Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

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Great, leave a detailed description of how the Dev team can recreate so they can research and correct.
Keep in mind there was a new patch yesterday that fixed a ton of bugs that I mentioned in my previous post. See if your items are still effected and then post the way for them to recreate the issue.

FallofSeraphs76 Just discovered the Windows 10 Magnifier can be used full screen so no more all caps. Even the nanobot that gives me back 20 percent doesn’t do it. The only way I know for them to recreate is equip it. I am not good at words so wouldn’t know how to tell them how to recreate. I type with 1 finger cause I failed typing my fingers are too close together. Getting old sucks. Anyone else out there 60 y/o

Ok dude, well maybe they can figure it out by your video…thanks for sharing!

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Please Please with none of my melatonin nanobots working fighting 2 and 3 opponents at one time is getting difficult,

Fight Replay freezes game

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Navigate to Replay
  2. Select
  3. Observe that the game freezes

Game freezes and user is unable to back out or perform any other actions

Expected Results:
User able to select replays and return to previous menu

Steam Version

Hey, guys! Not a major bug for report, but if Shago beat you in story mode and trying perform Ultimate, his sick move stopping at the “ready to jump” pose. Captured video below. Please fix this sick dude. Thx.

P.S. Also funny he is the only character who can perform 2 ultimate move - his own and Jago’s Ultimate.

Emporium is broken for using GOLD on Steam, i have try over a month to use my gold on Packs from Shadowlords mode, but always i get the same Error “cannot connect to steam”, could you please fix this, also fix the ready to body achievement, it’s the only broken achievement in the game for Steam. @KRAKENJIMMY

Hey, sorry for the delay responding to this. So this is a known issue and will be addressed in the upcoming patch (maybe late this week, early next).


That is super weird! Thanks for flagging this.

Hi, just saw this- I apologize for missing it earlier!- as I go back through and look at more bugs now we have more breathing room (after the big MP/missing stuff bug last month!).

I am sending you a DM on this.

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Hi @KRAKENJIMMY still no update, any news about the release i want to spend my gold and also are you gonna fix ready to body achievement?

When will the shadow servers be fixed. It’s a huge problem for shadow lords mode and shadow survival.

Just wanted to pass along a bug that’s starting to creep up with TJ. Similar to Rash, TJ can now Ultra an opponent during their blockstring while in danger after instinct cancel.


I’m seeing an error every time I start KI nowadays:
“Refreshing DLC Timeout”

It never seems to resolve, so I skip eventually. I have no idea how this affects the game for me except that it takes longer to start now. Windows 10.

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Have a machine with two audio devices.
Have the one attached to my headphones set as active through Windows.
Most of game’s audio plays through this audio device (which is good)
Guy on Ranked starts making loud breathing noises on his mic, and they’re coming out of my speakers on the other audio device, which shouldn’t be active (which is not good)

My guess is that the audio device that has the speakers on it is enumerated by Windows as device 0, and perhaps the code that outputs the mic audio outputs to device 0 rather than the active device

I’ve reached 40,000 matches in Killer Instinct today! Though, I do find it strange that when I added all of my offline and online matches together, I ended up having less than what is shown on the ‘All Matches’ page (37,811)…

I don’t know if this is a bug per se, but for the past few weeks my friends and I have been having problems with the lobby system in that we constantly keep getting disconnected and that we all can’t see each other in the lobby itself. I don’t know if we’re the only ones experiencing this or not but I can provide any info needed to help with it!

Even today, im still getting the same dlc timeout fyi. It feels like its been weeks if not a month or so that ive been getting this error. I posted this earlier but didnt realize that wasnt the bug reporting thread.

After further testing it seems to be that ALL mic sounds are handled through audio device 0 rather than the ones Windows currently has set as active. I bought a USB mic for this game but couldn’t get it to work. Turns out it was looking for mic output from the same audio device others’ mic noises were coming out of, even though every other app I tried correctly used this USB mic that was set as active.

I disabled that audio device in Device Manager and now things work correctly, but this could be baffling for others.

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Hey team all day today I’ve been having trouble with Ranked play. I’ve had multiple buggy matches with constant disconnects from other players. My network settings are fine and I can play other games online without issue.

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