Astral being was in the works for a long time; was he planned to be an Ichorien from the beginning? If so, that’s some serious long-term planning!
I wonder what the ultimate sacrifice of Aganos means for his future in the KI universe-
Gargos has been pulled away by force to another dimension, giving our plane plenty of time to recover until his eventual return…
I wonder if the inclusion of an ENT (tree man) creature was planned to fill the void that Aganos would leave on the cast since he’s off fighting Gargos beyond time and space…?:deciduous_tree:
Ah, so it was officially Tusk who took down Gargos! Good to know.
I love it that Kan-Ra has no idea about Aganos’ true form! That was an excellent touch to put in the comic!
It’s interesting to consider that The Coven was dominated by ARIA, and currently serves as an unwilling extension of Ultratech’s forces. I wonder if the vampires will stay under ARIA’s command for long…

Seriously, the comic was a blast, and it was fun to grab my favorite covers over the past 7 months. The crew at Dynamite did an excellent job expanding the lore of KI with their nice art, action-packed story, and it was a great way to cap off the “complete” Killer Instinct until whatever’s next. KI Volume 1 reminded me of the comics that I used to love- cool monsters, plenty of action and adventure, no ham-fisted political messages, and created with the fans in mind.

Thanks for making this series happen, KI Crew! I can’t wait for the next big adventure! :sunglasses::+1:t2::purple_heart:



So what’s next for Killer Instinct? I so want this to continue.


I agree, I been waiting for season 4 or sequel to happen to already happen

#497 Extinction the video game is what IGS is working on right now. As far as KI goes, I don’t know. Perhaps we will have to wait another 20 years for another one!?


We may have to wait another 20 years. But not because IG is working on Extinction. At no point during their work on KI was IG NOT also working on other projects. And if you think they made Extinction entirely in the 9 months since major work stopped on KI then you don’t understand game development.

I don’t know why so many people assume a developer works on one project at a time.


So I avoided this thread for the most part until all six issues were out and I could read them all at once. Now that I’ve read all six, I went through this whole thread and I must say that I really dug everyone’s excitement, anticipation and overall enthusiasm for each issue. :slight_smile:

As for the comics themselves, I felt like they were the PERFECT wrap up to the current game; an epilogue to the current story, with plenty of action, calls to the lore, sub-plotting, realism within the world and fun character interactions.

I really loved how the first issue explored what the world was like after the big battle. As much as I would’ve liked to have seen that battle play out in the game’s story in Shadowlords somehow, getting to actually see the results / aftermath without having to wait for a sequel was exceedingly welcome and also very well handled.

Had they more time, it would’ve been cool to see this aftermath drawn out a bit, and to see how other characters like Maya, TJ, Thunder and Orchid were affected by this energy drain and this new, post-apocalyptic world. However, using Kim, Tusk and Jago as the main protagonists and seeing what they went through at least implied what they might’ve been going through.

It would’ve been nice to have seen Sabrewulf, Hisako, and a few other characters as well, but with six issues, I imagine they had to tighten their focus, which is fine. Plus, it’s not like we need ALL the answers right now. Wulf is likely still a wolf, Hisako’s either resting or she’s still a ghost (plus we know what happened to make her Shin Hisako)…

It did kinda make me wonder though if Sadira’s dead, as she’s utterly absent and it’s not like Ultratech wasn’t featured prominently. Who knows, maybe she’s been ousted by Cinder and ARIA and simply didn’t have a place in the story?

But yeah, enough about what they didn’t have time to do, because what they did have time to do was really fun. I loved seeing the Tsar and REALLY hope that badass looking vampire makes it in to the next game! I’d also like to see some sort of Wendigo leader type. Maybe there’s some vampire/lycan Underworld type friction between the vampires and the subjugated Wendigos? That could be a fun story path.

I love what characters were able to do in this story, and I love how authentic they felt to the personalities that have been conveyed thus far in the novella and in the game.

I was also glad to see Gargos back (his new form was really cool looking!) and it was nice to see how everything played out in the end. Total side note, but I still love Kan Ra. The guy’s just awesome. They were able to make him a great sinister ally with his own clear motivations. Uneasy alliances are always fun. :slight_smile:

So like I said before, this felt like the perfect bookend to this game, and not only was it fun to read, but I really appreciate this being done, as the game really feels like it has a bow on it, now more than ever.

That said… It REALLY makes me want a sequel! I want to see all of these characters in a new plotline in this post-apocalyptic world, with a new evil threatening, more plot involving the conven versus Ultratech and the Tsar’s response to what happens in the comic. Is it too much to want the Tsar to ultimately unseat ARIA and become a human leader of Ultratech? I still want ARIA in some way, but man… Something about a vampire coven leading the most powerful corporation in that wrecked world just sounds so appealing, especially with that stylish badass the Tsar leading the way.

I’d love to see what threats the heroes face, what new heroes come in, what the villains do, who’s altered physically via the story and how… Moreso than ever, this feels like a complete and compelling world with characters I want to see doing more and experiencing more, and I’d love even more character depth, realistic approaches to consequences / effects on the world (as the world almost feels like it could be a big part of the story in and of itself, as it was in the comic, and not simply by being in peril).

There was something so fun about this story coming to life in a way that felt so consistent and nuanced, which leads me to hope that story in a potential sequel could be conveyed in multiple ways, such as an in game comic, dossiers, cut-scenes, arcade endings etc, but that they could all come together in one place to tell one full, cohesive story about what happened before, what’s in the process of happening now, and how the story’s playing out for everyone, from the main plotline to every single subplot.

I think this game found some wonderful ways to convey story, and the next step (to me) would be putting it all together in a way that allows the player to access everything in order and in a way that allows them to view the full story in the intended order.

Can’t wait to see what’s next for Killer Instinct!! Here’s hoping it’s a new game and that it arrives sooner than later. :slight_smile:

TL/DR: The comic series was a short, compelling, fun way to put a bow on this game and I enjoyed it for a wide variety of reasons, but it also makes me want a new game with the Tsar, a Wendigo, coven vs ultratech, that awesome post-apocalyptic world, some new heroes and villains that mix in with the current crop, a new evil threatening the world, a new tournament and a cohesive story told through a variety of methods and game modes that can be accessed in one place, in order, to tell the player what happened throughout.



I would like to see the Coven fit in more. As for Sadira, she deserves a second chance somehow and be expanded. More on the Red Eyes too.

From the way I see the next roster:

  • Jago
  • Orchid
  • Kim Wu
  • TJ Combo
  • Maya
  • Tusk
  • Sabrewulf
  • Glacius
  • Thunder
  • Eagle
  • Sadira
  • Spinal
  • Fulgore
  • Kan-Ra
  • Riptor
  • Omen
  • Cinder
  • Mira

Those who’re out:

  • Aganos
  • Hisako (Shin)
  • Gargos
  • Eyedol
  • Kilgore


Im totally seeing a redesign on aganos, more than him being removed.

as for Kilgore, eyedol and gargos I do think they all could still potentially return.
Though I do feel eyedol might be dropped.

Shin is the only one I truly 100% see being dropped.

overall comics were great I hope it either gets continued or we see a new game.


Id like to see a story line with Kilgore vs Fulgore. I dont want Kilgore to go…he is my favorite


Where’s Wulf? Any picture of him? :sweat:


If he was in the comic at all, I don’t remember him. He wasn’t a focus of the story at all. Sorry… :slightly_frowning_face:


Well I got my Issue #6 in the mail today and I just read it. Pretty cool! Gargos looks sick as F!
So my collection is complete! both the 94 series and the new series.

I wish I could get all the cover variants. there are 3 different artists. I think I like the artist that does the #A cover versions the best., but #C is pretty good too. #B is my least favorites.
Unfortunately they sent me a B cover for #6 and I could have sworn I ordered #C cover.


Didn’t he, though!? If they were putting out alt outfits for this game, I’d LOVE to see that one for Gargos. That looked sick as hell.


Except his wings did not look large enough to be able to fly…besides that…hellyeah sick as ■■■!


I haven’t seen Riptor yet either. I hope they are around.