Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

Thanks! Knowing that you got it to work made me go back and try one more time. As it turns out, my Avast Antivirus had blocked something during the update preventing the game from accessing the servers. I removed it, which made the news page work again but it wasn’t 100% still.

So I uninstalled the game, reset the clock and time zones the same way you suggested and reinstalled the game. Everything works now, even after I put my antivirus back.

I can finally play Mira! And dear queen, is she a blast to play!

Kan Ra. Shadow sand trap disappears if you are combo broken. Shadow sand trap also disappears when your throw is teched. last bug, command throw can be teched from close range with a regular throw, unless it’s not really a command throw therefore not a bug.

So i just played a set with a Sadira and in one of the games, the following happens:

According to the latest patch-notes there was a 5-frame buffer window for Counter-Breakers now.

Added a 5-frame buffer window to the Counter Breaker input, so that you have a 5 frame window to input a 1st frame Counter Break attempt. This removes the need to manually time a 1st frame Counter Breaker vs someone inputting a 1st frame Breaker attempt. (In general, you will still have to input your counter break before your opponent inputs his break attempt to succeed. But for manuals in particular, it was unreasonably difficult to input your counter break before an opponent who is also trying to break immediately. You may have noticed this in cases such as Tusk’s skewer or Rash’s LP juggles after a launcher. With this buffer in place, you will have a much easier time beating your opponent to the break and counter breaking successfully.)

Did some of you had the same issue? During the games i initially thought it was a rollback issue, but after watching the replay i kinda doubt that this is the problem.

@developers maybe you can clear up what happend here.

Reposting from the PC issues thread…

A friend of mine is having extreme difficulty playing this game online (PC release). No one can connect to his lobbies or exhibitions, ever. He can SOMETIMES connect to other people’s lobbies, but it’s very rarely and very frustrating. Ranked mode does not work for him at all, he can’t find any matches. Basically, the online portion of this game is completely cut off from him.

His specs:
CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K 3.30GHz OC’ed to 4.60GHz
RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600MHz
Graphics Card: Zotac GeForce GTX 780 OC 3072MB GDDR5

He’s tried messing with his ports and has even gone as far as disabling security software to make sure those aren’t interfering.

From what I gather a lot of people are having this issue, so I’d like to know - is it a known problem, is it being worked on and is there a solution for my buddy.

He’s had the game since launch and it still persists.


Thunder has a bug where almost any normal thrown after a shadow command grab will scoot him forward.

To recreate:

  • Shadow Call of the Earth
  • After animation completes, whiff a normal and Thunder will move forward much like a kara grab/cancel.

This helped me when I couldn’t connect to the online portion. Perhaps this could be of assistance.

The ice still pops up on Glacius’ stage when TJ does his Tremor. Has always been that way. Jumps up a few feet and remains till it melts.

The bug isn’t isn’t the counter breaker, it’s that sadira’s web didn’t hit you until you tried a counter breaker. What happened is the web hit you out of your counter breaker stance so Sadira was free to combo break you.

Mira’s back+HP is only +2 on block as opposed to +5 like the frame data states. So either the frame data is wrong or the move is bugged and isn’t as plus as it’s supposed to be. (I’m hoping for the latter)

Here’s a video of the move getting blocked and the two characters holding up to jump after it’s blocked. As you can see only two frames pass before the second character is able to jump.!837&authkey=!AF3FEDfp6cRNidg&ithint=video%2Cmp4


I guess you didn’t realize this but you were locked out lmfao

ARIA’s level 1 grenade arc ender (launcher ender) whiffs against Mira when preceded by a linker or a medium kick manual.

Video for reference (These are alternating mk and lk shotgun knees, it is quite ambiguous)

— BH SeaDragon (@SeaDragonKI) May 4, 2016


— BH SeaDragon (@SeaDragonKI) May 4, 2016

Oh dear

— BH SeaDragon (@SeaDragonKI) May 4, 2016

Just wanna leave this here.
Non-auto correcting stage ultra fail…


Why? I do this all the time. Why did you have to reprot? Rip this.

another similar menu screen bug

  • No menu on pause screen. Happened when pausing vs CPU match.
  • Also, cannot exit the screen even if pressing “B” button. Reset is needed,

You couldn’t have broken that shadow even if it was perfect. 3 of the 5 hits were during a lockout. You could have only gotten 1 or 2.

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I’ve been hoping this would be fixed or changed or looked at for a long time, so this time I compiled a few scenarios of it. It all involves Glacius’ shadow shatter and its tracking properties.

If you jump it, it doesn’t follow you, it doesn’t chase airborne opponents who are moving it just wiffs in place and the match goes on. The issue is characters with grounded teleports and the like. You will clearly see 1-2 sometimes 3 or even 4 hits of the shatter miss, then track a second time to the new location and still hit them anyways. Hisako is the only instance where more than 2 miss. Spinal’s shadow teleport works because it hits before he is hit. Fulgore’s if his is done first, beats shadow shatter but on a reaction basis, Shadow teleport should beat shadow shatter or any other projectile move. Unless shadow shatters properties are, track location each hit, it shouldn’t follow teleports, but if it’s properties are track location on every hit why doesn’t it track airborne opponents? Or Sabrewulfs dash? Or Mira’s mist? Those are grounded mobility options. If anyone can shed some light on this. I am aware that you can shadow blade dash it now, but for the first 2 seasons of the game, that wasn’t possible. Shadow Shatter was a huge problem for Fulgore since it could be used in block/chip strings and there was nothing you could do about it if you couldn’t jump.

Edit: I did notice in rewatching that it slightly followed Shadow Jago’s dive kicks, but it doesn’t follow neutral jumps forward or backwards. But either way, I still think that at the end of the day, if I make the right reaction with a shadow teleport I should get my punish vs a ranged shadow like that.

Since season 3 rolled out I cant connect to shadow lab servers. I can play online with no problems, but when I choose shadow lab it stays on connecting to servers for ever and gives me cant connect message. I’m on xbone and never had problems with sh lab during all season 2. Pls help me, its the mode I like the most

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I am a tad curious how exactly the win lose ratio is supposed to work in shadow lab.

When I come into shadow lab and open my activity log for the offline encounters, its usually to have a retribution battle. Before the battle even starts I am already credited with a loss, and if I win the retribution battle I am not credited with a win.
Also when I take on the guy that beat me, he has a win loss ratio that doesn’t make sense. I’m fighting someone with a win count of 0 and a loss count of whatever, so it looks like he didn’t get credited with a win, not even for beating me.

Win/losses are recorded when your shadow wins or loses against a live player, not when you are actually playing.

It’s supposed to give you an idea of how effective your shadow fights!.

On my PC version, the option for “Display Fight Card” is not available in my Display Options in the game.