Official EVO commentors poll

Last year was so amazing and I think it was due to the amazing commentary with max and Tristan. I really do hope max and Tristan return but lets have a open vote. vote away!

KEITS & SAJAM free polls

Max, Sajam, and Keits are all great. I also think Aris would be fun as hell (His commentary kills me lol) but idk how much he knows about KI. James Chen would be good too but he’ll probably be doing SFV. Forgive my ignorance but I also wouldn’t mind seeing the bald guy commentate for KI at EVO, you know the guy always on streams with Keits for the character breakdowns and stuff.

for sure i hope tristan and max return. it wont be the same energy without them

I actually really like James Chen’s KI commentary. Not a fan of ShinTristan on the mic. Good with the rest of them.

EDIT: oh yeah, not a fan of Aris either, at least not for KI. He doesn’t like the game in general, and tends to talk crap about it.


Keits and Sajam are my personal favorites. The others aren’t bad, but those two communicate really well with each other.

We definetely need shin tristan at some moment. That guy is really fun and entertaining.

The first time he said that Rebelo’s TJ is all about “Raw reads and passion” i cracked up dude, no joke.


That’s Isaac you’re talking about, I think. He’s pretty funny, but I don’t think he’ll commentate. For me, after Combo Breaker, I wanna see KI lead in with Tristan & James Chen, followed by Keits/Max and Sajam for Top 8.

Shintristan and HK smash. all the others ( max, sajam, aris are average).

Me too. I’m a fan. The only real nitpick I always had with him is the bias or preference he can have. Meaning that if he likes Storm179, then he tends to commentate from Storm179 perspective, while sometimes not giving enough credit to the opponent. That’s why he was my least favorite SF commentator. I like listening to him but as soon as I would notice his bias then I found him a bit annoying.

For KI, I really find him refreshing and pleasant to listen to.

James Chen and Keits would be my personal choice, but given only the choices in the topic I’d go with Max and Keits.

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Max and Keits. Can’t really tolerate anyone else.

I really like Sajam’s commentary because it is informative and interesting but he’s not just shouting all the time. I’m also a big fan of Max, and I think he has put a lot of effort into improving his professionalism with commentary, while still being hype about the game. Keits clearly knows a lot about KI specifically and fighting game theory in general. So those three are my top picks, although that doesn’t necessarily mean they should all sit there together.

I think commentary is a LOT harder than it looks so all of the guys listed deserve some credit.

I think so, he was also the guy who read off all the balance changes when they were going over character changes at the KI world cup. Same though, I think he is kind of funny and I think him and Keits together would be great.

Keits and Sajam would be ideal, but I suppose having Max swap in from time to time would be fine.

I like Shintristan, but he’s not a very good commentator. He gets derailed often and can be quite loud and inappropriate at times. Not really the best suited for such a large audience, especially when so many aren’t familiar with the usual FGC shenanigans.

They both are charismatic. However I think for a more balanced commentary you can’t have both lol.


Yea I like him when he’s around for the balance changes, but for commentary I would prefer people like Sajam or Keits who can tell me if I missed something and offer in-depth tactics, who can call out plays as they happen (its a very hectic game to do that for, but some people can). I watched a lot of NLBC and I really like PIE Sci & Spooky’s commentary the most out of anyone, something in that vein is what I want to listen to when watching a match.

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Max doesnt have good sense of humour. a lil too serious to me

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Paul b, i hope he commentates on some matches this year


Either Max and Shin Tristan or Max and Sajam.


For SF5 Mike ross and LOWTI3RGOD (salt crew)