Official ki t shirts?

This is our best bet and I really hope to see the Ki Community come together and think about how amazing it would be to have this type of quality as far as accessories to the game for SEASON 3!!!


Um, but we do have official t-shirts already, at least in the sense that they’re endorsed by the devs - they’ve been advertising them in the news section of these forums - they already have 1 for Fulgore, Glacius, and Thunder. All are made by 86’d Clothing.

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Well I know that lol. This was more of a suggestion to use these shirt designs and the guy who made them as addition to what they have. No offense to 86’d clothing, but their shirts for ki are not that appealing. This guys work is amazing. But he can’t sell them or distribute them with their support. Many people are interested in his shirt designs for the game

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sorry friend! In my opinion this shirt is horrible

"The Amazing/Creative/Talented Artist " less friend, much less …

Just my opinion

To be honest? I have the opposite opinion - I think the image you posted here looks tacky. There’s way too much going on all over the shirt, and I’d never purchase something designed like this, let alone wear it. The creator does seem to have decent photoshop skills though.

The current ones are a lot better.

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They’re not really that good though, they’re just photoshopped images thrown together, and not even in a good way.

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We all have our opinions. You guys are the first I’ve come into contact with who dislike the design. I love the shirt design. It would be nice to have more options than what is currently available.

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I like it. If I would attend some type of gaming convention, this would be nice.
For casual clothing however, I would go with a normal, less busy KI t shirt.

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The guy that made the shirts made them for such gamescon. Would be nice for tourneys and stuff. I would wear it casually lol, but that’s just me. We all have our own sense of style lol

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The Hisako theme is nice as well.

You forgot the KI shirt with the KI on the front with TJ and other inside. I cant remember the name of it though.

Plus Penny arcade has 4-5 shirts as well. Ultra Tech, Combo Breaker and trust your instinct.

I currently have 5 KI tshirts and hoping to get all of the 86 ones for Xmas.

I also have one I bought from China with the S1 Chibi’s on the front…really cool

Don’t get me wrong, some of the shirts they have are great. I just think this guy’s character specific shirts look awesome. And I want one lol. If I could just buy it from him would

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Why cant you buy it from him? There are a ton of ppl on Ebay and Amazon that make shirts and sale them across the planet.

Just because its not officially licensed by MS doesn’t mean you cant get one.

Search around on Ebay and amazon…you will find what you want.

He won’t sell them. You’d have to ask him to detail his reasoning more. He just told me he wouldn’t due to not having the rights to ki. He works in clothing design so maybe he doesn’t want to risk his job. But that’s just speculation. But I’ll try your advice out

Because they are not for sale @FallofSeraphs76 :stuck_out_tongue: i wouldn’t dream of infringing MS rights. They paid millions for Rare its their product :smiley:

that and the my factory is used to millions of units a year from Top man, All saints Etc. lol one offs would just be a pain

Thanks for the hype @Scaggyballer17 i too love these shirts but then i designed them :slight_smile: yes from screen shots and in game art mostly due to the fact Hisako was out 1 or 2 mounths when this was made. If i got a pound for every FB or Twitter msgs i got asking for the T id have a nice chunk :moneybag:

BUT Yes like @BoJima404 100% right (as usual) these were made for Gamescom to try and at LEAST represent our game (witch is more than what most do ;)) To try and cause some hype when MS were doing nothing lol.

You are correct these are louder and their for more KI in my opinion. The whole game is pretty OTT. :blush: and also its about having something at a huge show people notice and BOY did they get noticed, Mostly by the guys at Rare :heart: witch lead me to talks with Craig (big boss) about things in the future.

My other half even wore the Maya one to the cinema and two of the till guys were like darn that tops sick! thats KI right?

This is exactly the press and hype we need but rightly so not massively subtle :wink: more collectors for me too tbh but they do look good under hoodies and they would be at LEAST spotted at shows like Evo and i think thats the posters point in terms of the official merchandise.

As for my photo shop skills @xSkeletalx i dont know how you could pick at a sublimated compressed image. The T shirt is designed to be worn and was made and designed in a day by my factory lol. I really dont see that much of a fault in its quality placement or imagery tbh and the hand feel of this T isnt inky or heavy it feels like silk but what eva bro ::smirk:

Instead of nit picking at seams or blury edges or even thinking that our two cent is relevant how about we support all the people who produce for our game of their own accord :blush: weather it be guys who draw orothers who make key chains, cosplay or fight stick graphics etc.

Not all of it might be our cup of tea but it only helps create excitement for OUR community and its all positive.

Thumbs up to the people who have posted on FB, here and twitter about them thanks for loving them and being passionate about EVERYTHING KI.


First, I am not “picking” at the (your?) photoshop skills, I don’t like the design choices. I like my shirts to have designs, images, or words on particular focus points, with a flat color or a pattern behind it - the posted image has so much going on that I feel like it takes away from each individual image, and definitely from the shirt as a whole. If the shirt had been made using a single image of Hisako with the (Spinal stage, from her tease?) background and the KI logo, I would like it a lot more.

Obviously you’re not going to agree with my opinions on this since you created it. I didn’t say a word about seams, blurry edges or anything else - I didn’t even look that closely at it, to be honest. I appreciate the creative thought which you must have to be able to DO design work like this, but this style doesn’t work for me. There have been fan drawings I’ve liked the style of, and others which I haven’t.

Secondly, I find it kind of amusing that you don’t seem to care for any person’s opinion that isn’t overwhelmingly positive. As a creative person, it’s literally impossible to please everybody, and not everyone in the KI community will like something like this - I’m not the only one to have posted here already. I never said you shouldn’t be making it, I said that I don’t personally like it.

Every opinion on something like this is relevant, and I would think you’d use the feedback to get an understanding about what parts of it are received well or are not, rather than dismissing an opinion or reaction simply because you didn’t like what they said.

Sorry @xSkeletalx i misread your comment totally!!! :heart: forgive me lol i thought you said my photoshop skills were sh*it LOL.

I DO agree with you as i outlined these were made to be show shirts not something to be worn easy. They were made for HYPE and photos hence why they dont just have something small on the front. Its part of the reason why im please these tops have come up on FB about 5 times asking for sales links and maybe thats the actual reason that they have? lol.

Thats not true at all lol! But for me creators and critics are massively unbalanced in this community and id love for more people to contribute more to creating ideas, art or other fan service rather than just offer their professional / personal opinions on how good or bad something is.

Of course peoples input its SO important but its MUCH more important when a person is actually INPUTING SOMETHING into the community, creating something to talk about or to hype about and thats my point.

Considering MS did nothing for years im pretty impressed with myself, the fan reaction and the Devs (some of witch are my idols) feedback and off the back relationships that have formed through this.

id encourage everyone to do something for our community :wink:

Explore other simpler options for tshirt design — keep in mind that “Less is More”

I usually feel that way about almost everything I wear. But I can’t help loving these shirts when I see them. I want more!!! Lol

I would like to see a KI logo shirt, like the first one 86-ed did with the characters, but more like the actual Season logo… just a thought :smile: