Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

In Shadow Labs, there is a Sabrewulf Shadow with the name “starchy island”. He currently has a record of 29-0, which I find HIGHLY unusual for a shadow. I tried challenging him 3 times and the game crashed (PC) every single time. I’m thinking his incredible shadow record is due to something related to the game crashing when you try to challenge him. It crashes during the loading screen for the stage. Something must be bugged with his shadow.

For the record, this doesn’t happen with any other shadow I challenge (in fact, has never happened with any other shadow), but his shadow crashes every time.

Yes, same as R0M1ux shadow in the 1000 SP rank

Here is a link to a video that displays some of Kan-Ra’s manuals that have issues or at least they dont look intended to me.


I lost my all golds in patch 3.6… :frowning:

After installation of the new patch, I have lost all my KI Gold, Astral energy, astral gems, consumables and guardians in shadow lords mode.

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It happened to me as well. I lost all my

  • KI Gold
  • Astral Energy
  • Astral Gems
  • Guardians
  • Consumables


All my shadow lords content, astral gems, guardians etc has all vanished as well as all my KI gold since the update. Sickening.

Guys that stuff usually shows back up after a day or so. Dont worry, Im sure the MS team will take care of it quick. Just let them know and dont panic…yet


I can only start Shadow Lords in Godlike, or else my game crashes.I also lost all of the inventory, guardians, astral gems and KI Gold.

I can’t find update 3.6 in the windows store and get an error message when trying to download patch 3.6 on xbox one.

Edit: both issues fixed now.

Fulgore’s instinct still sets his spin speed to max. It deteriorates when using energy moves like the patch notes say they should but doesn’t maintain the current speed

How to test: Prees HP + HK

Shadow Lords still crashes my game upon startup of the mode, post-3.6… :cry:

I’ve had a very frustrating bug come up as of a couple of patches back. If I launch Shadow Lords, it seems like it might come up, but then crashes to the dashboard. Would installing fix this, is it just me, or would I have to clear my data or something drastic? Assistance would be very much appreciated as I want to try some assistive tech with the mode but can’t play it on console or PC for the same reasons as above.

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This counter breaker did not give the 24 intended hitstun frames, so Spinal popped instinct the moment I pressed counter breaker.

No access to Shadow Lab. Game isn’t able to download data from the servers. Same issue as reported in April, and after 3.4, 3.5 and now 3.6

Shadow Lords still crashes for me on all but Godlike difficulty. I know you guys are working on a fix for this, but please hurry. :crying_cat_face:

This player reported an Arbiter bug where he can’t autodouble after Medium or Heavy Truth Seeker. Mashing will result in a manual.

There’s a misspelling in Kilgore’s command list for 1 of his shadow move descriptions. I think it’s supposed to say “hits seven times” but actually says “hits even times” instead, which doesn’t really make sense.

Ultimate (Kyle) difficulty CPU won’t use shadow counters anymore. Bug or intentional?

the Guardian Collector achievement seems to be broken I have one of each Vampire Bat Green, Blue, Purple and Gold and the achievement hasn’t unlocked. Dose it matter that the gold is a KI card?