Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

Perhaps best to tag @rukizzel in this one, he’s the person best suited to get you help.

(And hopefully he can, sorry to hear about your problem, especially since you haven’t received any help yet and it’s a pretty game breaking issue)

anyone else having this issue with 3.1 update?

the pause menu wont show up. just a blank screen like this

i can select options but i just cant seem them.

After the last patch 3.1 Tusk’s stage is washed out (same problem of Sabrewulf’s stage some patch ago).

good idea. thanks for the tip. just edited the post to put that in.

Just so you know I see it and we’re looking in to it.

Here’s the bug I discovered with the recent patch:

  • Tusk cannot perform manuals out of shadow Skull splitter against Mira. It just whiff.

it happenned to me twice in ranked so I tried in the lab against another character (cinder) and I had no problem with those manuals. Heavy and medium manuals are still working fine… but then I tried again with Mira as my training opponent and it just doesn’t work. After the shadow skull spliter, she’s too far and both manual HK and manual MK whiff.

Character: Rash vs Anyone

Ver: 3.1

A standing LP or LK after the 4th hit will trigger a shadow move and if you have a second shadow meter it will do the big boot shadow ender no matter which L button was pressed. This will only happen if they are not blocking.

I tried it with a handful of different characters and couldn’t replicate.

Also tried it with Combo Assist on/off. Same result.

Different controllers does not make a difference as well.

Will happen in practice also.

This isn’t a bug. It’s Rash’s combo trait. He does an autocombo if you mash either light button. It’s in his command list under battlemaniac.

I do not think he is supposed to do 2 shadow moves with one button so I think you need to re read my post.

Yes he does two shadows. If you mash lk or lp,it starts it. Then if you have meter,you do a shadow ram. If you stull have meter,it does shadow boot.

Yeah that can’t be right. He used to automatically do a recapture after the 4th hit with 3.0.

That is if the opponent is being juggled in the air. If they are being juggled in the air,he recaptures. Does the ender afterwards if you have no meter. Does the shadow ram charge if you have the meter. Does shadow boot if you still have meter.

The words “missing text” often appear when I play.

I found 3 issues with Mira.

The command list description for Mira’s “Blood Seekers” (qcf+P) misspells “dissipate” as “dissapate”.

Mira’s combo ender qcb+HP is described in the command list as a “Damage and Hard Knockdown ender”, but it is not a hard knockdown.

  • Perform any combo with Mira ending with the qcb+HP ender.
  • Opponent character inputs a quick rise, successfully.

Mira’s command grab qcb+K can prevent a quick rise if used after a hard knockdown.

  • Perform Mira’s qcb+K or qcb+KK.
  • Opponent character inputs a quick rise, successfully.
  • Perform any hard knockdown with Mira (throw or cr.HK).
  • Perform Mira’s qcb+K or qcb+KK.
  • Opponent character inputs a quick rise, unsuccessfully.
  • Perform any soft knockdown with Mira.
  • Repeat.

Will update this post when I wake up but Mira turns invisible when you instinctcancel her ultra. Happened to me once, not very far into the combo. Her grey effects was still visible.

@DiGiJUL3S wanted me to report this in to you guys about Tusk’s dark eye glitch that is in the game.

I also noticed that his biceps are going through his chest, so there’s that lol


found a strange bug with arbiter
perform a combo that uses all 3 plasma grenades
before cashing out the combo use shadow truth seeker (shadow mercy demise does not cause the bug)
then go for prophet’s bane ender… it whiffs without cashing damage

i have a video showing the combo on my xbox profile

One of sadiras eyes is always out on her intro and outro

Riptor’s Predator Stance MK whiffs Mira completely if the characters are touching each other, and with each small step back will whiff one less time.

So at a distance, all three tail pokes will hit.
Point Blank Range all three will whiff.
A slight step back from touching, the first poke will hit, the second and third whiff.
A slight step back from where the only the first will hit, and the first and second will hit, but the third whiffs,

The range required for the whiffs is very close, but if you’re following up a blocked headbutt with Pred MK, at least the second and third will whiff, sometimes even the first.

[Video Clip of the bug in action.]

All my 18,650 KI Gold disappeared after the update.